Medical miracle!Can a man get pregnant?

Recently, a highly anticipated Internet flying Japanese drama finally came.

Just watching the title and poster, many people have instantly interested in- "The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro".

That’s right, this is a comedy of "male mother".

The male lead Kentaro was originally a successful advertiser, unmarried and unborn, countless P friends, and enjoyed a life of mercy and responsible.

However, one day, he suddenly felt dizzy, sweaty, vomiting, and went to the hospital for examination. As a result, he got a good news:

This is not a doctor’s misdiagnosis -in Japan in the play, several real cases of men have become "pregnant husbands".

However, the episode does not intend to explain how men break through physiological restrictions, but focus on how the male lead should deal with this fact.

After being confident that he was pregnant, the first reaction of the male lead was to arrange abortion.

Because the current period of his career is the peak of his career. If he stops for ten months, his position will definitely be replaced by the younger generations.

The male lead was calculated and found the woman who caused her pregnancy, which was one of his fixed P friends -the heroine Ya Ji.

After the two discussed, Ya Ji expressed his understanding of the choice of the male lead and signed on the abortion consent.

However, in the process of preparing for surgery, the male lead has repeatedly retired from early retreat for "sick leave" because of physical body.

In just a few weeks, he reduced from the leaders to the bottom of the office.

Judging from the above plots, this drama seems to have completed the basic task of "sex turn" settings.

It assumes that a romantic man is "accidentally pregnant" and experienced the experience of women in the process of breeding. It completes the interchangeation thinking in the joke and leads the audience to go to the theme of equal rights.

There is a detail that echoed before and after. Before the male lead went to the appointment, he saw someone on the subway. He took a closer look at a young pregnant woman. At this time, she started to sweat coldly because of her physical strength.

At that time, the male lead secretly showed an incredible expression -but after he was pregnant, he cut his body to the kind of cold sweat.

Unfortunately, another pregnant woman appeared next to her. The male lead could only get up to give up the seat and rely on the hand to be grieved for a while …

In the play, the plot of lactation, pregnancy, and eating sweets that the male leader appears from time to time is funny and real, but also makes people see the hardships of life breeding. Perhaps only the talents who have experienced themselves are qualified to say "understanding".

Therefore, some netizens said that "The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro" can be called "the light of women."

However, when I saw it later, I found that the direction of this drama is getting more and more confused-

After the company lost the project’s dominance, the male lead was originally reduced to the background board of the meeting.However, Party A is not satisfied with the proposal made by the younger generation, thinking that creativity is too ordinary and is not enough.

At this time, the male lead suddenly stepped forward and said that advertising models could join the minority of "pregnant husbands", so that they could quickly grasp the customer’s attention, and he was the best "spokesperson", and announced to everyone to declare himself."You are happy."

Party A’s father was shocked by this, but immediately agreed with this idea.

So the male lead no longer avoids his increasingly bulging abdomen, and took a set of brand photos with high profile.

This incident made the male lead jump into an Internet celebrity. The news media kept exposing his peculiar experience, and television showed to invite him to be a guest.

He also launched an offline exchange meeting for "pregnant husbands" and met more male compatriots with the same experience but ashamed to mention the matter.

The high -profile endorsement of the male lead makes more ordinary people realize the existence of the minority group of "pregnant husbands".

They are increasingly appearing in front of the camera, which means that "fertility is the duty of women" will gradually become a backward history.

It is not difficult to see here that the "pregnant husband" group in the play and pregnant women in reality are actually different.

It is actually overheading the reality. Assuming the existence of a minority group of "pregnant husbands", and then imagine what kind of reactions will this group cause to face public opinion and concepts.

After the male lead was pregnant, although he suffered various impacts from physiology, psychology, and workplace, he soon became a crowd with more right to speak with his "pregnant husband".

The rights he strives are also around the "pregnant husband" group. At the same time, the women around him are still constraining traditional prejudice.

The biggest defeat of this drama is that the three parties in the second half are directly off.

After the male lead became an Internet celebrity, the biological father who had never appeared suddenly found the door. The news that the male lead was actually born.

The male lead accepted quickly about the miraculous truth of this medicine.

What is even more puzzling is that when the biological father talked about how to avoid the eyes of others and secretly gave birth to his difficult experience, the male lead felt the same and grateful, and directly forgive his mother to abandon his wife …

The male lead did not know that his biological father’s appearance this time was actually looking at the "business opportunity" on him.

At the "pregnant husband" offline exchange meeting, the biological father relying on the tongue of three inches, and called for other people to raise funds to develop products suitable for "pregnant husbands".

After the money was cheated, he disappeared again.

The male lead tried everything to find his whereabouts, and finally recovered the money.

However, it was too late at this time. These operations of the biological father were exposed by the media as a scandal. The male lead who endorsed the brand was also affected, and he had to launch a conference to clarify.

Faced with aggressive reporters, the male lead suddenly lost control and delivered a speech-

In these words, at first glance, there is nothing wrong with it, but the taste is not right.

People should not be bound to live by "labels".

However, in the speech of the male lead, it is also mentioned that people should not be bound by the concept of "how to be a parent". It is not important for men and women who have children. The important thing is how the parties responded to the post -afterwards.

These words seem to be positive, but they are washing the biological father of the male lead, and also mixed the personal choice of personal choice and social responsibility in reality.

It is difficult to convince this view in a "sex turn" drama, because it neither touches real realistic problems nor does it complete the conversion of perspectives.

The ending part of the episode is the biggest defeat-

The male lead took his son to ride the subway, and witnessed an momentum.But this time, it is a thin female student who carried a "pregnant husband" seat intimately.

The male lead who witnessed the whole process finally showed a gratifying smile …

The male lead was in October, and the spokesperson also became an Internet celebrity. In front of the media, the emotional collapse and indignation were filled with indignation. In the end, he only won more rights for the "pregnant man".

This result is not only related to the gender equity, but also the social problems he strives, appeal, and requires people to change at all in reality.

Such a "sex turn" drama has not been shot even for the most basic transposition thinking.

Some people may say that Japanese dramas can break the traditional concept, and the story of "pregnant husbands" in the brain is already a progress.

However, this work with the banner of "facing social issues" but itching and logical twisted by boots is really sorry for everyone’s expectations before the broadcast.

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