My wife has these 6 symptoms, and I am pregnant in ten or nine

If you are just a day with your wife, and your wife does not know when he is pregnant, then you are too immature.Several phenomena of women in the early stages of pregnancy should be known.In the first month of conception, pregnant women will not feel the beginning of new life.However, there are some important signs that will remind women of childbearing age to be pregnant. Let ’s introduce in detail what symptoms are written in the early stages of pregnancy.

These 6 symptoms will appear after pregnancy:

1. The aunt hasn’t come, but menstruation is stopped

Is menstruation pregnant?If your menstrual period has always been regular, but this time has not arrived on time, you may have done an early pregnancy self -test before you detect the above pregnancy signs.But if your menstruation is irregular, or you do not remember your early menstrual cycle, nausea, chest tenderness, and frequent pregnancy of going to the toilet, such as you realize that your menstruation is not coming, it indicates that you are pregnant.It’s right.

2. The breasts become larger and become sensitive than before

This is caused by the improvement of hormone levels in the body.This pain is very similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it is stronger. This pregnancy signs will improve significantly after you are 3 months pregnant, because at that time, your body has adapted to the change of hormones during pregnancy.

3. There is a phenomenon of frequent urination after pregnancy

Shortly after the early stages of pregnancy, you may find that you always run to the bathroom, mainly because during pregnancy, the blood and other liquid in your body increased, resulting in more liquid through kidney treatment into the bladder and become urine to become urine.Essence

4. If you are pregnant, there will be vomiting

Almost many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy often feel nausea and vomiting, especially at the beginning of the day. These symptoms vary from person to person. Some people are very mild.Nausea and vomiting are very powerful, so you need to seek medical treatment, otherwise these are normal phenomena in the early stages of pregnancy.

5. After pregnancy, leucorrhea will also increase

Generally, there will be more leucorrhea in the early stages of pregnancy, and it may be thicker than usual. Lands are a physiological functional manifestation of women. Normal leucorrhea is milk -white mucus -shaped without odor.The change of leucorrhea will also increase in the early stages of pregnancy with the changes in women’s body. The transparent water -shaped occasionally light yellow, without odor, it is normal. A small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is a common phenomenon.

6. Easy to fatigue and accompanied by bloating

It is easy to get tired in the early stages of pregnancy, and often want to sleep. Some women also have this feeling before the menstrual period arrives. This is why when you are very young in your uterus in the early stages of pregnancy, you will feel that the waist of your clothes is tight tightlyEssence

In short, in the normal life, if there are several states in the common life, it will be paid attention to. In addition, the wife will suddenly want to eat barbecue skewers, or like sauerkrauts and the like.Essence

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