Must -see during pregnancy: Easy to forget after pregnancy?You must try these 7 tricks

I believe that many expectant mothers have heard the word "pregnancy silly". As if having a baby, it turned out that the smart herself began to develop in the direction of stupidity.Is this the legendary "one pregnancy silly three years"?Let’s take a look with Xiaomeng ~

1. Why is there a "pregnancy silly"?

Pregnant silly refers to the phenomenon of recession and declining cognitive ability after a woman’s pregnancy.

Generally speaking, the symptoms of forgetfulness and the difficulty of concentrating on tourism are natural phenomena during pregnancy, which are caused by hormone changes.In addition, because of having a baby, a large part of the expectant mothers will also be transferred. In addition, there are too many things that need to be worried during pregnancy. Many mothers do n’t sleep well, and naturally they will feel confused all day.However, this situation will gradually recover after giving birth, and will not have a adverse effect on the mother’s future life.

2. How to deal with forgetfulness during pregnancy?

1. Stop the self -suggestion of "one pregnancy and silly three years", think more about pregnancy and the active side of being a mother

2. Try to rest as much as possible to meet sleep needs. If you can, let yourself take a nap in the daytime

3. Good at using tools, such as mobile phone reminder software, voice memo, portable laptop, calendar, etc., list the things you want to do, make a planned table in a prominent place.Original position

4. Put the small objects that need to be used every day such as keys, wallets, etc. in the same place, so that you can form inertia

5. Drink plenty of water, keep the water sufficient water, and let the blood flow more to your own brain

6. Eat more iron -rich foods and let the blood carry more oxygen to your brain

7. Regular and moderate exercise to help blood flow to maintain brain activities

Moving warmth reminds: It is normal for forgetting or inconsistent attention during pregnancy, and it does not indicate that the physical problems have problems.But if you continue to feel that you are unable to think and your mood is low, do n’t carry it yourself, you must communicate with your family and doctors and seek necessary help.

(Refer to the book "Xiehe Pregnancy Encyclopedia" He Cuihua)

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