Menopausal "confidant", Guiyuan is only in the end, usually eat more, delay aging and sleep well


As the rhythm of life continues to accelerate, people’s aging speed is getting faster and faster. Some women have a lot of wrinkles at the age of 45, and their hair becomes thin and sparse.The key factor that makes you look young is sufficient nutrition, and you can slow down the production of wrinkles to a certain extent. So, do you know which foods can help delay aging?Let’s take a look at us.

1. Cherry:

Cherry is rich in vitamin C. Proper eating cherry can help improve memory and relieve psychological pressure.Eating cherry appropriately can help regulate the endocrine level. Female friends may wish to improve their emotions by eating cherries and avoid irritability.

2. Pueraria:

Pueraria is a traditional Chinese medicine material, with high medicinal value, so it is loved by female friends.After female friends enter the menopausal period, due to the continuous decrease in estrogen in the body, we may wish to use Pueraria to soak water to supplement estrogen to the body.

Pueraria is rich in isoflavone substances that can promote estrogen secretion, maintain endocrine levels, and achieve the effect of beauty and beauty and anti -aging.

3, soybeans:

The nutritional value of soybeans is very high. It is rich in high -quality protein, which can not only improve its resistance and immune capacity, but also supplement the body estrogen to the body, helping to regulate endocrine levels.

The nutritional value of soybeans is very high. It is rich in high -quality protein, which can help help improve the resistance and immunity of female friends, and soybeans are rich in plant estrogen.Very good help.

4. Guiyuan:

Guiyuan can help men with menopause to supplement qi and blood, and the effect of dry longan will be better. Female friends of menopause may wish to drink it appropriately with dry longan, which can condition the body and alleviate the symptoms of discomfort in menopause.

The symptoms of menopause are mainly the above five aspects. If multiple symptoms occur, you must pay attention to it. At the same time, you must also learn and master several methods to relieve menopausal symptoms:

—— calcium supplement

Many menopausal parents always feel painful, especially joints, and a large part of the reason is caused by calcium deficiency in the body.

Female friends of menopause are faster and fast, and calcium loss is also relatively fast. In order to alleviate the symptoms of joint discomfort, calcium can be appropriately supplemented to relieve physical abnormalities.In your life, you may wish to eat more fruits or vegetables to supplement calcium for the body. You can also relieve the bad problems in the body by exposing the sun.

—— adjust your mood

Due to the changes in the environment in the body, women of menopause are easily irritable and irritable. We must make more adjustments to this situation, learn to regulate your mood, and also participate in some social activities.

—— Regular physical examination

Women in menopause should go to the hospital for examinations on a regular basis, including gynecological diseases, so as to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

After women enter the menopause, there will be a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, which may make many women feel very troublesome. You may use the above methods to regulate physical discomfort and psychological discomfort. Menopause is a stage where every woman will experience.panic.Just prepare in advance.In daily life, often consumption contains the above foods, which can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by menopause to the body, and go through the menopause smoothly.

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