Moms, are you still eating these snacks?

Many girls, when they are happy, choose snacks, and when they are unhappy, they will use snacks to relieve their boredom.When expectant mothers are always boring during the difficult pregnancy pregnancy, they will take snacks to dispel time at this time, but as expectant mothers, when eating snacksEssenceToday, I summarized the snacks that need to be eaten with caution for the expectant mothers today.

Potato chips are made of potatoes, so they are rich in vitamin B, amino acids, protein and starch, which can supplement the human body with calories and vitamins.However, the fat and salt contained in potato chips are high, so long -term consumption is not good for health, especially those with three highs and diabetes.In addition, starch can produce acrylamide under high temperature treatment, which is a carcinogen.

Pregnant women with cautious potato chips

First of all, potato chips contain a lot of food additives, which affects the health of the fetus.In addition, potato chips also contain a large amount of salt and oil, which is easy to get fat.If expectant mothers suffer from diabetes and hypertension, they can’t eat it.High -salt means high sodium. Excessive sodium intake of expectant mothers will interfere with the absorption of calcium, which is not good for fetal development.

Maternal cautious potato chips

Maternal should not eat more.Potato chips are garbage foods, which contain a lot of additives. They have no nutrition. Eating more is easy to get angry, which may affect milk quality.

Beef jerky is people’s daily snacks and has a significant health effect. It is rich in nutrients such as protein, phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc. The benefits of the human body are mainly in the following aspects: enhance physical fitness.For people with poor physical fitness, cold hands and feet, and long -term anemia, they can be relieved by eating beef jerky. Because they are rich in iron, they are iron supplement.Blood pressure promotes growth.Beef jerky can not only resist the invasion of the disease, but also have good results in regulating blood pressure and promoting growth and development.Maintenance hair.Beef jerky contains a large amount of protein that can maintain hair and prevent hair loss, bald and white hair.Realty phlegm and cough.Beef jerky can care for the health of the throat, moist and itching, and dilute the viscosity, and the effect is obvious in terms of cough and expectorant.

Pregnant women eat beef jerky with caution

Beef jerky elements are abundant, and expectant mothers with anemia can eat a small amount to supplement blood and iron, but beef jerky contains a variety of additives and is not conducive to digestion. Therefore, expectant mothers need to control the intake.

Maternal cautious eating beef jerky

There are many nutritional elements of beef jerky, including sugar, calcium, iron, amino acids, etc., which can help mothers improve immunity, resist bacteria invasion, and help recover from postpartum.However, beef jerky is mostly yellow beef, which is a hair product. Therefore, it is not necessary to eat itching and eczema mothers, and poor digestive power and patients with liver disease should not be eaten.

Tea eggs have the dual characteristics of tea and eggs. Tea contains caffeine, tannin, tea polyphenols and other ingredients, which can refresh the fatigue, prevent stroke, beauty and anti -aging.Eggs are rich in protein, amino acids and trace elements, which are rich in nutrition.However, some surveys have shown that if the cooked tea egg is too long, it will produce harmful substances, which can cause people to lack calcium and anemia.

Pregnant women eat tea eggs with caution

There are not many tea in tea eggs, and a small amount of tea ingredients can refresh their fatigue and beauty and beauty.There are many nutrients such as protein and amino acids in eggs and are healthy foods.However, expectant mothers should not eat more. If you eat more tea eggs, you will cause calcium deficiency and anemia.

Maternal tea eggs with caution

Tea eggs can supplement nutrition and anti -fatigue.The taste of tea eggs is unique and can increase the appetite of the mother.However, some tea eggs may put a lot of condiments, which is a bit heavy for the mother. The maternal physique is weak, and it is better to eat more light food.And too much tea eggs will affect the body’s absorption of nutrients and affect recovery, so the mother should eat less.

In addition to a delicious sweetness, chocolate can also make people feel excited. Eating some chocolate in moderation is good for intelligence and can also supplement energy to the human body.The cocoa alkali ingredients in chocolate have the function of excitement and can make people feel pleasant. Rich polyphenols are beneficial to the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and can delay women’s aging.

Pregnant women eat chocolate with caution

Occasionally eating some chocolate after pregnancy is good for physical health, but chocolate fat content is high, and it also contain caffeine. Too much consumption is not conducive to fetal development and mother health.

Maternal cautious chocolate

After delivery chocolate, it will allow cocoa base to enter the baby’s body through milk, damaging the baby’s nervous system, heart, and digestive system, which will relax muscle, increase urination, affect sleep, and be very unfavorable to growth and development.It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers do not eat.

Spanking is a high -protein, high -fat food.There are many dietary fiber in popcorn, which can promote digestion and absorption.The chewing of popcorn in the mouth can also promote the circulation of facial blood and have the effect of beauty and wrinkle removal.But if you eat more popcorn, it is easy to cause obesity.

Pregnant women eat popcorn with caution

The nutrition of popcorn has limited nutrition and has high calories, which can easily lead to obesity in pregnant women.The lead content in popcorn is very high. Too much consumption will be prone to lead poisoning, and can also cause fetal malformations.If the expectant mother really wants to eat, buy a security explanation, otherwise don’t buy it.

Maternal eats popcorn with cautious

The nutrition of popcorn is limited, and the calories are particularly large. It is easy to get angry with too much consumption, and it is likely to contain sugar essence in popcorn. This additive is not good for the human body.There are also lead ingredients in popcorn. If you eat too much, you may also lead to lead poisoning, affect the quality of milk, and then hinder your baby’s intellectual development.

Duck neck is a low -fat and high -protein food. As a small snack that is suitable for all ages in daily life, it has great benefits to the human body: remove liver fire.The duck neck is cool.A appetizer.Duck neck with a variety of condiments, taste delicious, can enhance appetite and appetizer and spleen.Beauty fitness.The duck neck can detoxify the face, supplement blood, and lose weight.

Pregnant women eat duck necks with caution

For expectant mothers, duck necks can be eaten but not more. The heavy -sized duck neck will make expectant mothers easier for constipation. In addition, too much seasoning and additives will also affect the normal development of the fetus.

Maternal cautious eating duck neck

Duck necks are mostly hot spices. These spices enter the body, which will reduce the water in the intestine, make the intestines become more dry, induce constipation, and bring great pain to the mother.If you eat duck neck, you should not choose too spicy flavors.

Stinky tofu is rich in plant lactic acid, which can save the stomach.Stinky tofu is made of tofu and is rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium, amino acids.Stinky tofu contains a large amount of vitamin B12, which can prevent dementia.Steel tofu, such as pepper, pepper, etc., can promote metabolism.However, the production process of stinky tofu is complicated, especially during the fermentation process. If it is not well controlled, there may be bacterial invasion, which produces a kind of botox toxin that can poisoning people.

Pregnant women cannot eat stinky tofu

The rich nutrition of stinky tofu is based on a safe and hygienic production conditions, but the safety situation of the snacks on the roadside is not optimistic, and expectant mothers will affect fetal health.And stinky tofu fried, and the quality of oil is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers do not eat stinky tofu.

Maternal cannot eat stinky tofu

The sanitary conditions of stinky tofu are difficult to guarantee. When making stinky tofu, some merchants will shorten the production time in order to sell them well, add some chemicals in it, and the stinky tofu will be fried.There are carcinogens, and the maternal eating too much will affect health, reduce the quality of milk, and it is not suitable for babies.

The nutritional elements of Guiling paste, including fat, animal collagen, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, etc., have many benefits to the human body: beauty and beauty, regulate gastrointestinal, treat gynecological diseases, etc.

Pregnant women cannot eat Guiling paste

Guiling cream is cool, and expectant mothers will damage gastrointestinal health after eating.In addition, Guiling Ointment contains ingredients that stimulate the uterus and blood circulation. Pregnant women should prohibit consumption, otherwise they can seriously cause miscarriage and premature birth.

Maternal can’t eat Guiling paste

Guiling paste is cool, and the maternal will damage gastrointestinal health after consumption, and affect recovery.Breastfeeding mothers will also affect their children through milk, causing the baby to have discomfort such as diarrhea, and some ingredients in Guiling cream may cause milk return, so it is not suitable for maternal consumption.

Ice cream is frozen food. Eating in summer is used for heat.The delicate, smooth, and cool taste makes it a food.Ice cream is mainly made of milk, egg yolk, white sugar, etc., rich in protein, amino acids, etc., and can supplement energy to the human body.

Pregnant women eat ice cream with caution

The gastrointestinal and intestines of expectant mothers are relatively weak. Frequent consumption of cold and cold can cause gastrointestinal blood vessels, reduce gastric fluid secretion, and easily cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and indigestion.At the same time, frozen food will reduce the core temperature of the human body, stimulate the uterus, and make the baby’s baby restless.

Maternal eats ice cream cautious

After giving birth, women are weak. Eating too much cold food can stimulate the stomach and intestines, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, is not conducive to recovery, and may also affect the baby’s gastrointestinal system through milk.

When making meat, honey is added, which is rich in a variety of amino acids and trace elements required by the human body.In addition, pork itself is rich in protein and carbohydrates, which can supplement calories and have the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing deficiency.

Pregnant women eat preserved pork with caution

Because most of the pork on the market contain additives, eating more preservatives and additives is not good for health. Excessive consumption of expectant mothers will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Maternal preserves cautiously eat preserved pork

Pork preserved contains nitrite. Eating more mothers will cause cancer. The additives in the pork preserved preserved agents will also be passed to the baby through milk, affecting the baby’s health.

The effect of betel nut has a strong insect repellent effect, and the effect of water and tapeworms in the water boiled by betel nut is obvious.In addition, betel nut is rich in betel nut, which can enhance the intestinal peristalsis, eliminate flatulence, and relieve diarrhea.Betel nut can also inhibit the virus, prevent flu, and fight against fungi.However, betel nut should not be eaten too much, otherwise it will cause problems such as vomiting, chest tightness, and lethargic.

Pregnant women cannot eat betel nut

Improper consumption of betel nut can easily cause problems such as chest tightness, panic, vomiting, etc. In addition, betein in betel nut has inhibitory effects on umbilical cord blood cells. If you eat too much, you can easily cause fetal malformations, abortion of pregnant women, and premature birth.

Maternal cannot eat betel nut

Betel nuts are more addictive, which can easily lead to oral lesions and can suffer from oral cancer in severe cases.In addition, the irritation of betel nut is strong, and it is easy to have a negative impact on breathing and heart. It is not recommended to eat maternal.

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