My colleague has been asking for leave after pregnancy. I resigned

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Recently, a netizen contributed that "my colleague has been taking leave after pregnancy, I have been leaving," has set off a warm discussion on Weibo, with more than 330 million views.

According to the netizen, she and her colleagues are responsible for the same job. Now it is the peak season. The colleague has been taking leave after pregnancy. The work is full to the netizens and reported to the leader.Resigned.

The post caused a lot of discussions, and netizens expressed their opinions.

Employees leave, whose pot?

For the situation of the netizen, most people think that the wrong colleagues and the netizens who are not pregnant are due to their leadership:

Two months, it is the most dangerous time. Some doctors ask for bed to protect their tires.But if the assessment is really necessary, your leader should give new hands.

Two months of pregnancy are really uncomfortable. People have the right to ask for leave, and you have the right to resign.

This is obviously a problem with your leadership, and there is also a problem with the wages and benefits of the unit.

The eyes of the masses are still clear. Many times, the thoughts of employees’ departure are not sudden, but they are disappointed enough.

For example, the colleagues of the netizen have been asking for leave. All the tasks that the two people should have allocated have allowed netizens to complete them. In order to complete the excessive work, employees have to be completed by overtime.Can be relieved by departure;

In addition, netizens heard that the pregnancy colleague may not go to work directly for maternity leave. This possibility makes netizens not see the head at a glance, and the heart is more anxious;

When netizens felt that the pressure was doubled, I went to the leader to negotiate, and the leader did not see the hard work of a netizen’s work in two jobs.The method will inevitably make employees discouraged;

Finally, when the employee’s efforts are not matched with the return, when the leaders do not support and do not understand, the employee’s departure mentality will become increasingly increased.It is inevitable that netizens have the idea of resignation.

When the team members reflect to the leaders due to work pressure, they cannot be high as the leaders directly. Instead, they have to think about issues on the standpoint of employees and give timely consolation. Even if they cannot reduce their work, they can make a good words warm.

If the work is really overload, you should adjust the work plan or prepare other partners to assist in completion. Do not press a donkey car.

Restore the employee

How does HR have a miracle?

Employees’ resignation is something that all companies will encounter. Some people come and some people go, but for a company, the biggest loss is the departure of excellent talents.

The loss of excellent employees is always silent, but the impact is gradually penetrating, and the shallow affects the team’s operating efficiency, and it deeply affects the health of the organization.

Outstanding talents are very popular no matter where they go, this is also the departure of outstanding talents. So how should HR respond to the departure of outstanding employees?

1. Prevention of prevalence: Pay attention to the dynamics of excellent employees in daily life, so as not to be thunderous in sunny days.

Employee dynamics: When employees are about to leave, they will start to "abnormal". For example, there are many telephones, frequent leave, changes in attitudes, lazily work, and cleaner desktop …

Employee tea break: The resignation of some employees is indirect or direct with its leaders. In response to this situation, HR can regularly arrange employee tea breaks (note: create a relaxed atmosphere), understand the employeesEvaluation and view;

If individual leaders are not allowed and management is biased, HR can also communicate and negotiate with their actual situation, adjust management strategies, relieve employees’ work anxiety, and reduce employee loss rate.

Employee career planning: formulate career development plans for employees, set up employee promotion channels, can greaterly alleviate the worries of employees, so that employees can see the space for growth and development, and find their own value.

Incentive: Positive incentives can stimulate the morale of employees. When the employee work exceeds expected, it is promoted to meet the promotion standards.

2. Reserve office interviews: no argument, no preaching, not angry

Reasons for listening: When employees propose to leave, HR is necessary to conduct a relaxed discussion with employees. Although the truth may not be heard, they can also capture a little reason and let employees tell their grievances.

Solution: After listening to the cause of employees, first think about it, then reply, give the solution, and finally lead the topic back to the employee’s career planning, so that employees can see that they can continue to grow.

Blessings: If the employees are decided, it is easy to get together.

Employees have been taking leave

How to do HR?

Some people also believe that the company has some hidden dangers for employees’ leave management, which not only hurts the hearts of other employees, but also may make people empty -bubble leave.

For example, a company’s employee was called Su Taiqiang. For a total of 117 days of illness leave for accidental injuries.On the day of the resumption of work, Su Taiqiang submitted the application of sick leave for 7 days on the grounds of "shoulder joint pain". The company believed that he had suspicions of bubble disease leave and did not approve it, but Su Taiqiang had "vacated" himself.

The company has repeatedly notified Su Taiqiang’s return team office to participate in the waiting work in the form of SMS.Arbitration.

In fact, many companies may have employee bubble leave. The reason for employees to leave disease leave is probably these:

Dissatisfied with the company’s system and personnel arrangements, fighting with the company; the employee’s "lazy cancer" committed, and the company’s invitation system is not perfect;Gold, so the use of bubble leave is forced to terminate the labor contract.

Frequent employees will not only seriously hurt the company’s productivity and affect the team cohesion. Therefore, HR has to leave more hands. If the employee keeps asking for leave, what should HR need to do?

1. Communication:

Understand the specific reasons for employees and the problems currently encountered. The appropriate care of HR can not only allow employees to feel the company’s temperature, but also better grasp the movement of employees’ leave after leave.

2. Standardize leave management system:

Faculty: You need to apply 1-3 days in advance to stir the reasons for the leave and do a good job of work.Approval.

Disease leave: Employees ask for sick leave to provide relevant sick leave certification materials (registered orders, medical record records, medical expenses invoices, check -up medical records, etc.) to take the corporate leave approval process.

If the employee has a "bubble disease" situation, the company can send someone to visit and find out.

3. Demonstration and performance linked:

① Set up a full -time award, the cost of asking for leave for employees will be more cautious.

② You can also include employees ‘requests in the scope of performance assessment. If the year -end award is linked to employees’ performance, employees who take leave within one year will be suspended …

At the end

As a manager, when you meet your subordinates for leave, the extra work needs to be reasonably arranged and distributed;

The same thing is very important. A good word is warm in winter, and the evil language hurts people in June cold;

The fake empty painting cake is meaningless, and no matter how small the actual actions are, it is also sincere.

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