Miao Miao did not have three babies at all. Zheng Kai’s actions have explained everything. It is waiting for everyone to forget.

Recently, there is news on the Internet that Miao Miao gave birth to a third child. After the news was exposed, it attracted everyone’s attention.It is sighing that Miao Miao gave birth to a child fast, and three children were born in three years.

The news about Miao Miao’s third child was released on a social platform. She said that she encountered Miao Miao when she had children in the hospital, and they produced in the same hospital.At the beginning, many people thought that this was fake, and netizens made a mess in order to hype.

But the netizen said that he had nose and eyes, and it didn’t look fake.Everyone was waiting for Miao Miao and Zheng Kai’s official announcement. However, after a few days, neither of them responded, and Zheng Kai was also focusing on recording variety shows and did not accompany his wife.

In fact, it can be seen from this that Miao Miao may have no pregnancy at all. If Miao Miao really conceives for three babies and produces in the hospital, Zheng Kai as her husband and family members.Too reasonable.

And when surgery, family members need to be signed, and only nanny and children around Miao Miao, so from this point of view, the news of Miao Miao Huai may be fake.

But in Miao Miao’s video, the video she recently released is very thick clothes, either a sweater or a sweater or down jacket, which looks like it is taken in advance. This has also made many netizens have strong curiosity.Essence

What happened, so many videos will you shoot in advance?In fact, if we think from another angle, we don’t feel strange.The first is Miao Miao. As the mother of the two children, take care of them every day. It is very busy and rarely has their own time. Not to mention shooting videos and editing videos.

In addition, many stars in the entertainment industry will make a few more videos when they are free and stay as inventory.When you have a chance to send it to the social platform in the future, this kind of thing is very common in the entertainment industry.

And Miao Miao may also do the same. When he was free, he took a few more videos and edited it in advance. When you were very busy, you only need to upload the edited video.Therefore, her recent videos seemed to be shot when the weather was cold.

I have to say that after each mother gave birth to a baby, in order to take care of the family and the baby, they rarely have their own time, and they are really not easy.Having said that, if Miao Miao really conceives for three babies, such a good good news, she will definitely announce it with fans and netizens.

Now it seems that there is no rumor, it must be waiting for this storm, everyone has gradually forgotten, this matter has passed. What do you think?

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