More than 2 million involved in the case!The married man cheated the wealth and cheated, and many women were threatened to give money after pregnancy …

The married daughter brought the object home, and the father would be very happy.But some time ago, a father twisted his "quasi -son -in -law ‘to the police station. Why is this? In October last year, a 30 -year -old single woman Xiao Jia met a marriage dating platform.The man who claims to be "Cheng Bing" is called "Cheng Bing". The other party said that there was a car beauty company in Nanning and unmarried. After the two confirmed their love relationship, Xiao Jia soon became pregnant. However, the career of "Cheng Bing" seemed to have encountered itTrouble, he began to ask his girlfriend Xiao Jia for help.

Police Officer Wang, a criminal investigation team of Qingxiu Branch of the Nanning Public Security Bureau: "Generally, the reason for his borrowing money is to say that I have a project to do it, and I will return it to you if I make money.Come and fill. Some of the relatives in the family are getting sick. "Xiao Jia spared no effort to help her boyfriend. After her savings, her credit card burst, she kept borrowing money from her family.Until "Cheng Bing" was sent to the police station by Xiao Jia’s father.Police Officer Wang, a criminal investigation team of Qingxiu Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau: "The people in the family found that the situation was wrong. (Xiao Jia) always came back to ask for money, and then came to Nanning to find out the situation., Take him to the local police station for investigation. "The case was subsequently transferred to the criminal investigation team of the Qingxiu Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau for treatment.Earlier, a woman had reported that she was deceived by "Cheng Bing" for 270,000 yuan.At this time, Xiao Jia was also deceived 590,000 yuan.After investigation, "Cheng Bing" was really named Nong, 31 years old, native of Long’an, Nanning, a undergraduate correspondence culture, and married.He did drive a car beauty company, but the business has been losing money. There is no house and no car under the name of Nong, but just rented in a high -end community.

Police Officer Wang of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Qingxiu Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau: "Maybe you want to build a platform to pack himself. But he is not concerned about the company’s business, so this company has always been in a state of losing money., The company’s employees have not paid for half a year. "From November 2017 to September 2019, Nongmou had a platform for such platforms such as marriage and dating, and he had dated 4 women. They were about 30 years old.There are teachers and nurses.In order to obtain the trust of the woman, Nong Mou promised to get married as soon as possible, and at the same time, he also kept his mouth full of sweet words and continued to weaken the other party’s psychological defense line.After the operation, one woman who lost the biggest loss was deceived by 1.3 million yuan. Another woman had just known Nong for a month and was deceived by 50,000 yuan.The criminal suspect Nong Mou: "I borrowed money to give me a capital turnover. At that time, I thought. After my money came back, she helped her buy the house for her." After the victims were perceived, Nong Mou’s true realm was realized.The face was also directly exposed.Officer Wang Wang, a criminal investigation team of Qingxiu Branch of the Nanning Public Security Bureau: "(3 people) are pregnant, so they ask them to get a credit card or borrow some small loans. If you don’t borrow moneyI will not end up, threatening in this way is to force these victims to borrow money. "

After the wife who has been in the drum has been learned by the news of the suspected fraud, she cooperated with the police investigation, but she was surprised to find that the husband and others used a fake property certificate to sign a false transfer agreement, and the scam was 90,000 yuan.Even his elder brother didn’t let go.Officer Wang Wang, a criminal investigation team of Qingxiu Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau: "(He) said that the beauty 4S shop needs to pay the deposit before our business can continue, but in fact these businesses do not exist.There are about 770,000 margins. "Nong’s confession: The money he obtained by the fraud was used for virtual currency investment, and he had lost more than 10 million yuan.Police call on that if the victim is scammed by the "Cheng Bing", please report the case as soon as possible.At present, Nongmou has been arrested by Qingxiu Police for suspected fraud.(Video source: Guangxi Taiwan News Center Editor: Hu Yanqi)

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