Menstruation may come when you are pregnant

Under normal circumstances, the first manifestations of women’s pregnancy are menopause.A regular or sexual life with a menstrual cycle, once menstruation is postponed, should think of the possibility of pregnancy.But this is not an absolute truth -if you are pregnant, you may come to "menstruation".

1. Reason one: Evil Eggs are unstable in bed

[General Situation]: Menstruation is a bleeding phenomenon caused by endometrial necrosis after ovulation. In a sense, menstruation is a preparation for women’s uterus for pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs successfully bed on the endometrium, women will not ovulate, and this preparation is not needed, so during pregnancy, menstruation generally stops.

[Special circumstances]: Because the fertilized eggs are not stable, the placenta is not formed, and it is close to or coming to the coming day, there will still be mature eggs discharged, and then the uterine endometrium will fall off the body.Come to "menstruation".

2. Reason two: endometrium falling off

[General Situation]: After women are pregnant, the ovaries will secrete a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, etc. to promote endometrial thickening, thereby providing a fertile "soil" for fertilized eggs and growth.At this time, as the level of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body continued to increase, the endometrium will no longer fall off, and women will not have menstruation again.

[Special circumstances]: Due to individual differences and other reasons, some women’s sex hormones secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, especially progesterone levels, are relatively low, resulting in a small part of the endometrium of the uterus continued to fall off. ThereforeThe amount is much less than normal.Until three months of pregnancy, the placenta was formed, and the estrogen and progesterone in women’s body remained at a relatively high level. At this time, the endometrium was no longer falling off, and menstruation no longer came.

Reminder: Be wary is a threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy

During the early pregnancy, if the vagina bleeds, it may be caused by the above two causes, which is regarded as a deficiency.However, it should not be noticed that vaginal bleeding may still be abnormal or abnormal abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

Women with aura abortions and ectopic pregnancy also have symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage in the early stages of pregnancy, which is also easy to be mistaken for normal menstruation.However, the vaginal bleeding of a threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy women usually have nothing to do with the menstrual cycle, and most of them have been bleeding endlessly. Patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain and lower abdomen swelling.

If women in childcare encounter the above -mentioned vaginal bleeding, they must go to the clinic early. Otherwise, children may have a miscarriage, and pregnant women may also have the risk of hemorrhage death.(Picture source: CFP)

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