Menstruation suddenly doesn’t come?What may be the reason?

A class of patients often encounter a class of patients. I feel that there is no obvious cause of inducement. Sudden menstruation does not come, or menstruation delayed once or twice, and the frequency of slow menstruation is getting less and less.Woolen cloth?Let’s briefly science today.

The definition of the amenorrhea is: those who stop from 3 cycles or more or more menstruation according to their original menstrual cycle or more than 6 months.First of all, when the menstrual period is postponed 7 days or more than before, it is necessary to give priority to whether there is the possibility of pregnancy. Many patients do not know when they are pregnant. After the biochemical pregnancy, I realize it.After exclusion of pregnancy, you can initially consider it from the following aspects.

1. Hagittarius functional amenorrhea

The hypothalamus is the initiation point of our women’s menstruation. It is the commander -in -chief of the entire endocrine regulation. If the function of the hypothalamus has problems, the menstruation will naturally be affected, which may cause the main causes of the hypothalamus.Decreased weight and sporty.The stress and closed menstruation refers to the amenorrhea caused by endocrine changes caused by excessive mental stress or suffering from some mental blows; weight loss and amenorrhea are generally due to excessive control of diet.The occurrence of more than 15%, resulting in amenorrhea caused by endocrine disorders, so weight loss must be moderate, excessive weight loss may cause anorexia, and even severe life danger; motion amenorrhea is also due to strong physical fat decline and low nutritional nutrients.Creation of amenorrhea.

The disease that can cause amenorrhea is also related to the hypothalamic brain, such as the hypothalamic tumor, which can improve the nuclear magnetic examination of the hypothalamus, or take antidepressant drugs for a long time, and the drug -based amenorrhea caused by anti -psychiatric drugs.

Second, pituitary amenorrhea

Hentacle is the second -level leader in the control shaft formed throughout the menstrual period. It directly commands the ovaries, secrete hormones that can make follicles develop, and promote ovulation. Pyrtopla by pituitary, such as pituitary tumors, empty butterfly saddle syndrome, etc., etc.It is also clear by improving the MRI.

Third, ovulation disorders amenorrhea

Being a normal ovulation is the ultimate decisive factor that can form menstruation. More common situations such as ovarian dysfunction/premature ovarian failure. Such diseases are damaged prematurely because of the premature ovarian function and cannot form normal ovulation."We have normal functions, but" executors "have problems, which is more common in women close to menopausal periods. By checking six female hormones, the diagnosis can be clearly diagnosed.The polycystic ovary syndrome is also a class of increasing incidence in recent years. It is more common in young women. This disease is due to endocrine disorders.In the ovary, there is no or only a small number of ovulation, which causes menstruation to stop. By checking six endocrine, it can also be diagnosed clearly.

Fourth, thyroid function abnormalities

The thyroid gland is also a part of the endocrine axis. The problem of thyroid dysfunction will also inhibit ovulation by affecting female endocrine function, which will cause menstruation to stop.Severe thyroid dysfunction or hypothyroidism may cause amenorrhea, so when you have symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, too much eating, irritability, edema, or emotional indifference, you do not prevent it from checking the thyroid function.

In short, there are many causes of amenorrhea, and the causes are also very complicated. The above is only a relatively common part. When amenorrhea occurs, you should still seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the best treatment time.

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