Married after pregnancy, or did you get pregnant after getting married?Different order, different lives

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A few days ago, when I heard my aunt calling with my mother, I said that my cousin got married, I was curious: "Didn’t you say that you will end next year? How can I get it in advance?" The mother sighed, "Isn’t it because it is because it is because it is because it is because it is not because itWhen you are pregnant, don’t take your cousin, now everything is very hasty, but you have grieved your cousin.

In the concept of the older generation, the unmarried pregnancy is still pregnant after marriage. The order is different, and the meaning is completely different:

Marriage after pregnancy, or pregnancy after marriage, affecting female personal career planning

Generally speaking, after getting married, I am pregnant. According to the plan, the husband and wife pay more attention to the incident of having children. In the early stage, they have a lot of economic accumulation. For women, they are based on the plan.The impact is relatively small.However, unmarried first, completely exceeded the scope of the plan. For women’s career planning, the impact of it is still relatively large. If you face having children as soon as you go to work, it may affect the future of women.

The reason why the aunt was angry was because the cousin had just found a good job, but she became pregnant in just a few months, so the company will definitely not give her important positions to her, so the aunt is still quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite.It is a pity for cousin.Obviously a graduate of a famous university, but because of premature pregnancy, it affected her professional future. The aunt must not think of it, so she even comforted my cousin to kill the child first, and after a few years.But the cousin did not agree, and the aunt couldn’t help it.

Before marriage or pregnancy, the treatment of women in her in -laws is also different.

Pregnant before marriage is still pregnant after marriage. From the perspective of the elderly, it will also determine the status of girls in the minds of her in -laws. According to a normal point of view, ordinary families still do not encourage their daughter to be unmarried. After all, such behavior feelings feelI am not like my family tutor, and I was worried that her daughter was pregnant because she was unmarried. The in -laws threatened this condition that threatened her daughter less.

A girl from the neighbor’s house was pretty good, but because of her pregnancy before marriage, the man’s family began to raise the conditions in turn.EssenceHowever, distressed daughter, she can only temporarily meet the requirements of her mother -in -law, and comfort her daughter to give birth to the baby’s health.

The change is that you plan to get pregnant after getting married. The result is not the same. The family is looking forward to the baby’s mood, and naturally it will hurt the mother, and the family status of Baoma will be higher.

Therefore, from these two perspectives, for women, marrying after pregnancy is still not dominant, it is likely to affect women’s future family status and future happiness index.And if you do n’t plan to be a mother, do n’t put contraceptive measures, do n’t put yourself in a more embarrassing situation.


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