My sister has been pregnant for more than two months, and my sister is back on vacation. Let’s take a look at her together, three …

My brother and sister have been pregnant for more than 2 months. Today I went home to see him.It happens that my sister is back on vacation. Don’t think there are many people. There are so many people in the family. Where can I go?I have to bring it.I brought a few sips to my brother and sister to eat chicken and eggs, and I held everything.

Mom, follow me.You have n’t been there, you have n’t been there, let ’s take it.I don’t go to everyone’s jokes, it’s all going.Why can’t you go, you set the house.You have n’t been to my brother ’s house, do n’t you go, go home and take him to see how to play with him.Let’s not have a joke, what’s the joke, I have to bring you in the future.I have not left relatives to come to this box.Sister -in -law was waiting for my sister, she couldn’t hear, she didn’t suffer from Liangpi in her hometown.Your brother is eating Liangpi, and the family is delicious.I do n’t know if I do n’t know if I ’m going to take things. I do n’t know if I have taken it.For the first time, is it a big mother? The first time I came here, I bought an ice cream. Whoever followed me and bought him two.Who follows me, go there, I am rare second girl, you go to you.That alone wants my daughter to have a third child, my sister has a third child, and my dad can regenerate a daughter.Those two little are not needed. Both of them should marry daughter -in -law to buy a house. I want my daughter to buy it. My daughter will be for you when I get to you.Ah, don’t get old, give you a good thing, use this in the future.

I have given you one of my siblings and siblings, and give yourself better. Do n’t think about making money for my young man every day.Very good, hard work.Do you think this snack can change how many children?I want to change my three daughters away in this snack. Do you have a big girl? Do you follow your uncle?Going to your uncle’s house is not in the past, his family has no daughter, and I do n’t admit it. Hahaha, my uncle’s things.Let’s go to your aunt’s house. It’s not good for the three children to be a child.I just want my daughter -in -law to be a mother, and I ’m having a meal. When you are at home, you call your second sister when you have something.Ask him to resign and come back.Every day with my second sister, the second sister’s house has nothing to do. I can’t go back to work with your brother to go back. Come back. This is the right thing. After he earns money, he gives him back.I have nothing to let him come back and let him go to the capital to make urine. Hahaha, you do n’t have to fuck that heart, and you are good at the outside.There is me at home, and he is diligent. After giving birth to Shanghai, I will bring you a child to you. Hahahahaha, I will take the child to guarantee that you will not make trouble. Your brother will bring your child.

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