Mold vaginitis after pregnancy after pregnancy

Mold vaginitis after pregnancy after pregnancy

Q: For several years with mold vaginitis, I always criminal when I was in a hurry to get angry.

A: Moomal vaginitis is a very common disease in gynecological. It is said that three of the four women have obtained fungal vaginitis. This proportion is quite high, and there are very annoying symptoms such as very itching and pain.

Get moldy vaginitis is also called Candida vaginitis. If there is infection, the treatment should be thorough. Many people will not use the symptoms after taking the medicine.EssenceThis disease is like a very traditional treatment method in the past to treat three cycles. This time, this time it must be used for medication. After the next menstruation is clean, we must continue to go to the hospital for examination.In the case, it is necessary to consolidate medication. This disease is easy to repeat after menstruation. Some people also commit crimes before menstruation, and have a close relationship with menstruation.At least two months to three months must be cured by the offender, and a course of treatment must be cured after menstruation.After many people have improved their symptoms, they will not go anymore and have not achieved cure.There are many wrinkles in the vagina, and bacteria always exist. Under normal circumstances, the female reproductive tract will also have Candida. It is just that the virgin forest is more coordinated and balanced, and it will not show the disease.Come on.Normal Candida is in the state of spores. If germination becomes acetic, there will be symptoms.It is necessary to completely treat this disease. This is the most important. After pregnancy, this disease is easier to repeat, the internal environment of the vagina, etc. It is easy to repeat the change in the vagina. In this way, it is necessary to treat it before pregnancy before pregnancy.

Q: Do this must be cured before pregnancy?

A: It is completely cured.This disease is difficult to cure. Now it is cured. After a period of time, it is best to cure it before pregnancy.

Q: What should I do if there are mold vaginitis during pregnancy? Will it be treated with drugs?

A: Usually topical drugs.

Q: Does it affect the fetus?

A: Different drugs have different effects on the fetus. Now we always choose the safest medicine. Indeed, there are some drug clinical studies that under what circumstances is it safe to use this medicine. Overall feeling that the impact of external drugs is still quite smallof.

Q: What are the symptoms of mold vaginitis?

A: Itching, some people feel dry, there are pain, there are more leucorrhea, leucorrhea like tofu residue.As soon as you are in a hurry, you will commit a crime, and if your body loses a balance, he will commit a crime. If it is really close to emotions, then you will be less anxious.When taking anti -inflammatory drugs, it is easy to commit fungal vaginitis, and there are more Candida, which is morbid.The underwear is more humid, and the sanitary napkin is not changed frequently. Wetness and warmth are very beneficial to the growth of Candida.

Q: Mooblast vaginitis is tickled with vulva and itching and repeated three times. Generally, the medication is used for three days. How to use the medicine is the most reasonable to completely cure.

A: Sometimes this situation is abused by the drug, and the disease is not cured. This situation can be trained at the hospital to see which bacteria is and which drug is sensitive to which drugs suitable for.Use enough treatment.

Q: For more than two months of pregnancy, the vulva has been itchy recently. Over the previous mold infection, it will affect the recurrence of the fetus. What safety drugs are used?

A: It does not affect the development of the fetus, and it is sufficient to use local medicine.

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