Mother cats can be observed from these six aspects. It is important to do homework and reserve supplies in advance

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Many shovel officers will not sterilize the cat as soon as possible, and choose to let the cat mother breed raw kittens.

The cat mother is pregnant successfully. You need to prepare her tools, medicines, foods, and homework that need to be used for her. To do this well, it can be considered a qualified "successful mother -in -law".

So the question is: What should I prepare in the toolbox?What is the date of the cat mother?What are the omen of childbirth?

Today, this article talks about this topic. This is an experience sharing. You can refer to it.

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Starting from the baby’s successful baby for a month, we need to carefully prepare the delivery toolbox to avoid accidents.

The delivery toolbox includes these:

1. Urine is not wet (essential): Mother cats have blood, amniotic fluid, etc. with babies. It is a good choice to use urine without wetness.

2. Scissors: If the cat’s mother cannot bite the kitten’s umbilical cord, she needs to use scissors to assist.

3. Alcohol: Used to disinfect scissors.

4. Paper, dry towels or sterile paper towels: The baby cat needs to wipe the nose nose when birth to avoid stinging amniotic fluid.It can also help the cat’s wiping kitten dry.

5. Nutrition bar/AD cans/water: supplementing energy for cats can also be used as an encouragement.

6. Disposable gloves/sterile surgical gloves: used to grab kittens.

7. Childbacks: The least size is 45cm*60cm.

I think of the above, there are some items, medicines, and food.These are what I personally prepare, please refer to it, including:

Electronic thermometers, electric blankets, wires, gauze, oxytocin, iodine, antibiotic ointment, nutritional paste, pet cats special goat milk powder, hematopoietic tongs, calcium glucosate, antibiotics, amoxicillin, infant treatment device, and some hemostatic suture materials.

The cat’s pregnancy began to count from the first mating, with an average of 65 days.

Of course, 65 days are just averaging, which may be a few days or a few days later, about 60-70 days.

★ Expansion: The pregnancy period is the physiological period of the cat after pregnancy.In the due date, as the name suggests, it refers to the date of production of the cat mother.

I personally set the expected period as the 65th day after the first mating.

However, I usually start to prepare at the ninth week (63rd days) in eight weeks and wait at any time!

If you choose to make the cat mother breed, you must carefully record this information: mating time.

To sum up: appetite, behavior, colostrum, body temperature, anxiety, secretion, I will share one by one.

▲ Aspiration

The cat mother appetite at five to eight weeks of pregnancy, eat everything, and eat a lot.

But a few days before or a few hours before childbirth, appetite will suddenly decrease.

It may be that the kitten’s creeping in the cat’s uterus caused the cat’s appetite to decrease, or it may be because the cat’s mother knew that she was about to give birth, and was caused by anxiety.

This is also the case to go to a friend’s house for help. Chance changes are one aspect of signs of childbirth.

However, it is possible that appetite will not decrease.

▲ Chulu milk secretion

If you observe carefully, the cat’s mother will appear on the nipple within 48 hours before childbirth. This is colostrum.

Many cat mothers will lick these colostrum by themselves, and they may not lick these colostrum, which will turn into white small crusts.

▲ anxiety

The cat’s mother will become anxious before fertility, and mainly shows that walk back and forth at home, very vigilant.

▲ Body temperature decrease

Normally, the body temperature of the cat mother is 37.8 ° C to 39.2 ° C. One or two days before birth, the body temperature will drop below 37.8 ° C.

▲ behavior

The cat’s mother will become extremely sticky a few days before or a few hours before delivery, and most cat mothers will show this.

Sometimes around the owner, always turning around, and sometimes lying quietly beside the owner.

There was a cat in my family before giving birth. As soon as I left the cat’s eyes, she started howling, and the cat mother would calm down when she returned to the sight.

Finding the Wo: Mother Cat may find a nest in the early days of childbirth, and specialize in the corner, wardrobe, or the owner’s bed in the home.

Contraction: If you see the cat’s belly contraction, it is likely to be born in half an hour.If the amniotic fluid is broken, it will be born in a few minutes to half an hour.

Note: If the cat’s mother is not born for a long time after breaking the amniotic fluid, it is likely that there will be a difficulty in giving birth.

▲ secretion

I personally have a skill to see if there are secretions on the cat mother.If there is a secretion, there is a high probability that it will be born in the next few hours.

Personal experience shared here. The above is a photo of the smooth production of the cat mother after pregnancy, but it is now sterilized.

I think it is a very difficult thing to make the mother mother have a baby. Although the cat mother can deal with everything by sherself many times, it will encounter various problems, especially the novice cat mother.

The kitten recession syndrome, five things that the baby must do, and the kitten that is prone to danger, you must understand this knowledge. I have written an article a long time ago, hoping to help you: TipsEssence(Click the blue font)

Finally, I hope that everyone’s cats will be able to give birth to a cute and healthy cat!

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