More and more people are unwilling to get married or have children. These reasons are very real.


When I passed the Mid -Autumn Festival this year, my cousin found me. At that time, I wondered. Shouldn’t I go home during the Mid -Autumn Festival?Why did you come to me suddenly?

When my cousin came to me, I saw that her expression was particularly melancholy, and when she entered the house, she sighed.

I quickly asked my cousin to sit down and asked her what was going on. My cousin said that now my mother often urges me to find an object, ask me every day to go on a blind date, and then let the villagers in the villagers help.

I was forced to go on a blind date every day. As a result, my mother gave me a blind date, and I didn’t look at it. Then my mother found me a blind date that day, and I couldn’t stand it.

I told my mother that I didn’t look at the blind date you were looking for. I am still young and I don’t want to fall in love. I don’t want to get married.

Because of this, my mother and I quarreled, and my mother told me that they had had children at this age.

At that time, I also told my mother that I am still young. Why do I have to get married and have children?I also want to work hard for a few years and make a little money.

After listening to what my cousin said, I think my cousin is right. I am two years older than my cousin, but I have not fell in love now, and then my parents have been urging me to fall in love, but I take my energyPut on work.

Because I feel that if I am in love now, it will be scattered to work, and if I feel that both parties are suitable for a few years, they will definitely get married.Essence

In fact, more and more people are unwilling to get married or have children. So what makes so many people unwilling to get married and do not want to have children?Let’s take a look together.

There are many people now that they are not so happy to get married, and some people even say that they regret getting married so early.

In the past, people got married early. Some people even got married even in their teens, and they gave birth to baby in their twenties.

But now people’s concepts have changed. One of the reasons for young people who do not like to marry so early is that they feel that marriage will become unfortunate.

The current divorce rate is getting higher and higher, so many people think that they need to be able to get married afterwards, that is, they need to become rich, and then think about other things. If they do not change money, they willDon’t think of other things.

Over time, they do n’t pay less attention to marriage. They feel that they are doing well alone. You can want to travel when you go to travel. You can enjoy life alone.

The former people got married when they were old, because the economic conditions were not so good before. At that time, people could not eat enough or warm. If a person did not get married, they needed to live by themselves, but if they got marriedMake money together to make money together.

But now, as people’s living standards improve and the economic level is getting better and better, the cost of marriage is getting higher and higher. We need to ask many people in marriage, and then book a large hotel, various dresses, and makeup costs.

And we need to prepare for a long time when we get married, which will annoy many young people now, so more and more people choose to escape marriage.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, it is not like before. Before, people were eating and wearing warmth. Now people are not to eat warm and warm.

Nowadays, people are more and more stressful, and the poor people are poor, the richer people are richer. Some ordinary people only rely on some meager wages to live life, and some rich people have a good life.

Now many people choose not to get married because the pressure after marriage will grow bigger and bigger. When marriage, you need to buy a house to have a child to have children.cost.

The pressure of a person is already large enough. If you get married, the pressure is far more than the pressure of one person.

And if we get married, we will face the parents of both sides. These heavy pressures are pressed on the two people, so it will cause more and more young people to choose not to get married or have children.

In the past, people’s living standards were not very high, so the requirements for each other were not very high. As long as the other party was good to themselves, and then there was no problem with the body, the character was fine, and the two sides lived together.

But now people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and people’s requirements for the other half are getting higher and higher. For example, the other party is required to look good, cultural, temperament, rich, and so on.

People now are more and more independent, and they pay more attention to marriage. When they are looking for objects, they not only consider or not they love themselves, do they have any problems with their bodies, they also consider whether the other party has money, whether there is culture, etc., so they areAs a result, there are more and more single young people.

Many young people now do not like to get married. They do not want to have children because people feel that marriage will become unhappy, the pressure of society is getting greater and greater, and the requirements for the other half are getting higher and higher. These three reasons are caused.

In fact, if you do n’t get married now, it is your own business if you do n’t have a child. As long as we think well, we can make a decision for ourselves.

Now people have different views on marriage. For whether they are married or have children, young people now have their own ideas. Of course, there will be some factors to interfere with them, such as the factors of money.

Little friends, how do you think that more and more people are unwilling to get married and are unwilling to have children?

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