Must go to Inner Mongolia to eat lamb!

The first meal I ate to Hohhot last week was sheep miscellaneous soup.A large bowl of 20 yuan, and drink a bite of the orange juice of the big kiln.

Last year, I had eaten sheep miscellaneous soup several times in Inner Mongolia. After returning to Shandong, I always missed that taste, so I bought sheep miscellaneous soup everywhere.There are very few types of lambs and sheep miscellaneous, which is not comparable to that of Inner Mongolia.

I think Shandong does not have much sheep. Because of the low yield of mutton, sheep are expensive; the point is that the lamb miscellaneous is really not authentic and not delicious.

Later, I looked at the data of mutton production in different provinces. It was me offending Shandong. In 2022, Shandong mutton production was fourth in the country, second only to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu.The following table is the data found in the "Flush iFind" industry database. In 2022, Inner Mongolia’s mutton output was 1.1025 million tons, Xinjiang was 607,200 tons, Gansu was 365,200 tons, and Shandong was 3370,000 tons.

There is no doubt that Inner Mongolia is a well -deserved province of mutton.

Perhaps this has something to do with the local terrain. The area of 74%of the district is covered by the grassland. Maybe the sheep raised by the grassland are different from the sheep raised in Shandong?According to data from the official website of the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Grassland is an important part of the grassland of the Europeania and Asia. The natural grassland area is 1.32 billion mu. The grassland area accounts for 22%of the total area of the grassland, accounting for 74%of the land area of the region.

The picture below is the distribution icon of the Inner Mongolia grassland found from the Internet.

After being green, there was a Hulunbuir prairie on his head. Hulunbuir was near Harbin at the northeast end of Inner Mongolia, but we can often see the lamb in Ximeng.

It is said that Ximeng’s mutton is the best.The herds are all freezes, and they grew up in fresh air in the prairie.They drink spring water on the grassland, and they eat green plants, so the lamb of Ximeng is not at all.

These twice goes to Hohhot all the roasted whole sheep to eat in the Mengliang National Style Park. This is also the 4A tourist area.

When the sun fell into the mountains, the outline of the Daqing Mountains not far away became more and more hazy, and the lights were shining nearby. The Mongolian bag was a warm Mongolian song and dance and a leisurely sound of Matouqin.

I do n’t feel tired of eating all the whole sheep.After leaving Inner Mongolia, can SF Logistics Cold Chain transportation allow me to eat such a delicious roasted whole sheep?

It was only on the morning of the leaving that there were delicious sheep in the Inner Mongolia Hotel where we lived. Unfortunately, I have only eaten it once.The noodle in the picture below is called a sheep miscellaneous knife noodle?I can’t remember, but it is really delicious.This sheep miscellaneous is placed in the pot, but it is up to the bowl, how much you want to eat.

You can also eat lamb, roasted buns, and large pots of Mongolian milk tea in the hotel. It is really very good.

On the evening of the day when I was Hohhot, I rode Haro’s battery car around, and the temperature could not be comfortable at 20 degrees.The local characteristics are seen by cyclical cars and bus. For example, you can visit the local vegetable market, buy local yogurt, buy Fengzhen moon cakes and Inner Mongolia roasted.

You can also find that there are really few new energy cars in Hohhot, basically they are blue -brand cars, and there are even few green cars in taxis.The taxi master said that they started to push the tram only in March this year, and the car was not easy to drive in winter.

Da Zumou can go to see it, just on the old street.

I heard that there are many delicious foods in the wide alley. It is the wide alley of Huimin Street, not the wide and narrow alley in Chengdu.

It is said that Huanghuaru can also go to see it. This is a grassland closer to the urban area.Last year I went to Phaeton Xiller, but did not go to Huanghuaou.

Going out to play, just leave a regret.

If you finish all the time, if you don’t think about it, you will not have the motivation to play anymore.

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