Ning Yan used me to board the throne, and when I loved him after the other, he hated me into bones.

Ning Yan used me to board the throne and set up others.

When I love him, he hated me into bones.

"Ning Yan, do you want me to die too?"

"You have to live well." He looked up and touched my face gently, smiled cruelly, "Look at me, marry a wife and have children."

When I let go, he regretted it.

But -the performance for so long, it’s time to end.

I looked at the post -sealing ceremony with no expression. Under the wide sleeve robe, my hands were pinched unconsciously.

In the eighth year I entered the palace, the man I loved finally abandoned his promise and married others.

It was like a joke for me who gave everything for him.

At the ritual, Ning Yan stood side by side with her.

The man swept through inadvertently.

Between melike, when I remembered the teenager, he held my hand and said, "Wanwan, wait for me to succeed, and you will set up you."

"Mother, are you okay?" Chun Tao looked at me worriedly.

I shook my head.


Rong Fei looked at me provocatively, and seemed to be a rooster with only victory.

Yesterday, she broke into my palace behind Ning Yan, crying crying.

She broke my vase and smashed my calligraphy and painting.

She said that I killed her kitten.

I told someone to hand over the kitten corpse in the box to her and asked her, "Is this this?"

She screamed and overturned, holding Ning Yan crying.

Ning Yan didn’t ask or checked it. It seemed to be purely angry for her, or to embarrass me.

In the end, all the people in my palace were beaten thirty, and she left in Ning’s arms proudly, but ignored the kitten lying on the ground.

Later, when I took someone to the kittens, I heard the singing sounds from Yongle Palace.

Rong Fei is so interesting.


But today’s protagonist is not her.

After leaving the table, I walked to her.

"How can Rong Fei know why the emperor set up her?"

Rong Fei looked at me with a guard.

"The queen is the mother of a country, and the mother in the world needs to be dignified and decent. You must shout and scream. You won’t be like Rong Fei."The rhubarb of the Food Bureau will not be the case."

Rong Fei was so angry that she smiled again, and she looked inexplicably.

Soon, I knew why.

When I turned around, the cuff was pulled hard, and I subconsciously pulled back my sleeves, and Rong Fei fell to the ground.

Ning Yan strode forward and pushed me away, but fortunately Dongxue helped me.

"Xie Wanwan!" Ning Yan glaring at me with Rong Fei.

I stunned.There was a blood flowing under Rong Fei’s body.

Is Rong Fei pregnant?


Rong Fei is small.

Ning Yan Thunder was furious.

The elder doctors and palace people who did not find that Rong Fei were pregnant in time were disposed of.

And I "pushed" the culprit that Rong Fei led to her small yield, waiting for the emperor to convict.

"Ning Yan, do you think I hurt Rong Fei?"

I questioned the man wearing a dragon robe, and in his eyes, what kind of person I was.

"Do you still have a few people?" His gaze looked over, full of hatred.

My heart fell to the bottom of the valley instantly.

Ning Yan hates me.

He always felt that I killed his beloved woman.

That night, I fled, and Xueer was pressed by the beam of the room. She reached out to me desperately, but I watched her swallowed by the tongue and called helplessly. I couldn’t save her.

"Ning Yan, can I die too?" I was weak.

He was slightly paused and slowly came over.

He raised his hand and touched my face gently, and smiled gently: "How can you live well after the mother."

I looked up and touched his cold eyes.

"Live well." He smashed on me by word, "Look at me, marry a wife and have children."

He always knows how to stab me.

So at the beginning, he knew that I loved him, but still helped me to be the queen queen.


I have loved him for eight years.

When he was not an emperor, not a prince, it was just the seven princes who were not favored.

I just entered the palace then.

I grew up by my parents, how could I be willing to give me a 20 -year -old emperor as a concubine?

The seven princes who are not favored, but the intelligent hard work attracted my attention.

When he met for the first time, he watched me for a long time. My ears tip secretly became red, but scolded him: "Bold! I’m the princess, you … you see what I do!"

He told me what poem in Wenwen, and I have never heard of the martial arts family born.

But since then I have gone closer and closer.

I like him to talk to me about philosophy in the book and the suffering of the people.

"You are so clever, why do the emperor stand up to the three princes as the prince?" I asked him puzzledly.

Hearing the words, he smiled and his face was full of loneliness.

I knew that I said something wrong, so I asked Chun Tao to ask secretly.

The three prince Ning Zhe was the son of Hu Guifei, the most favored, and Ning Yan’s biological mother had already died, and she was just a throne before her death.

"Isn’t this the expensive mother?"

I feel worthless for Ning Yan. I obviously is better than the prince, but I lost in the favored mother -in -law.

Now that I want to come, my love for Ning Yan may be from pity, but it is getting deeper and deeper.

So later, even if he knew that he used me from the beginning, he was as sweet as he was.


Ning Yan’s decision closed me for fifteen days, but Rong Fei did not agree.

She was crying and killing her life.

A drama he directed inadvertently accidentally killed the child in his stomach.

Now I still want to pull the burial for the unbelievable children.

I thought Ning Ye would not be with her, but I underestimated the king’s heart.

Dong Xue was taken away in public in public, and the person who pushed Rong Fei became her.

Sacrifice a girl to appease the concubine who just lost her child, which is very worthwhile to Ning Yan.

But it is different for me.

Dongxue and Chun Tao are the close -fitting girls who grew up with me, my family.

Dongxue is not as careful as Chun Tao, but she is simply kind and follows me behind my father.

At first, she handed a letter to me and Ning Yan in the night. Now Ning Yan regards her life like a grass and be a dead ghost.

"Mother, the emperor can’t help herself in a high position. Don’t save me, don’t hurt me with the emperor for me." Before being taken away, Dong Xue said to me.

This silly girl …

I have taught her how many times, and I ca n’t remember everything in the palace, but I am always not memorable.

Now I finally grow up, but I don’t know how to use it on myself …


What she can rely on is me.

I must save her.

But Ning Yan didn’t see me or let me go out.

Chun Tao and I were anxious in the palace.

There is really no way. I took a knife to prepare for myself to force Ning Yan to see me.

At this time, the little girl brought a message, and the emperor solved my ban.

The guard who was on duty that day talked about his own eyes before the emperor.

No one accommodated the concubine, she fell by herself.

"Hurry up! Go to Tianjiang!"

But after all, it’s too late.

The prison chief rose from Dongxue with pants.

Dong Xue’s eyes widened and looked at the door of the prison. When she saw me, her blood was slightly raised, her mouth opened, and her eyes closed.

She shouted "Miss" in her mouth.

One night before entering the palace, she held my arm and Chun Tao.

"Miss is always my lady, what about the entered Gong as a mother -in -law! Still my lady."

Why?Why is it like this?

I was distraught, and took out a knife and rushed towards the prison head hiding in the corner.

Suddenly, there was a long sword behind me, a step faster than me.


It is the guard You Qing.

He roared a few swords and fell to the ground in prison.

You Qing ran to Dongxue and raised her clothes and hair for her.

"Don’t be afraid, I’ll accompany you." He said gently with Dong Xue’s cheek.

Immediately, he stabbed himself and lay slowly beside Dongxue.

Looking at the young men and women lying on the ground, I cried.

The jailer said that the girl -in -law around Rong Fei had come to the jail to talk to the prison commander.

Yes, no one instructed, how dare he dare to do such a thing in the palace?

The weakness of the sky came, and I hated this huge cage.

There are many ca n’t help here.

The kitten who was killed.

Children who fail to be born.

Also, people who love but can’t …

I ordered people to bury Dongxue and You Qing together.

Dongxue, the silly girl, knew that she should be happy.

The man who had been chasing after was revenge for her, and they could have been together since then.

And I will ask her sooner or later.


Before the winter came, I asked Chun Tao to clean up my luggage.

Ning Yan came in and swept out: "Are you going to Yuhua Temple?"

"For a few days, read the scriptures for Rong Fei’s child."

"I will pretend to be a look." He snorted coldly, "I’m afraid that there will be no wild men in private, and humiliate the royal face."

When he heard his words, I was stunned, and I couldn’t help thinking of the man who was always laughing in the memory.

He is also in Yuhua Temple.

Counting it, Qin Nianqing has not been seen for five years.

For five years, the man who once Fenghua and the right, now the corners of his eyes have also climbed up with fine lines.

He was in a natsuk and was thin.

"The master, pray for blessing here."

He was gentle and calm, but I still captured the fleeting fluctuations of his eyes.

I grabbed his sleeve: "Qin Taiyi … Are you okay?"

"The master, the poor monk’s law name is enlightened." He took a step back and bowed his hands with his hands. "The poor monks have a good life.

He glanced at me deeply, smiled gently, his eyes were moist, and his eyes were slightly red.


Suddenly, the coincidence of the man in front of him with the memory.

—— "Mother -in -law will not run around barefoot."

"Mother, how can you not care so much?"

"Mother -in -law is naughty, so take medicine on time."

"Wei Chen, willing to do what you can do."

I hurt him.

Tai Hospital’s youngest and most promising Taiyi, but because of being suspected of being dyed with the emperor, he could only confirm his innocence.

Qin Nianqing grows up seven years old. Compared with other old pair of old panels in Tai Hospital, I like to preach him to see a doctor.

He always laughed and talked to others, as gentle and comfortable as the spring breeze.

Seeing him, I always remembered the dead brother.

I trust and depend on him.

But because of this trust and dependence, the emperor doubts.

Even without saying goodbye, he went to the temple to become a monk.

"I’m sorry." I said gently.

"Why should the master say sorry?"

After he said, he looked at his expression at ease, but his foot was messy.


After more than a month of Yuhua Temple, I dressed as Kobayashi to watch the pilgrims who come and go every day.

I don’t read the Buddha, I don’t believe this.

If God and Buddha are useful, he won’t hear my prayer.

Father who fought on the battlefield in your life and countless enemies would not return again.

I will not be locked in the deep palace, and I am in the painful and nihilistic love.

So now, I just believe in myself.

From time to time in the palace, I sent someone to ask me when I would go back.

Either you need to host the overall situation here, or something there is to be determined there.

"The queen mother has given the power of the responsibility to the queen mother, just ask the queen to deal with it."

Chun Tao sent the little eunuch in the palace and walked to me to pinch my shoulders.

"Mother … is you going back to the palace?"

"It’s not time, and wait."


A few days later is the first birthday of the emperor after the throne.

Ning Yan took the queen to the Yuhua Temple in person.

At that time, Rong Nian was entangled with me.

Rong Nian, Rong Fei’s brother.

Rong Fei’s mother believes in Buddhism, and every month, she will go to Yulong Temple to live in a few days of fasting Buddha. When she goes, she will bring her leisurely son Rong Nian all day trip, and wants him to clear his heart in the temple.

I just laughed at him when I passed by, and this lascivious dumplings were wrapped in me when I saw something rare.

He came to me every day, asked about it, and donated hundreds of silver to let me copy the scriptures for him.

The weather was cold, and my hand was frozen after copying a scripture.

When Ning Yan came in, Rong Nian was sitting beside me, holding my hand to warm up for me.

Yu Guang noticed the person, I didn’t struggle again.

When I glanced at Rong Nian, he was so excited that he wanted to come and kiss me, but was turned over by a punch.

Ning Yan’s face was gloomy, his forehead rose.

I got up and asked Rong Nian if there was anything. Ning Yan pulled me behind, letting people put Rongnian into jail.

"I also said that it was not a private man." Ning Yan gritted my chin and gritted his teeth, his eyes were angry.

"It’s just copying the scriptures for the Fragmieon." I said faintly.

"I think my mother is so happy!" Ning Yan’s face was even darker.


"Emperor, the hour is here."

Ning Yan was full of anger and was shouted by the eunuch.

I immediately went to the room to wash my hands and wash my face.

When he came out, he found that there was a person falling under the tree, Qin Nianqing.

I was busy asking someone to help him to the room. The doctor said that he was hungry and didn’t eat it a day.

I went to the kitchen and went to the bowl noodles, and when I came out, I hit Ning Yan again.

He was walking out of the room, watching the bowl in my hand for a while, his gloomy face suddenly became much better, and turned back to the chamber.

I didn’t care about him, and hurriedly went to Qin Nianqing’s room.

"Eat some noodles." I put the noodles over, "I am a doctor, why can’t I eat well?"

He was embarrassed: "After eating, I forgot."

After eating, he hesitated: "Mother -in -law is okay now?"

I laughed: "I’m very good, it’s you who are bad now."

"My mother has taken too much medicine before, and I still need to adjust more. I will give you a prescription …"

I remembered that a bowl of bitter soup with a bowl of bitter soup, I couldn’t help feeling nauseous.

I interrupted: "There are too doctors in the palace, so how can you come to open it?"

"Also, Niangniang doesn’t need me now."

He lowered his eyes, and his long eyelashes were reflected on his face, lonely.

I know he was misunderstood.

"I mean, you have helped me too much." I sighed silently.

"As long as the mother needs me, I have always been there."

He raised his eyes and looked at me seriously.


When I took the chopsticks back to the kitchen, Ning Yan jumped out and grabbed my wrist, and his face was fierce: "What about the face?"

I looked at the empty bowl in his hand along his sight.


"Have you eaten Qin Nianqing?"

"Why is the emperor so strange today? The noodles I cooked for Qin Nianqing naturally gave him."

I pushed him away.

"What about mine?"

The sound from behind he heard a trace of grievances. I felt a little funny and went forward.

In the first year of acquaintance, on the day of his birthday, I secretly made him a bowl of longevity noodles in the kitchen.

He buried his head and finished.

"Wan Wan, I want to eat your noodles every year."

The love in the teenager was taken seriously by me.

Until he became the prince, I put a bowl of noodles in front of him.

"The concubine of Shu Fei called me for this?" He frowned and looked at the bowl of noodles.

"I want to eat longevity noodles …"

Without waiting for me to finish, he pushed away my hand and handed it to the chopsticks, and pulled Xueer up and left.

The sleeves he brought brought the bowl on the table to the ground.

The sound of the porcelain’s broken sound did not stop his footsteps, but I looked at the soup flowing in the ground, and the heart seemed to be split by fragments.


When did he like Cher?

I have thought for a long time.

At that time, I also asked Chun Tao.

Chun Tao couldn’t say it.

"to be honest."

"Men love to be young and beautiful women. Shortly after she entered the palace, she was lively and simple …" Chun Tao hesitated and said the second half of the sentence, "It’s like when the mother just entered the palace."

"How can he never like me, how could he like her because of me?" I murmured.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and my eyes were gone in my young age. I was full of scams, and I hated the mirror disgusting.

The people in the mirror were broken and twisted, looking at me with a sloppy face.

I was jealous of Xueer.

I had thought about sending her out of the palace and finding a person to marry.

She knelt down and kept hoeing, begging me to leave her.

Looking at the tearful girl and the red forehead, I thought, forget it, what’s wrong with her.

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