My daughter has a child unmarried, and my father proposed to the prospective son -in

After the 1980s, Xiaoxu and the Xiao Wang after the 1990s had a fairy -tale love story. Because of their father’s relationship, they grew up from the young plums.Although the age is ten years old, it does not prevent the ninety -10 beauty girl who fell in love with the big brother after the 1980s.As soon as the school graduated, Xiao Wang went to Xiao Xu, and their love began from this time. When the two were strong, Xiao Wang Shi was not yet applying for a marriage certificate.EssenceBut when anyone thought they would go into marriage logically, Xiao Wang suddenly proposed to Xiao Xu, and Xiao Xu could not accept this request to his girlfriend.

Now the lover came to the mediation site, the mediation opened directly to break up, and then solved the problem of support and custody of the child.Xiao Xu hopes to retain Xiao Wang, because in his opinion, although the two are ten years old, their love was very beautiful, and Xiao Wang once had a crush on himself for five years.

Surprisingly, Xiao Wang also revealed her affection for Xiao Xu. She said that she grew up with Xiao Xu since she was a child. In her young memory, Xiao Xu, like the elder brother would care and take care of him.As soon as she graduated from college, she let go of her reserved, trying to pursue happiness, and came with him regardless of the opposition of Xiao Xu’s family.

At that time, only the 20 -year -old little king loved it vigorously. Now that he was fooled, why did Xiao Wang now propose to break up so firmly?Xiao Wang said that as long as the two fell in love, she became pregnant quickly.At that time, Xiao Xu promised that after giving birth to a child, the two received a marriage certificate and replenished the wedding.But Xiao Wang never dreamed that when she gave birth to a child, everything changed.

Xiao Wang said that after giving birth to a child, he lived in the hospital for four days and returned home to confinement at home, but Xiao Wang came to see himself once, and Xiao Wang’s place was less than 200 meters away from the place where he lived.It was too busy to explain this time, and there was no time to visit at all.Xiao Wang did not accept this explanation. On the sixth day after giving birth to her child, her mother called Xiao Xu. As a result, Xiao Xu’s attitude changed greatly and quarreled with her mother, and even asked Xiao Wang and her mother to roll out that night.

Xiao Wang couldn’t understand that her boyfriend would treat her so ruthlessly. In the anger, she left a child who had only seven days at the time and returned to his hometown, but as a mother, Xiao Wang also realized her mistake.After the confinement, Xiao Wang returned to the child. Although the storm calmed down, the knot of the two sides had been buried. The warm image of her boyfriend was like a big brother. At this moment, a little bit in her heart was constantly subverted.

Slowly Xiao Wang discovered the other side of her boyfriend, a side that made her very scared. On the road, Xiao Wang was cheated by the scammer on the road.Hearted.Xiao Wang said that the money was deceived that day, and he kept calling Xiao Xu to be able to make it. After returning, Xiao Xu didn’t say anything to pull himself in the room.Xiao Wang thought that her boyfriend was going to hit herself. She went back directly to give her boyfriend with a slap. At this time, Xiao Xu was completely angered. He beat Xiao Wang.

The violence of her boyfriend disappointed Xiao Wang again. She put down her daughter who was waiting to be fed and returned to her mother’s house with her parents.This time she broke up with Xiao Xu, but Xiao Xu did not accept these reasons for his girlfriend.In his opinion, what the little girlfriend did after the 1990s can only be described in two words, which is willful and naive.He believes that the reason why his girlfriend really wants to break up is not here, but to be related to another person, that is, the father of his girlfriend Xiao Wang.

Xiao Xu said that what he hated Xiao Wang’s father most was that he proposed that if Xiao Xu was going to bring his children at home, he would pay for Xiao Wang.Since then, all the things happened, Xiao Wang in his early twenties was married and had no name. It is no wonder that there were a deep sense of insecurity in her and father.Xiao Xu said that he could understand their concerns, but he couldn’t understand how he couldn’t understand that the behavior of bringing children for money was originally a family, why did it become such a child.What the girlfriend’s father did undoubtedly the distance between him and his girlfriend farther and farther.

At this point, Xiao Wang hopes that the marriage certificate can always guarantee herself, and on the other hand, she is afraid that her boyfriend’s violence will hurt her. What kind of choice should she do so entangled?Xiao Wang threw this question to the expert team of the gold medal mediation. Will this young lover part another way or return to it?

The observer picked up the microphone. He first pointed out that Xiao Xu had to learn to tolerate, and don’t want to use his anger. He first gave the opinion to Xiao Xu, and hoped that the young men and women could consider the child more when choosing a choice.Xiao Wang’s affairs were extremely wayward, and her parents did not do a good job of guidance, which led to this situation today.Teacher Hu believes that the problem between this couple has not reached the point of being unavailable. As long as they make some concessions and changes with each other, they can get along better.

The teacher’s words made Xiao Xu and Xiao Wang realize their shortcomings. Both sides expressed their willingness to make changes, register for marriage on the day, and the mediation ended successfully.

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