My mother dreamed that her daughter said she wanted to get married, so she burned a paper man. After the burning, she was scared.

Zhang Guizhi is a rural.When she was a child, her family conditions were not good.After graduating from junior high school, her parents asked her to help her family.When she was 18 years old, the family found her a date.This child came from the neighbor, three years older than Guizhi, but he was still modest and gentle, which made Guizhi very satisfied.

After staying together for half a year, Gui Zhi agreed to get married.Life after marriage is the same as Gui Zhi imagined.Her husband is very good to her, and her mother -in -law is also very good, and she will not make her embarrassing intentionally.In the second year after marriage, Guizhi was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter ten months later.

Gui Zhi thought that life would always be very happy, but what people didn’t expect was that when her daughter was in high school, a car was too fast to go to school when she was in school, and she directly killed her daughter.

In fact, she can ask another child at this age, but she doesn’t want to regenerate one.She was afraid that her daughter would think that her mother would not want her.In the four years when her daughter died, Gui Zhi has always dreamed of dreamed that her daughter said she wanted to get married.Whenever dreams wake up, Guizhi will feel very surprised.She was confused and didn’t know why her daughter gave her such a dream.So hurry to find a fortune -telling question, and the fortune teller said that her daughter was too lonely below, and she wanted to find someone to accompany them.When Yu Zhi heard it, he quickly bought a paper man and burned his daughter.

But in front of her daughter’s tomb, no matter what the paper people couldn’t order, they kept windy.How could paper people not ordered, and it was still windy, which surprised Guizhi.At this time, an old man came to the grave and asked her what she was doing.When Guizhi saw the old man’s hair pale, he must be knowledgeable.She said that she wanted to burn a paperman for her daughter, but she couldn’t order it and kept windy.

The old man said, "Your daughter tells you that she has found a good family. She doesn’t need this. She wants to tell you that she is going to get married. You go back to get a bottle of wine for three cups. As long as you do this, the wind stands up.. "Guizhi is doubtful, but there is no other way.After taking a bottle of wine, after three cups, the wind stopped.When Gui Zhi wanted to thank the old man, he found that the old man was gone, but there were a few more words on the ground, saying: "If you want to put down something, let it go."

After thinking about it, Guizhi realized that this should be why her daughter refused to give birth after her death.Her daughter lives a new life.Why can’t she let go?Do you support Guizhi to regenerate one?

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