Menstruation is delayed for 10 days to make up for normal, there are four ways to urge the scriptures

Our women come to a big aunt once a month. When we come to auntie, the headache and brain can’t stand the headache. Just as I am three days before my aunt came today, the lower abdomen began to shed pain.In fact, the aunt is still very good. Some people have been postponed for ten days, so I teach you a few ways to urge the scriptures.

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Is it normal for menstruation for 10 days?

The menstrual cycle is generally 28-30 days. The length of the menstrual cycle varies from person to person. It is still a normal range for about 7 days in advance or delay. The delay of menstruation has not come for 10 days. It may be related to these reasons:

Pregnancy: Women who live in husband and wife have delayed menstruation for more than 10 days or more, and they need to consider whether they are pregnant.

Stress: Tightness, stress, anxiety, sorrow and other mental factors can delay menstruation.

Staying up late: Staying up late will affect women’s endocrine balance, often staying up late, especially when you are about to stay up late when you come to menstruation, it is easy to delay menstruation and even amenorrhea.

Diending: long -term do not eat staple food, excessive restraint of your own diet, it will affect ovarian function due to malnutrition, and then delayed menstruation and amenorrhea.

Obesity: Too obese can also cause endocrine imbalances, which in turn delayed menstruation and amenorrhea.

If it is only occasionally postponed for 10 days, and no other symptoms are not accompanied by other symptoms, it does not belong to the range of irregular menstruation.examine.

How to urge menstruation for 10 days

Scientific habits

Don’t underestimate the role of scientific habits, which will directly affect whether menstruation can come normally.If the menstrual period has been postponed, you must immediately adjust your lifestyle, do not stay up late, do not let your body too fatigue, take the appropriate amount of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and other nutrients. Do not overeating.

Relax your emotions

Menstruation has never been coming, it is easy to think about it, and always worry that menstruation will not come on time, or even this month will not come.Don’t put a mind on the aunt’s not coming to have such a matter, and maintaining cheerful emotions will help conditioning menstruation.

Don’t let yourself cool

If the body is getting cold before the menstruation is about to come, it may cause delay of menstruation or even not. Even if you come, you can have dysmenorrhea, less menstrual flow, etc., so you must strengthen warmth before menstruation.Essence

Eat nutritious food

Balanced diet and nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, ingested with protein in appropriate amount, and can eat some foods that reconcile qi and blood on the basis of a reasonable diet.Things, diet light and nutritious.

Precautions for menstruation for 10 days

1. Generally, after 7 days of menstruation, urine can be tested with a pregnancy test paper. If it is positive, it is likely to be pregnant.In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, the most direct way is to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound.

2. Keep mentally happy, avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations. Some phenomena such as lower abdomen bloating, backache, breast pain, mild diarrhea, prone to fatigue, drowsiness, emotional instability, irritability or depression, etc. are all during menstruation.It is normal and don’t have to be too nervous.

3. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold stimulation.Avoid overwork.Women with delayed menstruation are generally caused by the cold of the palace, and they cannot be cold in winter, otherwise it is easy to increase the symptoms of irregular menstruation.

4. It is not advisable to eat irritating foods such as raw cold, hot and sour, drink more water, and keep the stool unobstructed.Bloody fever should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables before menstruation, and avoid stimulating fires such as green onion, garlic, chives.Those with qi and blood deficiency must usually increase nutrition, such as milk, eggs, soy milk, pork liver, spinach, pork, chicken, lamb, etc., avoid raw cold fruits.

5. If the menstrual cycle is unstable, the menstrual period is delayed or advanced, or long -term delayed or advanced in advance should be sought for treatment.At this time, you can also improve the delay of menstruation through drugs.Psychological factors such as environmental changes, some diseases that affect endocrine.Can cause delay of menstruation.

After reading the article, everyone knows. If your menstruation does not come for a long time, how should we urge the scriptures? Use these methods to urge the scriptures.Don’t touch cold water before, remember to keep warm.There is also buying a warm sticker on your lower abdomen.

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