My boyfriend cheated me for a few years, but then I was pregnant, and my boyfriend was willing to take me back to his home.

My name is Chen Lan, and my parents are businessmen.I have lived a carefree life since I was a child. I do n’t have to worry about my life. I have some of others. Later, I grew up. Through the help of my family, I opened a flower shop and lived a life of nine to five.However, due to the growing up, good friends have worked away and are not around. I always feel lonely when I was alone.

My supplier is Xiaotao, two years older than me.He is a person who doesn’t like to speak, which is more introverted, but he is good at working hard.Due to the long -term dry work, he practiced muscles.I slowly paid attention to Xiaotao, and I started pursuing him, and finally we were together.We experienced the beauty of love. When we started discussing the future, I said that I wanted to follow him to see his parents, but he had been escaping. He said that he wanted to continue watching everywhere and didn’t plan to get married as soon as possible.

It wasn’t until I realized that the physiology had not come and went to the hospital immediately to know that I was pregnant. I told Xiaotao the news that Xiaotao was not very happy when he heard it, but he was still willing to take me back to his home.It took us for nearly ten hours to get home.The scene in front of me was shocked. This is his so -called house, mud land, with a group of chickens and ducks, full of feces.The smell of the toilet was filled with the air. I vomited immediately, and a squatting pit was simply simple in the toilet. It was dirty and the facilities insufficient in the house were shocked.After staying for a day, I told him that I was going back to the city.Suddenly, he was red, and he said tears and said he didn’t want to let me go.

When Xiaotao’s mother heard that I was going back to the city, I told me that I knew that you were the children of the rich, and had a stable job, but our family conditions were not good.He said that the family situation knows that you will leave him, but sooner or later you will know.After Xiao Tao is with you, he has several jobs every day. He gives flowers to the store in the morning, takes out at noon, and runs at night.The saved money can be bought in the city.But now you are pregnant, Xiaotao is responsible.So he can only take you home in advance to let me see it. This is your home, don’t blame me Xiaotao.Don’t dislike our incompetence.After listening, my tears flowed unconsciously.No wonder Xiaotao said it would be a few years later.You want to make money secretly to give me a better life.

After seeing Xiaotao, I held Xiaotao and said, sorry, I won’t go, I want to be with you.

I paid the down payment of the house through the help of my home and my savings.The real estate certificate is written by me and Xiaotao.Later, we got married and moved into this little home that belonged to our own.

However, I always feel that Xiaotao and I are not as happy as before.He is still good to me, but there is indeed a little inexplicable distance. Did I do something wrong?

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