Many people don’t know that B -ultrasound need to be urinating only this time period, don’t do it wrong!

Many women should have this experience. Doctors who do gynecological B time will require urination, mainly to fill the bladder filling, and can clearly see the uterus and attachments when doing B -ultrasound.It is precisely because many women also think that urination is needed after pregnancy, but in fact, the B -ultrasound examination during pregnancy does not require urination during the whole pregnancy, and only in the early pregnancy.

Generally, within 12 weeks of pregnancy, if the B -ultrasound examination is performed, urination is needed, because at this time the uterus and ovaries are still deep inside the pelvic cavity. Examination will be interfered with the uterus and material interference in the intestine in the intestine.The image of the ovary makes it unclear.Especially when the bladder is not filled, the gas in the bladder will overlap with the gas in the uterus, so that the doctor cannot see it clearly when judging, so at this time, drinking a lot of water and urine can fill the bladder filling. After the bladder is full, after the bladder is fullThe intestinal canal will be pushed up. It can avoid both intestinal interference images and other accessories through the bladder.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women do not need to urinate. At this time, the uterus will continue to swell and will not be blocked by the bladder. Checking the doctor can know in detail the situation of the fetus and uterine accessories.

Most women may drink a large amount of boiled water in order to hold the B -ultrasound, but they find that the urine generation speed is very slow after drinking boiled water.Diuretic speed is relatively fast, and you can get up more after drinking water, so that you can make yourself more urine.

However, you need to know that whether it is pregnancy or usual gynecological examination, the more urine is, the better. Most women think that the more urged urine is when urinating on the border, the better the results of the examination.In fact, as long as you feel obvious urine when urinating, remember not to overly urinate, because excessive urination will cause the bladder to overly fill, but it will cause the pelvic cavity and other organs to be oppressed.Judgment errors and other phenomena.

Kind tips

Pregnant women’s B -ultrasound is necessary during pregnancy. Through B -ultrasound, you can know the various situations in the fetus. Just when doing B -ultrasound, you should pay attention to when you need to urinate.It is very painful, especially after the uterine swelling of pregnant women.In addition, in addition to urination, some matters during inspection must also be known, such as eating full meals and relaxing.

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Reference information: "Why do you have to take urine sometimes, sometimes you don’t need to do B -ultrasound," Sina News 2020.2.25

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