My mother -in -law ate leftover vegetables for her pregnant daughter -in -law, and she drank chicken soup by himself. The daughter -in -law was very grateful

In a typical Chinese family, the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is always subtle and complicated.Just at the Li family, now the story between the two women is quietly staged.

Mrs. Li, a simple peasant woman, the biggest fun in life is to love her children.Her daughter -in -law, Lin Xiaoyan, a girl in a city, is about to be pregnant for five months.Lin Xiaoyan, who had just arrived in the family, was very exhausted because of being unfamiliar with and worrying about the health of children who was not born.

Mrs. Li has a deep concept of rural areas and believes that pregnant women need to make up so that they can give birth to healthy children.Therefore, every day, Lin Xiaoyan stews all kinds of nourishing chicken soup, trotters, placenta, etc. to ensure that she and the upcoming grandson are nutritious.

However, despite the love, Mrs. Li’s actions caused Lin Xiaoyan’s trouble.Lin Xiaoyan has lived in the city since he was a child and received the education of modern medicine.She knows that excessive nutritional supplements may lead to too much baby and increase the difficulty of childbirth.Even, sometimes she felt that she couldn’t eat the nourishing products made by the old Lady Li at all, but felt nauseous.

Facing the mother -in -law’s goodwill, Lin Xiaoyan was helpless.On the one hand, she does not want to hurt Lao Li’s heart, but on the other hand, she is worried that excessive nutrition will affect the health of herself and children.She tried to communicate with Lao Li, but the differences between the obstacles of language and the differences in rural concepts made the understanding of the two never achieve an agreement.

At the same time, Mrs. Li is thinking.She has a limited understanding of modern medicine, but she deeply loves her daughter -in -law and the grandson who is about to be born.Watching Lin Xiaoyan deal with pregnancy and nourishing products every day, she was distressed.

In the process, Lin Xiaoyan overcome the obstacles of language, and told Mrs. Li in the most direct way that excessive nutritional supplements may be harmful to their children.At the same time, she also brought her doctor to help her explain.

Facing Lin Xiaoyan’s persistence and the doctor’s explanation, Mrs. Li finally let go of her inherent concept.She realized that her actions could cause unnecessary trouble for Lin Xiaoyan and children.So she agreed to give up those chicken soup and made some light dishes for Lin Xiaoyan.

After a period of time, Lin Xiaoyan found that her meals began to become lighter, which made her a little puzzled.And when she found that Mrs. Li herself was drinking those nourishing chicken soups, she was puzzled.

"Mother -in -law, why do you drink these chicken soup yourself? Isn’t this a drink for me?" Lin Xiaoyan asked.

"I? Oh, my old body needs to be supplemented." Mrs. Li joked with a smile.

Lin Xiaoyan knew in her heart that Mrs. Li was sacrificing for her and her children.

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