My Russian girlfriend is pregnant, but she is just the first grade of college. What should we do?

Reading abstract 丨 My Russian girlfriend has entered college to study. I and her more than 3,000 kilometers and I miss her very much, so I couldn’t help flying to Moscow to visit her. We spent a few days of beautiful time. After I came back, I came back.Soon, she told me that she was pregnant. We were all happy. Finally, we had the crystallization of our love, but after happy, I fell into contemplation. In order to allow my girlfriend to complete her studies smoothly, she still let her kill the child.

My Russian girlfriend Elinova has been admitted to the University of Moscow for more than two months. Now we are more than 3,000 kilometers. She is in Moscow, the capital of Russia, a beautiful university campus Moscow University.Cities surrounded by forests.

Ilinova, who was in love, was divided by space, but it kept the mutual thoughts between us. Fortunately, there is a universal social software now., Pictures, voice, video calls, etc.

I know that Elinova likes to eat Chinese cuisine most, so I took advantage of the holiday time to fly to Moscow and spent a few days of wonderful time with Ilinova.

Flying from New Siberia to Moscow this time, the most impressive thing is to take Russian planes. I forgot which airlines are it. The plane is an old Russian -made map series of passenger planes.From the appearance of the aircraft, this old plane should be older than my age.

After getting on the plane, there is no so -called pairing seat. When you see where there is a vacant position, you just sit down. I do n’t smoke. I smelled a smell of tobacco in the cabin as soon as I got on the plane. I watched it.When a passenger smoked, he sat down and sat down.

It didn’t take much time, a fat Russian aunt -level stewardess appeared. She turned around in the aisle, and did not say anything, and returned to the office at the rear of the plane.The smell of smoke turned out to be smoking!I rely on my three views!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

There was a passenger who looked like a gentle quality, trying to persuade that aunt and stewardess not to smoke. I saw my aunt stewardess sucking a sip of cigarettes, spraying a thick smoke on the face of the passenger, and then laughed, butFortunately, that aunt stewardess turned back and extinguished the cigarette!

The aircraft took off, and the sound was like a tractor. The noise in the cabin was huge. Except for the roar of the engine, no sound could be heard. I opened the window and had to watch the scenery outside.Almost all of them are green on the ground. Like green carpets, there may be several rivers or lakes embellished in it, which is a beautiful landscape painting.

After flying for more than an hour, many people are lethargic. Suddenly, the plane beating up and down in the air like a toy. It looks like it is in bad weather.After getting up, a child’s head hit the plane ceiling. It seemed that it hurt, and he cried.

The pilot and stewardess of the fighting nation seem to have experienced this situation. No one comes out to maintain order, and no one broadcasts the situation in the broadcast, comforts passengers or something.Except for the silently tie the seat belt without the seat belt, it did not cause any turmoil.

I finally arrived in Moscow with a sorrowful mood. From then on, I will often experience the flight technology of the fighting nation in the future. Don’t mention how sour you are, I scared me to urinate incontinence.

Fortunately, in Moscow, I have my Illinova waiting for me and came to the University of Moscow. Illinova and I realized that "the feeling of winning a new wedding".All fatigue disappeared.

It seems that Illinova’s college life is not bad. She introduced me to her college classmates and roommates. I invite them to eat, drink, and drink coffee.That is to tell everyone present that she already has a boyfriend and is still a Chinese.

I finished dinner with her classmates and returned to the hotel. I joked to Elinova. Now you have reached a new environment, and your world has become bigger and bigger.More and more, if you encounter a better guy, if you are in love, you will tell me directly, I will be you all!

Illorova listened to me, and stared at me with eyes. After a long time, she didn’t speak. After a while, she said to me, did you find a new girl again?On the one hand, I must fight for you and let you stay with me!

As soon as I heard, the girls of this fighting nation are indeed different from our Chinese girl, so I laughed and told her, at least now that you are around. I will not find her girl anymore.In the same thing, Elinova also said the same thing as me. In short, this trip to Moscow was a lot of feelings between me and Illinova.

Because of my limited time, I hurriedly stayed with Elinova for more. In this way, after a few days of ears, I left Moscow and took a plane back to Siberia.The word describing is "feeling the body is hollowed out", and the legs are soft on the plane.

Back to the office of our company in Siberia, my colleagues looked at my status and were ridiculed by them as a joke for a long time. These days, I was with Elinova, and I really exhausted me.Slow down.

Just as many colleagues laughed at, a month passed. One day I and Ilinova and I video. During the video, Illinova suddenly took out an inspection document from a hospital.I can see what, because my Russian spoken language is good, but my reading and writing is not very good. Russia’s text does not know much, but the hospital uses a red cross, so I recognize it all at once.

I guess for a long time, I didn’t guess it, Illinoova said very excitedly to me, this list said, she was pregnant, we had a mixed -race baby. I heard it at the time and was very excited.The phenomenon of hypoxia appeared in a blank, and I reacted for a long time.

I asked Elinova, can I see what the child looks like? Elinova said that it is less than two months old and there is no adult.How to raise children, how to educate children and other topics.

I didn’t fall asleep all night when I was excited. In the next few days, I have been in a state of excitement. Ilinova and I have a mixed -race baby.

My colleagues, especially Chinese colleagues, are also happy for me. Some people say, why are you so accurate, and went to Moscow to broadcast the seeds a few days after going to Moscow?Don’t be the seeds of others. At that time, there is a green grassland on your head. You don’t know!

I said to him, you can rest assured, we are yellow people, black eyes and black hair, Illinoova is white, linsee hair brown eyes, after giving birth to baby, it must be mixed.It can be seen that colleagues say that you are also reasonable. Mixed -race babies are really better confirmed. Whether they are born with their own, they do not have to be a parent -child identification. When they look at the appearance, they will be clear.

After the excitement began, I took into account some other problems. Illinoova was going to school, and it was just after college. I worked in Siberia. How can two people who are thousands of kilometers apart?Intersection

Although my income is very high, let alone support a child. There are no problems to feed three or five, but what to do with Elinova, she is still in college, yes, in Russia, there are many college students to raise children while going to school.However, this will have a great impact on my studies after all. I have been thousands of kilometers away from her, and I can’t help her.

The more I thought about it, the more wrong, I thought about it repeatedly, and finally told my concerns to Illinova. Illinoova was still a child.One said, also covered, without the idea, all the beautiful imaginations seemed to be vulnerable in the face of this reality.

After a few days, I still made up my mind and was cruel. This child could not be asked for the time being. In the current circumstances, I barely gave birth to the child, and I couldn’t give the child a good growth environment.After my analysis, I felt that what I said was reasonable, but I was still unacceptable in my heart and lost my first child.

I flew to Moscow again, beside her, gave her some mental support, and to do psychological counseling by the way. Under my persuasion and care, Illinova finally figured it out, so I took Illorova to arrive inThe hospital, first consult, ask some questions we care about, such as how long it takes to rest for Elinova’s physical injury, will it affect the future pregnancy and child, and so on.

The obese Russian female doctor who received us was not young, white hair, wearing glasses, at first glance, she was a doctor with rich experience. She patiently received us and answered our related questions., But she strongly persuaded us not to kill the child. She said that she had the first child when she was in high school, and also took the child to the medical school, without delaying the academic and the like.

Ilinova and I did not decide that day. I went back and checked Russia’s laws. There was no relevant prohibition of abortion. So I changed a hospital and took Illinoova to kill the child.

I stayed with Elinova for a week. When her body recovered, it was almost the same as the spiritual spirit, and I returned to Siberia’s work unit.

Since then, when I have been with Elinova, we have paid attention to taking safety measures. We have ushered in our first child. It has been a matter of many years.

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