My wife was pregnant and kicked the dog, and I had to send it to the dog and meat hall. The dog was so scared to ask for mercy

A warm family has never rejected a member because of adding a member. Dogs are playmates who accompany us. They are only us in their lives.I don’t know where to go …

We received a help from a nearby person two days ago. He hurriedly told us that the dog at home was about to send the dog to the dog meat hall because his wife was pregnant!When he went home and found a dog, the dog was tied up by the tape. The male host immediately took the dog to his hometown.After the address and contact information, immediately rush to understand the situation.

"This dog was bought before we got married, but now after getting married, my wife is too irritable when I am pregnant. I often see that this dog is not pleasing to the eye, take it with qi, and punch it and kick it!" We watched the dogs.The tape was tied up and rushed to help it unbuttoned. Its experience really distressed us. The male owner said that he liked this dog very much. He had found us because of this incident, so he found us.

The dog was tied up ruthlessly by the man’s family. The poor dog may not know what happened in its simple world.In the process of our conversation, it has been rushing to the owner, and even thought that the owner tied it up to play with it … After the male owner said that we would bring the dog back, we will never return to us, for the sake ofDo not let the hairy children fall into the hands of dog traffickers, he can only do it here.

Fortunately, dogs are also lucky. It also has a owner who loves it. Its owner is also forced to give us his dog.When we were going to bring it back to the base, the dog broke away from my arms and ran to the male owner at that time!The dog is very loyal. It just wants to accompany the owner all the time. The poor dog is struggling with the owner’s difficulty.We learned from its owner’s mouth that the dog’s name is steel eggs, steel eggs, and return to the base to live with us!May you forget the painful days in the future and be happy and happy at the base.

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