Men infringed the minor adopted daughter, causing their twice pregnancy abortion, and were sentenced to thirteen years and five months.

Come on my father and boyfriend, and 19 -year -old Zhao Lin panicked and called the police.

In February 2000, with a cry, Zhao Lin was born, and Zhao Lin was born in a small mountain village in Hebei.

On Zhao Lin’s 12th birthday, his father went to the city to buy a birthday cake for the baby daughter Zhao Lin. On the way home, she had a car accident with a truck.When he was pulled to the hospital, the inspection announced that he had lost his life signs. Zhao Lin and his mother ran to the hospital and met the last side.Zhao Lin had no protection of his father. The mother cried in the hospital. The sudden bad news came. Zhao Lin’s sick grandma could not accept the reality all year round.Mother (Wang Hong), orphans and widows have always lived.

The neighbors were watching the lonely and lonely mothers. They were not easy to live. They advised Wang Hong to find one while young.During the period of understanding each other in the village, the two of them knew each other together.This man was okay. Just when he chose to marry him in the winter of that year, it was okay to get married. When Wang Hong asked Li Dazhu to work, although he was reluctant, he would still do it.

But people can’t stand the time to verify, and the nature of Li Dazhu is slowly laziness.At home, as soon as Wang Hong said that when he said him, he would punch and kick him. Every time Zhao Lin scared, Zhao Lin would hide in the house and cry quietly.

In the summer of 2015, Zhao Lin went home. Her mother Wang Hong went to the relatives and was not at home. She left Zhao Lin alone at home.Zhao Lin in the skirt, Li Dazhu looked at Zhao Lin, who was 15 -year -old with colorful eyes. At this moment, she had the heart of evil thoughts.Zhuang’s stepfather caught the sofa that was thrown on the house. The thin Zhao Lin tried to resist the call, so Li Dazhu had sexually assaulted the young Zhao Lin.

In the next three years, as long as the mother Wang Hong was not at home, Li Dazhu took the opportunity to sexually assaulted Zhao Lin and threatened Zhao Lin.

During this period, Zhao Lin also desperately struggled.

Every time Zhao Lin resisted, Li Dazhu hit his face with a slap and his fists. As long as Zhao Lin did not resist, Li Dazhu would give money and buy food.

Slowly Zhao Lin was numb and no longer resisted.

One year later, Li Dazhu found that Zhao Lin was pregnant, and was afraid that his wife Wang Hong knew it. He lied during the summer vacation that he would take Zhao Lin out to work. After being taken out by his stepfather, he was directly led to the hospital for an artificial abortion surgery.

Zhao Lin continued to school after returning from outside.

Mom Wang Hong always felt wrong, so she asked

Did Zhao Lin’s stepfather bully her? Zhao Lin originally wanted to say, but remembered the threats that Li Dazhu said to her, and swallowed it back when he went to his mouth. In the future, except Zhao Lin went to school every day, and when he returned home, his mother was inseparableLooking at Zhao Lin, even so, Li Dazhu would still be empty, and when Zhao Lin was 17 years old, he was accidentally pregnant. Li Dazhu lied again that he took Zhao Lin to the cousin in the city to help for a few days. He went to Shijiazhuang to find a private person.All the diagnosis of Zhao Lin had an artificial abortion.

19 -year -old Zhao Lin made a boyfriend Gao Qiang, and since then he felt that he finally relied.

After Zhao Lin had a boyfriend, she explicitly stated with Li Dazhu that she was unwilling to maintain this unjust relationship.

Facing Zhao Lin’s "betrayal" Li Dazhu’s anxiety, he repeatedly paid a language threat to Zhao Lin through calling or WeChat.

When Gao Qiang came to his girlfriend Zhao Lin’s house for the first time.

When Li Dazhu saw this, he stepped forward to stop the two from exchanges. During the dispute between the three, Li Dazhu took out a kitchen knife from the kitchen to threaten.

In his anxiety, Zhao Lin directly called the 110 alarm, saying that his stepfather and boyfriend fought.

After mediation by the police, Li Dazhu wrote a guarantee, saying that he would not have been excessive or illegal since then.

That night, Li Dazhu threatened Zhao Lin again. Zhao Lin was anxious to call 110, claiming that his stepfather would kill herself, and reported that Li Dazhu continued to have sexual assault on her when she was 15 years old.

The police received an alarm and arrested it to Li Dazhu’s house.

After Li Dazhu’s case, Li Dazhu confessed to the criminal facts of Zhao Lin and his pregnancy abortion.

Li Dazhu’s braid is called:

First, Li Dazhu admitted that he had had many relationships with Zhao Lin and did not take violence. The victim was voluntary.

Secondly, Li Dazhu and Zhao Lin have no blood relationship, and the law does not explicitly stipulate that pregnancy is the result of the crime of rape, and requests to be punished lightly.

Although Zhao Lin and Li Dazhu have no blood relationship, Zhao Lin belongs to Li Dazhu, "the common family life care personnel", and have always called Li Dazhu as "dad".

According to valid evidence, Li Dazhu repeatedly sexually assaulted during Zhao Lin’s 18 -year -old.

Li Dazhu has not only implemented the same minor victims, but also invaded for several years, which also caused abortion of pregnancy. Division constitutes a crime of rape, which is a bad circumstances.

Li Dazhu confessed that Zhao Lin did not dare to resist, but relied on helplessness.

While Li Dazhu was young, whether the victim was young, whether the use of violence was not the reason for the sin, it had no effect on the qualitative of criminal rape.

After Zhao Lin’s adult, he had a boyfriend. He wanted to get rid of Li Dazhu’s magic claws, pursuing his own happiness, and shameless interference, which led to the incident.

After Li Dazhu arrived in the case, he could truthfully punish his crimes.

In the end, the court raped Li Dazhu’s crime and rebelled for 13 years in prison

Persuade all girls to happen

Sexual assault must be told to the family to protect themselves alive to protect themselves.

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