Net red Nie Xiaoyu runs in yoga pants.

Internet celebrity Nie Xiaoyu is a very controversial person. She presented from the work, giving a sense of vision of Bai Fumei.It looks like a "little sister -in -law".

Some people encountered Nie Xiaoyu who was shooting works, and after passing the photos to the Internet, everyone realized that the "goddess" level character was very short.Good -looking!

Since this frustrated passerby’s photos exposed to the Internet, Nie Xiaoyu’s career has been hit hard. No matter what kind of content she updates, she will be talked about "Vegeta".What do you mean.

Under the troubles of these people, it seriously affected Nie Xiaoyu’s popularity, but she didn’t know what she didn’t know, and never responded to the height problem, but she exaggerated her height.Especially when she was running out of yoga pants, she burst out, which caused more controversy.

Nie Xiaoyu’s top is wearing white long sleeves and yellow yoga pants in the lower body. Under the combination of the two, her "good figure" was modified.It may be that Meitu and slimness are not particularly in place. In one scene, a small rain appeared, which once caused a lot of controversy.

It can be seen from the pictures that can be seen. When running sideways, Nie Xiaoyu’s belly is particularly flat. When the lens is transferred, her belly is highlighted. The two obvious gaps are noticed at a glance.

Obviously, the front foot was a flat belly, and the back foot became a big belly again. It could not help but cause netizens to question. Everyone was guessing that Nie Xiaoyu was pregnant?Some people say that the message is so big, the probability of pregnancy will be a bit greater?

Not to mention, whether she is a small belly, is it caused by special effects. Anyway, with our understanding of her, her belly in the work has always been small, and if she suddenly becomes larger, there must be any special situation!

We will not speculate on the relationship between Internet celebrities. We just hope that Nie Xiaoyu can take the initiative to explain it. Even if it explains that when she runs in yoga pants, why is there such a obvious difference?

Whether we misunderstood Nie Xiaoyu or the camera turned together. She thought she was relieved without being shot, and then exposed the big belly?If this is the case, wouldn’t she have been taking a sigh of time when she was shooting a work?

Nie Xiaoyu’s body and height have aroused everyone’s dissatisfaction. Now she has made such an oolong again. She really does not take her own Internet celebrity career. If so, don’t blame everyone.

If she feels that everyone has misunderstandings, then she will come up with evidence. Don’t do things anymore, otherwise no one can bear such a storm and blow.

There are too many people in the Internet celebrity circle. In order to grasp everyone’s eyes, they deliberately use their body concave shape. Such a traffic is only short -lived, and there is no way to come down for a long time.I hope that Nie Xiaoyu can also reflect on her behavior after a blow, and do not do the fans to embarrass.

Alright, today’s sharing is here. I do n’t know what else after reading it?

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