Natural delivery or caesarean section?It’s hard to say, but these situations must be cut

Everyone who is pregnant, even if he usually acts and decisively, will be tangled when you encounter childbirth.

It is said that it is good to adults and children. What if the side cut affects the life of the husband and wife?

The cesarean section should be taken one by one. It is said that it is difficult to recover and pain. It is terrible to think about it …

Therefore, what factors are worthy of our balance?

1. Whether the production power is strong

The power is the power of the fetus and placenta out of the uterus. The source of this force is mainly the uterine contraction, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

Among these forces, the most important thing is the power of uterine contraction, which is the main reason for the death of each mother.

In fact, the power of most people’s abdominal muscles is fine. As long as you have constipation, the power to solve the stool is enough. The main force is actually contraction.

If the contraction is not ideal, you can use the shrinkage drug or the method of artificial film to strengthen the contraction according to the situation, but if the contraction is weak or the treatment effect is not obvious, no matter if you have a few abdominal muscles, it is also born of life.If you do n’t come out, you need a doctor to judge that the vaginal delivery is or cesarean section.

2. Whether the fetus’s head is stuck in a narrow birth canal

The birth canal is the passage passed by the fetus during delivery, and the doctor will focus on evaluating the pelvic condition.

Some petite mothers may worry that their pelvis is too small and too young.

But in fact, as long as it is not pelvic deformity or pelvic pathological changes (such as fractures, tuberculosis, etc.), most expectant mothers’ pelvis is suitable for vaginal delivery.Under normal circumstances, the pelvis is too narrow to cause the fetal head to decrease (called the absolute bead pot is unknown).

Moreover, the size of the pelvis and the fetus is relative. If the pelvis is large and the fetus’s head is larger, the pelvis is still asymmetric; if the pelvis is small and the fetus head is small, it can still be given birth.

The head of the fetus is actually irregular ellipsoid shape, which can be changed in the birth canal (called internal rotation), but if the baby’s head cannot rotate smoothly, it is stuck in the narrow position of the birth canal.symmetry.

In this case, you can try to transit the fetal position or use the function of strengthening the contraction to use the basin muscle, and continue to observe for a period of time.

If the effect is not satisfactory, then the doctor may need to help -vaginal delivery or cesarean section.

3. Is the fetal position favorable for delivery?

Generally speaking, the baby’s head is relatively normal, which is called the head; but if the butt is below (hip position), the risk of vaginal delivery will be relatively large.

This is because the buttocks will be smaller than the head. If the butt is below, the butt may come out but the head cannot come out.Under normal circumstances, the hips are cesarean.

Of course, there are very few cases that are underneath below, shoulders, and even lying in the uterus in a cesarean section.

In addition, if the baby receives the birth canal squeezing during the childbirth process, when the phenomenon of hypoxia, the obstetrician must further determine whether it can quickly take vaginal delivery. If not, it should be cesas immediately.

4. Is the maternal mental condition ideal?

Psychological elements affect productivity.

Sometimes the maternal who is ideal before giving birth. Because of the personal wishes, in the end, they cannot be born. The contraction is weak and the people are tired. In the end, they are cesarean.

Moreover, the mother should experience pain and fear. Before that, the family members had enough spiritual support.

These factors are not absolutely isolated, but they affect each other. Some factor problems may affect other factors. The problem of one factor is solved, and the problems of other factors may be solved accordingly.

No good or bad, the key is suitable for you.We must put aside the idea of preconceived and objectively look at this matter.

Clicporant surgery is a relatively mature surgical method, which is very helpful for rescuing the lives of pregnant women and improving dystocia.

In fact, it is an operation, so don’t see too terrible.

However, don’t think it is just a small surgery.

Any surgery will have indications, contraindications, complications, and risks and damage.

In some cases, it is definitely necessary to do cesarean section. It must not be born without a cesarean section.Even if the surgery may be combined with severe complications or even bring risk of death, because it can quickly terminate pregnancy and bring hope to mothers and newborns, it is not absolutely taboo.

The key to cesarean section surgery is whether cesarean section will benefit more than vaginal delivery.

For example, the hip position mentioned earlier is relatively suitable indications.It does not mean that the hip position cannot childbirth, but the risk of vaginal delivery is greater than that of cesarean clinics, so the risk is relatively smaller.

In addition to the bleeding, infection, and damage of the surgical risk of cesarean section, there are also complications of obstetrics.

Maternal delivery is a process of adventure. Even if the vagina is produced, obstetric complications will occur, such as postpartum bleeding, puerperium infections, amniotic fluid embolism, etc., which can be described as blood and danger.

However, compared with the birth of cesarean section, there will be these disadvantages:

There is a greater rate of complications in the Care Section. For example, the dangerous complications of amniotic fluid embolism are 12.5 times that of vaginal delivery;

After cesarean section, the risk of pre -placenta and placenta implantation will increase. The cesarean section scar pregnancy may occur. Although the incidence is very low, it is a very dangerous ectopic pregnancy;

There will be a sewing scar on the uterus of Caesarean section, which we call the scar uterus.

For the scar uterus to give birth again, it is not only one way to produce a cesarean section. At present, the scar uterus of the cesarean section is not particularly high in vaginal delivery after pregnancy.The situation is related. If the expectant mothers of the obstetrics of the previous cesarean section are excluded, they can also try vaginal delivery. This is not fresh abroad.

Childbirth is a very complicated process. There are many influencing factors, changing changes, and involving two lives of mothers.

Doctors need to constantly evaluate various risks and disadvantages in the process. It is a balance of unknown things. This risk is difficult to evaluate.

Therefore, it is not possible to summarize which one is better to choose, and everything is not black or white. What you want to do should choose the right way according to your own situation.

If you can’t judge, don’t go online to search for a variety of fragmented information to judge by yourself, and give professional issues to the doctor to be the most at ease.

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