Ni Haixia: Summary of cold and fever and external treatment methods (collection)

1. Dazhui, Shaoshang, Shangyang Acupuncture Method

This first vertebral, above the first thoracic vertebra, this acupoint, we are called Dazhui.

When the cervical spine and thoracic spine are distinguished, when a patient is back to you, you have to find this acupoint. You call him, press the bone in your hand, turn your head, the cervical spine will turn, and the thoracic spine will not move.

So the point you move in the middle of the bone and the bones is the Dazhui acupoint, separated by a Dazhui acupoint. The first vertebrae is Dazhui, and the first vertebra is a Tao Road. This is the method of taking acupoints.Dazhui is a real big hole. When we have a fever and a fever and a high fever, you use a three -edge needle with a three -edged needle. We use a blood -blooded needle to pierce the skin.

It is really a retreat quickly, because it is the meeting of the three Yangs and Sanyang veins of the Sanyang, foot, and when we relieve heat and fever, it is a very useful Dazhui acupoint when we have a high fever.

Shaoshang acupoints, the right thumb I painted now, the painting is a bit bigger, this is the nail, the right thumb,

The acupoint is in this place.

The acupoint next to the nail is called a young businessman.

Then the Shaoshang acupoint is normal. We have a thorns to bleed blood, needle, and hematopolytic needle, then squeeze it, squeeze it out of two drops of blood. This is Shaoshang Acupoint. Most of us are used by bleeding.

We also have a needle. In the thirteen ghost points, the young businessmen are one, the thirteen ghost points, the first acupoint is the person, and the second is the young businessman.Young Shang, the well of the lung meridian is that the wells are beside the finger, called Jing Rongyu Jinghe, until the elbow,

The Yang Jing Yin Jing is all distributed like this.The young quotient is the well acupoint of the Taiyin and lung meridian. The main theme is the inflammation of the tonsils. This tonsil. When the child is inflamed in severe inflammation, you have a bloody bleeding.It doesn’t hurt that, so the effect is very good.

Children have a fever, and you can also bleed less. Then you can bleed blood in Dazhui, and young businessmen can also bleed blood. This can be antipyretic and can treat tonsil inflammation.

The recovery of the stomach qi in the visceral disease is in the middle of the night. Most of them still have evidence. For example, when you have a cold, this is at noon. At noon the next day, the stomach qi will recover.For example, the child of others, the last time I taught you the water of the sky. After finishing it, the children went home, right?When you drove the water of the sky, he burned back when it opened, and then you were more disgusting, right, you are on the tendon of the spleen and stomach,

Slowly rubbing him gently, when he was young, it was very tender. The pointer was the needle of the pointer, touching it gently, instead of touching him very hard, and touching him gently.

How do you know that you are friendly, noon the next day, wow!Tell my mother to eat, and the child will be rescued, and it is normal.

If it is said that the fever and a cold at noon the next day, the fever has not retreated, his appetite has not recovered, and then do it, and give him medicine or then.If you have a fever, do we know?Young Shang, Shangyang, and Dazhui can bleed blood, and they will retreat after bleeding.

Including the three levels of our hands, as long as the patient fevers at noon the next day, and the stomach qi recovered at noon the next day, this disease is fine. We all use it.normal.

If women have a cold during pregnancy, they will have a cold and fever. This western medicine will never give you antibiotics, so as not to children. They also know that this western medicine without conscience will not give you.

This antibiotic can’t be eaten. If you eat it, you will hurt the child, right?So tell you to go home, drink more self -boiling water, and rest more. This is a general western medicine.When he is pregnant, he will call you because he dare not give you to eat it. When you are not pregnant, you will eat it. Do you think that since you are pregnant, you can not eat it, and of course you can not eat it.

TCM, fever, young Shang, Shangyang, Dazhui bleeding, and you must have a fever.What should I do if the burning is hot and hot?See if there is constipation, constipation will cause fever, and if the stool will not be able to cause this hotness and high fever.

Many people in the middle of women’s pregnancy constipation, what should I do when constipation?Zhigou Zhaohai, right?

The trench Zhaohai is the best point for us to laid.

Second, the external passage of the internal level retreats high fever

What about the arm, Yangchi acupoint is two inches up. This acupoint is called the outer pass. The opposite side of the outside is the inner pass.On the technique of acupuncture, what we call Tongsheng Dead Bridge is about here, outside the outside.

What is Tong Life and Death Bridge?When the patient is hot and hot, when you are hot, when you are high, you can get the upper and lower needles at the outside, twist and right twist, you do not need to replenish diarrhea, that is, after the qi, the patient says soreGo, stop.

From this foreign pass, the needle is attracted to the outside, because it is Yangyang, and the whole body is here. When your needle goes straight down to the Neiguan acupoint,

Just put it, how do you say, this hot water is over there, staying over there, you can do a hole under you, and go down.Therefore, after your needle goes to the Inner Pass, you have the dead bridge. This is where the outer and the inner pass are the living and death bridge. Usually, when you go through, you will retreat on the spot.

Children have a high fever, you can use the needle’s method, little baby, you don’t want to lower the needle. Generally, children are pierced. Is there a single thorn?Twist right, pass through the inner pass, then take it out, and the burning will retreat.

Soon, Tongsheng Dead Bridge, this is the living bridge and the dead bridge, which is the place where life and death.

Third, infants and young children’s antipyretic pointers, open the water of the sky

We have the so -called three -level fingers, and do the fingers. First of all, we call it, open, you want to open, you will be able to pass, I will teach you to open, you will not turn off.

What is Kai Tianhe water, the child is high fever, baby, you ask the mother and woman at first glance, ask, the children look similar to men and women, right?You won’t pull up the diapers and ask your mother, this is my son, it’s over.

right?High fever, hot heat, three levels of push.

What is Kai Tianhe water?This finger presses the child’s outer acupoint, rub it,

Rub two or three times, then, the finger pushes down, push to the limbs without moving, and after rubbing the hand, make a small baby hand like this, the little baby’s hand is very small, you can touch it in this finger like this, you can touch this way like this, Push on the Yang Jing.

Tianhe water will come out of this, enter the inside of the palm, and disperse the water of Tianhe. Inside, the acupuncture point between the acupuncture points and the pericardial meridian, you just need to press it and knead it.

Before dispersing, we have to do some techniques. Don’t be scattered and fun. His disease is still not removed there.We have the water in the water of the Tianhe River. This uses the finger method, the pointer, not the use, this pointer, we don’t need to really lower the needle.

So as soon as you open the water of Tianhe, it comes over. After you push it down, just push it a few times, and get angry.We have the best technique, the children’s hands are fist, you let him fist,

When the middle finger is pushed forward, when the finger pushes forward, his finger will bow. Don’t let him change like this, let his fingers bend and bow.

Let him bend his finger and bow over,

The other fingers are still behind, this bow comes over, this pair of little baby, after the bow came over, put a finger up and put it, rub it gently, rub it gently, rubbing it gently.

Gently rub him, the other fingers are still the same. Children are fun. You do n’t move him. He just holds it to push it forward. This finger, rub it, rub it a few times, and return, becauseThis happened to be the Laogong acupoint.

What about the girl, in general, we are on the pointer. The words of girls are our men and women, and it is the most basic method of men and women. This is the most basic method.

The second method is more severe. If the burning is not retired, you have drove the water of Tianhe, and then you will be here.

This little baby, the little baby is a man, we push up, from three levels,

There are three places in our three levels, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

The so -called three levels, just three fingerprints, these three levels.

From the place where the three levels, boys, pushing up when the cold certificate, because Tianhe water opened, pushing along the direction of the body was to go cold.

In turn, if it was a hot certificate, he pushed back, and he retreated.

How do you know that he is cold and hot, look at, look at the child, look at the child, at first glance, the lips are green, the face is white, and the cold syndrome.At first glance the baby, the face was so red, you said so cute, pinching his face, that was a hot certificate, you see the child, like that peach’s face, you know the heat syndrome.

During the hot certificate, Sanzhuan, after your Tianhe water opened, from the Sanzuan side, this is the boy, this is the boy, this is the boy,

During the cold certificate, push three levels, go inside, go to the cold and heat, the girl happens to be in turn. Is this my daughter?So don’t remember men and women. As long as you remember men, the girls are just fine. If you insist on carrying the woman, the man will be carried down, and then you will forget.

So you carry one, do you make sense?Just carry one.

There are many things in Chinese medicine, so in addition to realizing, this concept must also find a way to simplify it, so boys push forward,

Push in the direction of his inside.

This is very strong. Don’t look at the little baby, you like this, because his fingers are small, right?You can, you can pull up all three fingers with your fingers, push forward together, you must open the water of the Tianhe River before you push, rub the outside of his outside, and pull it down a few times.

The anger is here. The children are very strong and immediately arrived. This is the water of the Tianhe River. After you push it, you have to disperse Tianhe water.

It is the place where the palm of the inner ring is from the inner hand to the place. When rubbing, the water of Tianhe is scattered. This is our little baby. The pointer we often use and the needle of the finger.

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