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The two brothers inadvertently saw a video about the Buddha, and soon began to transfer.After his brother passed through, he became the male pet of the emperor and enjoyed the rich and rich.The younger brother became the prince of the neighboring country and controlled the entire dynasty.After the brother passed through, with the thinking of modern people, he soon became a celebrity around the emperor.

He first helped the Emperor to solve the troubles, then got the opportunity of Queen Lin Xing, and invented the musket.But he also thought about the beauty of the emperor, thinking about being affectionate with her all day.One day, he was absent from the emperor when he was affectionate and was noticed by the Emperor.The emperor asked him if he liked the queen, and he acknowledged that the result caused the emperor’s jealousy and scolded him as a big radish.He had to say that he was just thinking of making such a great contribution, but he did not get the reward he deserved.

The emperor asked what he wanted, and he took the opportunity to make his own request and had a romantic overnight with the Emperor.The next day, my brother fell ill because of excessive overdraft.The emperor was also injured. The two were painted together and even went to Jiangnan Town.However, in Jiangnan, his brother went to the Qinglou to play, making the emperor very angry.The emperor decided to investigate the matter and finally drowned the fake eunuch.It seems that my brother is difficult to satisfy the emperor for a while. What is the situation of that brother?

It turned out that the younger brother who had just ligated encountered beauty Xiao Lan as soon as he crossed. Xiao Lan was the official family, but was insulted by the prince because of her beauty.Xiao Lan was very resentful to the prince. I did not expect that the prince became a younger brother now.My brother hurriedly explained to her, but she was still very angry.At this time, the eunuch came to tell them that the emperor came, and his brother and Xiao Lan had to put on the formal clothes to pretend to be the three princes and his followers.

The emperor asked Xiao Lan if he had been insulted by the prince, and his brother saw that he had no intention, so he said that he and Xiao Lan had a drink and poetry for one night.The emperor laughed and said that he couldn’t learn without any skills. How could he be poetic?Therefore, the emperor asked them to test political theory. Before the younger brother passed through, this was not difficult for him.The theory of reform and opening up was recognized by the emperor.The three princes couldn’t believe their ears.

At this time, the eunuch came to report that the Wenhao of Chu State had a miserable literati in Zhao Guo.The emperor was very angry, let the three princes fight and destroy their prestige.My brother was forced to swear that if he could not win, he would give up the position of the prince.After the others were scattered, my brother asked Xiao Lan: "How did my performance last night?" Click on the lower left corner to watch Xiaolan’s pregnancy in advance.See when the two brothers meet?

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