Most pregnant mothers will be constipated during pregnancy, what should I do if constipation occurs during pregnancy?

Most of the pregnant mothers have experienced the torture of constipation during pregnancy, and the taste is really difficult to describe.The influence of constipation on Bao Ma itself is still tolerated, but when the constipation will affect the baby, it will make Bao Ma panicked.Worried that the difficulty of defecation caused by constipation would cause the baby’s miscarriage, or the accumulation of toxins caused by constipation, would it affect the baby’s growth and development?A bunch of problems lingering in the baby’s mind, making the pregnant mother headache and ca n’t ignore her head.So, what effect does the human body, especially the pregnant mother, for constipation?Let’s take a look at the relevant information about constipation with the novice pregnant mothers today.

Constipation refers to the decrease in the number of stools. Generally, it is less than 3 times a week.During pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone secreted in the body, causing weakening gastrointestinal muscle tone and slowing bowel movement.The increased uterus also compresses the gastrointestinal tract, causing poor blood circulation, weakening the function of bowel movements. Food residue has a long stay in the large intestine, and the water is absorbed by the intestinal wall too much.Essence

During pregnancy, because the pregnant mother is worried about the nutritional intake of the baby, a large amount of foods that eat high -protein and high -fat foods have ignored the intake of vegetables and fruits, which leads to insufficient cellulose in the gastrointestinal tract.Fall.Especially in the third trimester, because a large amount of progesterone is secreted during pregnancy, it can relax the smooth muscle of the uterus and also weaken the colorectal motility.In addition, due to the influence of traditional concepts, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother is afraid of moving the fetal gas, and the amount of activity basically drops sharply.Increased constipation.

For pregnant mothers, the law of life is first, and it is particularly important to maintain good living habits. Waking up in the morning to drink a glass of boiled water, and then go to the bathroom to squat to form a regular bowel habit.The water in the body helps to relieve constipation and the prevention of constipation.

Pregnant mothers should maintain balanced nutrition in normal diet. Some pregnant mothers choose to eat refined food in order to allow babies to better absorb nutrients. These foods have a good taste, but fineness will cause difficulty in defecation and lead to constipation. ThereforePregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose during pregnancy, and eat some coarse grains properly, helping to soften stools and keep stool unobstructed.Also, relaxing yourself and maintaining a pleasure is also one of the elements of health and mental health.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers are not suitable for doing severe exercise after pregnancy, but they still need to maintain a certain exercise, such as walking or doing slow -paced exercise such as walking or doing yoga.A suitable exercise during pregnancy not only helps Bao Ma, but also promotes the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines of Baoma, but also promotes the baby’s growth and development.

Of course, constipation is light and heavy. Due to the cause of constipation, there are many reasons, which is also very complicated, especially the more serious. For long duration, the pregnant mother is unbearable, so I want to use some drugs to relieve it.This is not impossible, but you must remember that for the health of your baby, you must not take medicine during your pregnancy. If you are really unbearable, you must go to the hospital under the guidance of a doctor.

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