My girlfriend is pregnant, the child is not mine, is you going to get married?

My girlfriend is pregnant, the child is not mine, is you going to get married?

My girlfriend and I were introduced by Zhang Cheng’s wife Li Meng.I don’t want to get her girlfriend’s name in advance, let her Xiaochu here.

On the evening of the first meeting with her, she told me that she was very dedicated to feelings.At that time, I looked at her clear eyes, and I believed it. I think I found a person who can stay with each other.

One day, my friend Zhang Cheng asked me. He said, if you love a girl, but that girl is pregnant with someone else’s child, will you forgive her?

I said that my life is not so fantasy, and this kind of thing will never happen to me.

This kind of plot is only available in the novel, it is too bloody.Think of Xiaochu, thinking of her clear eyes, and thinking that she always pulled my hands tightly, I couldn’t help laughing happily.

Zhang Cheng continued to ask, don’t laugh first, if I said it is true.

I said, don’t worry about you always, I don’t know others, Xiaochu will not.

Zhang Cheng took out a cigarette and said with a smile, then blessed you with his head, and quickly got the certificate.

That night, I made meals and waited for Xiaochu to go home.I have been living with Xiaochu for more than half a year. Thinking about discussing with her tonight, I saw my parents and the parents of both sides agreed to get married.

Xiaochu is working at the education and training institution, and it is eight o’clock in the evening.But that night I waited until 8:30, and she hadn’t returned yet.I was a little worried. I picked up the phone and called her. After a few times, I was rejected.Then I received a WeChat, "I’m going home right away, it is not convenient to answer the phone on the subway."

At nine o’clock, the door was opened, and Xiaochu returned.

I walked over and hugged her and asked, why is it so late today?

"Husband, a child hit the corner of the table today. I didn’t answer your phone call. I also negotiated with the parents in WeChat."

"What about that parent?" When Xiaochu was released, I found that she had a faint smell of tobacco.

"It’s okay, the negotiation is very good. I will see my child tighter after class." Xiao Chu took off his coat and said, "Why don’t you eat first, the food is cold, I will go hot."

Watching Xiaochu busy in the kitchen, my heart was warm and hurt again.My income is about 20,000 per month, and the mortgage car loan, and there is only one living expenses left.But Xiao Chu has never reached out for my bags and clothes. The gift I gave, and she had never been picky.

When I lost my clothes in the washing machine at night, I smelled a faint smell of smoke on her jacket, so I smelled her clothes these two days. It turned out that not only did this dress, but also on the skirt.

I murmured some of my heart because they had no men in their working environment, and the training institutions were also places to prohibit smoking.

I thought about it, but I still couldn’t help it. Ask her, Xiaochu, why do you have a smoke smell on your clothes? Are you a new male colleague?

"No, how did your dog’s nose smell?" Xiao Chu went into the bathroom to shower.

She didn’t explain too much, only I stayed in front of the washing machine.If the smell of smoke is hung on the clothes, either two people have been in close contact for a long time, or they get along in a closed space, such as in the car.

A few days after that day, the smell of smoke was gone.But after a week, Xiaochu did not go home on time. At the same time, I smelled the smell of tobacco.

That night, I was lying on the bed and overwhelming."Have you learned to smoke or my dog’s nose is broken again?" I asked Xiaochu.

"It must be that your dog’s nose is broken again." Xiao Chu said, his lips kissed.She seemed to be anxious to prove herself, but I couldn’t accept it a little bit now with her.I kissed her and said, "The company has an important meeting tomorrow. I have to go to the company earlier and sleep."

I don’t know if Xiao Chu heard what she heard. That night, both of them turned over and over in bed, and went to bed very late.

In the next few days, I stayed at a hotel near the company for a long time.

I know that this is so doubtful that there is no evidence that I can see it, but I think of the smoke smell and the eyes that she avoids it. I feel that things are not so simple.I want to find someone to investigate this matter, and I feel that it is not good to trust her.In the hotel for a few days in the hotel, I didn’t contact Xiaochu much.On the fifth day, it was her birthday. I knew that I was going back to celebrate her birthday, prepared a gift, and wanted to surprise her.

After I got off work that day, I drove directly to her company.I am a person with a sense of ritual, there must be gifts, and flowers buy roses.Going to her company to pick her up, but was told by her front desk that she had been picked up.

At that moment, I hope that my thoughts these days are fake.

I called her in the car, the phone passed, "Wife, Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you husband, I thought you forgot, and only work in my eyes." She said coquettishly.

"Blame me, hurried back and didn’t receive you. Where are you? I set a restaurant for our first date."

"You … are you back!"

"My wife’s birthday, how dare you be neglected. I’ll pick you up."

"No, I am shopping with my girlfriend, let me take a taxi."

"Well, wait for you."

After half an hour, watch her pushing the door to enter.I greeted Hua, hugged her and said, wife, happy birthday, love you.

The fragrance of flowers did not cover the smell of smoke, yes, the kind of smoke that made me disgusting.

I tried to restrain myself, squeezed a smile, and gave her the gift from the bag.

She shouted in surprise, "Wow, my favorite necklace, thank you husband." She hugged my neck and kissed my face.

I can feel her temperature, but like dreaming, it is impossible to distinguish between true and false.

I cough and reminded herself that she was just an actor and actor with good acting skills.

It didn’t take long to sit down, she said to go to the bathroom.After I went in, I went to the bathroom.The restaurant’s bathroom is not divided into men and women. I heard in a small compartment, "I don’t know he will come back, he is my boyfriend … Can I throw him down with you?Want … I’m sorry for him … "

After that, I had no courage to listen again.

At the dinner table, I asked my friends to call me, saying that there was a problem with the project.

EssenceAfter that phone, I finally got my courage and wanted to verify my guess.He called a taxi and stayed at the door of the restaurant.

After a few songs, I saw a familiar car and a familiar face.Zhang Cheng, one of my friends in this first -tier city that doesn’t talk about feelings.Xiao Chu entered the car naturally, and he kissed Xiao Chu’s cheek.

I suddenly felt a nausea, dirty, the dirt of the body or the soul.

That night, I went to the entrance of the underground garage in my house without letting the master go in.After half an hour, Zhang Cheng’s car had not yet come out.I sent a message to Xiaochu, "Engineering accidents, you have to leave home for a few days, take care of yourself." "Good husband, you have to take care of yourself and pay attention to safety."

After a few hours, Zhang Cheng’s car slowly drove out.

The wind was getting colder that night. There was a row of beer cans exported by the garage. I knocked on my heart hard. The pain that I was worn by Wan Jian was cut into pain.The feeling of crying without tears, I seemed to be hit into the eighteen layers of hell, and I was gone.

In the past few days, I got off work early, and for nothing else, I admit that I was following Xiaochu and followed a person who I had completely trusted and now so strange.Seeing too many pictures of their intimate pictures, I know, I can’t pretend to be stupid anymore.

The weather was very bad that day, and it was raining. I sent a message to Xiaochu and said, "I still deal with things on the construction site, I can’t go home, the weather is not good, don’t cool it." "I know my husband."

After confirming that Zhang Cheng and Xiaochu got on my house, I called the car to Zhang Cheng’s home.

"咚 咚."

The door opened, and Li Meng opened the door.

"Xunzi, isn’t my brother at home?"

"He has worked overtime recently and is catching up a customer’s order."

"Help me, I quarreled with Xiaochu. She has been crying at home now and wants to break up with me."

"What is it?"

"I can’t tell me well. The sister -in -law helped me persuade me, otherwise I don’t know what she would do."

"I wear it, wait for me."

Li Meng and I hurried to my house. I lied that I was going to buy some painkillers for Xiaochu, and asked Li Meng to go to my house first and gave her key to my house.

The elevator slowly approached my floor, and I stood still without moving.On the surface of the vague metal of the elevator door, I saw my somewhat embarrassed face.

Zhang Cheng, what you said to me that day is ridiculous, right?My woman, I want to give you a child, do I help you raise the Qingqing Grassland, you are a scum.

Xiaochu, what about your dedication, your innocence, do you want to lie to me for a lifetime, but the means are too inferior, and you don’t want to marry a fool.

I laughed, smiled crazy, on the streets of no one late at night, only the kind of mourning echo, hate and love broke out together.

I didn’t know how much wine I drank that night, and fell to the hotel and fell to sleep.The next day, an unfamiliar call woke me up.

Update the remaining part tomorrow.

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