Method of self -regulation of gastroenteritis during pregnancy

Every expectant mother during pregnancy must want to stay away from various diseases, but if daily care is not available, it is very easy to be troubled by some common diseases. Gastroenteritis is a very common health problem.Do mothers know how to adjust themselves to be effective?

If women should have been a happy thing after pregnancy, but if they are unfortunately suffering from gastroenteritis, the impact of it is also very large, especially if women who are pregnant after pregnancy want to be treated, it is actually more difficult to be more difficult to treat.Large, especially if the medication is wrong, it will not only hurt women’s health, but also affect the baby.In fact, women find that gastroenteritis can be relieved by eating gastroenteritis after pregnancy.

If a woman needs to eat more low -fat, less fiber foods after gastroenteritis, this is because foods with too much fat, not easy to digest, and the effect of slippery intestines. This will increase the crisis of diarrhea. Therefore, pregnant women cannot eat itFried, fried, cold and multi -fiber food.At the same time, a small number of meals usually need to be meal, which is similar to the diet method as a weight loss person, which must be paid attention to.

Women need to adjust gastric acid secretion after suffering from disease.Try to reduce eating some acidic foods, which can also greatly reduce the stimulation of the gastrointestinal.Avoid foods with strong irritating effects, avoid cold and hot and sour foods.Moreover, food should eat some easy -to -digest foods. Foods rich in cellulose cannot be eaten too much.

Especially pregnant women should exercise appropriately in daily life, so that they can enhance their physique.And you must develop good living habits in your diet, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and it is best not to eat for those corrupted foods and do not drink raw water.The good habit of washing hands after stool.

If gastroenteritis is very serious, you must seek medical treatment in time, so that it is enough to bring greater health problems because the treatment does not have a timely health problem. These problems are not only about the health and safety of the fetus in the abdomen.

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