Mrs. Oral ulcer hurts too much!What can I do not repeat and fast?

There is a pain, called oral ulcers.

Drinking water pain, eating east pain, even breathing pain.

If it grows on the tip of the tongue,

Even saying … talking … it is not good for … …

Oral ulcers, but a small white dot, but the torture is very uncomfortable. The taste of eating and unable to eat, presumably everyone has a deep understanding.

So why is oral ulcer always "rolling the soil"?How can it be less painful?

Why is it entangled by oral ulcers?

In fact, the current medical community has no conclusion on the principle of spontaneous oral ulcers

But what is certain is

People with these habits

The chance of being wrapped in oral ulcers is greater!


Love hard, crispy and hot food

Although crayfish, beef, potato chips, sugar cane, hot pot, although it tastes cool, it is easy to scratch or scald the oral mucosa, traumatic oral ulcers, or cause the oral ulcer to recur.

Small method:

It is not completely unable to eat it, after all, it is really delicious!

When eating, remind yourself to eat slower, avoid damage to the mucous membrane as much as possible.


There are tooth decay, the root, the crown, wearing braces, wearing ducts

The damaged tooth decay and the left tooth, the remaining roots, the crown, and the unsuitable dentures that are not suitable can form a sharp edge, tie the oral mucosa, causing traumatic ulcer or oral ulcer to recur.

Small method:

① Do oral examination once a year and find oral problems early;

② Tooth decay, residual roots, and crown, the sooner the unsuitable dentures are handled, the better;

③ If you are particularly prone to long mouth ulcers, you can tell your doctor in advance when you are equipped with braces and dentures, and take measures such as mucosal protection;

After returning home, I felt uncomfortable with braces and dentures, and went to the hospital to adjust as soon as possible.


Love to use a hard hair toothbrush, like gritting teeth, bite the cheeks

I love hard hair toothbrushes, brushing teeth is particularly strong, or like to bite lip and cheeks, which can easily hurt gums or damage oral mucosa, causing oral ulcers.

Small method:

① When you change the habit of biting your lip and bite, you can slowly chew food;

② Replace the toothbrush into a soft hair toothbrush and brush the teeth moderately.


Women in a special period

Some sisters are about to have oral ulcers during menstruation or during pregnancy. It may be because the changes in estrogen hormone levels will affect the blood supply of the gum tissue and also aggravate the inflammatory response of dental plaque.

Small method:

① Use fluoride toothpaste 2 times a day, at least 3 minutes each time;

② Use dental floss at least once a day. You can use the tooth punching device if you wear braces;

③ Rinse your mouth as soon as possible after eating;

④ Washing your teeth once every 6 months to 1 year.


People with digestive system diseases

Oral ulcers are correlated with some digestive system diseases, such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, and Crohn disease.

Small method:

① Treatment related diseases;

② regular stool daily to ensure 500 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruits to avoid constipation.


Hiring and staying up late

In the evening, overtime picking up the night battle, excessive exhaustion and staying up late will lead to decline in immunity. It is a common cause of repeated attacks on oral ulcers.

Small method:

Regularly rest, rest on time to avoid overwork.


Some people say: smoking can treat oral ulcers

Is this happening?


This statement makes sense (a little bit …),),

Because smoking can make the oral mucosal stratification,

Reduce the probability of oral ulcer.

Nstageization is also one of the preliminary lesions of cancer,

In other words

Then don’t want to make the name for smoking ~

The crowd’s oral ulcer rate is 10%to 25%, and the specific population can be as high as 50%. The age is 10 to 30 years old.

This disease has three major characteristics, namely recurrence, periodic and self -limiting.

Reunion: As long as you do not die, I am there, I am willing to accompany you to the sky.That is to say, the problem of oral ulcers is repeated and cannot be cured.Periodic: The length of the seizure is different, and it can be divided into the seizure period, healing period, and intermittent period.Oral ulcers said that I also need to rest, work and rest to weigh well.Self -limiting: Self -healing.

What are the misunderstandings of oral ulcers?

The ulcer is the fire, just clear the fire?

When it comes to oral ulcers, I believe that many people will say that they are getting angry, and drinking herbal tea or eating other foods that clear fires, oral ulcers really healed after a long time!but……

Truth: There is no direct connection between oral ulcers and getting angry.Self -healing of spontaneous oral ulcers. Even if you do not treat any treatment, you can heal yourself for one to two weeks, not that the herbal tea you drink is effective.

Oral ulcer lacks vitamin C?

Some people think that oral ulcers are caused by lack of vitamin C, so when ulcers occur, most people choose to eat more vegetables and fruits (supplement vitamin C), but often does not work.

Truth: The lack of oral ulcers is not vitamin C, but vitamin B2 and B vitamins.When the body lacks vitamin B2, the skin and mucous membrane will cause inflammation, manifested as white erosion, cracks and tensor bleeding in the corner of the mouth, accompanied by pain and burning sensation.Therefore, proper supplementation of vitamin B2 helps to prevent oral ulcers.

Will oral ulcers cancer?

According to online rumors, oral ulcers are a precursor to oral cancer, which makes many people panic.

Truth: In a few cases, oral ulcers may be the "signal" of malignant diseases.But oral ulcers are too exaggerated.

However, if oral ulcers are not effective for a long time, the ulcer surface will gradually increase, and about 25%of patients with recurred oral ulcers will turn to flat moss, and 7%of patients become Baisai’s disease.

Oral ulcers can be contagious?

Some people are worried that oral ulcers will be transmitted. What should I do if they are transmitted to their families when eating and kissing?

Truth: Oral ulcers will not be contagious.If it is herpes that grows outside, it will be contagious.So kissing will not infect oral ulcers, but you will feel pain ~~

Do you need to see a doctor with oral ulcers?

Most oral ulcers can also heal itself for one to two weeks.However, if the oral ulcer occurs frequently, it cannot heal for a long time, and the ulcer area exceeds the size of soybeans, it is mostly related to immune disease, infection or comprehensive factors, and should seek medical treatment in time.

Oral ulcers do not heal for a long time, beware of oral cancer!

If the following situation occurs, you should be vigilant and go to the hospital in time:

Suddenly occurred in oral ulcers before, and it could not heal for a long time, and the time was more than two months; the ulcer area gradually exceeded the size of the soybeans, the shape was not regular, the border was unclear, the edges were bumpy and uneven, the bottom of the ulcer was uneven, and the particles were granules.It feels a little hard to feel; the pain is not obvious; the maxillofacial facial enlargement and lymph nodes are accompanied by the occurrence of the maxillary facial part; the effect of the medication is not obvious.

Oral ulcers are here

What should we do?


Most oral ulcers can heal by yourself for one to two weeks

Should eat, sleep and sleep

Pain and happiness

Do four things well to help you relieve pain


Pay attention to oral hygiene

After oral ulcers, be sure to pay attention to oral hygiene.In this way, bacteria and viruses can be reduced.If bacteria and viruses breed in ulcers, ulcers may become heavier.Moreover, recurrent attacks will be more painful.

Usually rinse your mouth, brush your teeth frequently, and use a soft hair toothbrush or small toothbrush when brushing your teeth. This can help protect the oral mucosa, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of oral ulcers and relieve your pain.


Avoid spicy food

If you have oral ulcers, you should pay attention to cooking when eating, and do not continue to eat spicy and irritating food.If you eat such food, it will cause great stimulation to the part of the oral ulcer, which can easily cause inflammation and then cause pain.

Therefore, I hope you usually try to digest as light and easy to digest as much as possible, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement various vitamins for the body, and pay attention to chewing slowly when eating, so that you can protect the health of the oral mucosa.



If oral ulcers appear, comfortable mood can also help promote the rapid recovery of oral ulcers. If the mood is unstable, it may make you more painful, and the rapid healing of oral ulcers is not good.

Do not take medicine


Do not take medicine

Many people’s oral ulcers are very powerful and painful. It seriously affects daily life and work. It may take some medicines, but oral ulcers must follow the doctor’s instructions. Do not take some health products or hormones with unknown roads.Medicine, it will aggravate the symptoms of oral ulcers.

Source: The most important health GRT Health Times Tencent Medical Code she knows

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