Must see during pregnancy: In addition to taking medicine after pregnancy, these tricks are also very good

For a long time, many people have a misunderstanding and feel that pregnancy cannot be used for a cold, otherwise it will cause fetal malformations.But after all, 10 months of pregnancy will inevitably cause headaches and brain heat.So can I take medicine during pregnancy? What are the precautions for taking medicine during pregnancy?Let’s take a look with Xiaomeng ~

1. Can a cold during pregnancy take medicine?

Of course you can take medicine.

After long -term clinical and animal studies, we have proven that our commonly used cold -cold drugs are not in teratogenic drugs, and the plate -blue root granules, cold heat -clearing granules and other drugs that are often used in colds have not only good heat solving effects, but also for expectant mothers.Safe, use it with confidence.

In addition, if the prospective mother has a serious cold, but it is hard to take medicine, which will cause symptoms such as high fever and no retreat, but it will harm the health of the baby in the stomach.

2. What are the precautions for taking medicine during pregnancy?

1. Follow the doctor’s advice and do not use the medicine blindly.

2. The instructions indicate that the drug prohibited by pregnant women is resolutely not used.

3. Try not to use medicines that are available or not.

Third, the relief method of the beginning of a cold

1. You can rinse your mouth and throat with thick salt water, every 10 minutes (suitable for sore throat).

2. You can pour hot water around 42 ° C in the thermal insulation cup, close your mouth and nose close to the mouth of the tea cup, and constantly inhale the hot steam, and 3 times a day (suitable for nasal congestion).

Fourth, what are the situations, the expectant mothers should seek medical treatment in time?

If the symptoms of the expectant mothers exceed 1 week, or accompanied by fatigue, poor appetite, low fever or high fever, cough, sputum, palpitations, they should seek medical treatment in time to further diagnose and treat.

After a cold, if you have continuous tachycardia, you need to pay attention to whether there are viral myocarditis.In addition, expectant mothers also need dialectical treatment, because the type of cold is different, and the use of medications and nursing methods is often different.

Moving warmth reminder: Of course, if the symptoms of colds have mild symptoms and no symptoms such as fever, expectant mothers can temporarily do not need medicine, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, usually about a week or so can be relieved ~

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