Many hospitals in Wuhan welcomed the "National Day Babies" and some of them "Eleventh" commemorating this special birthday

The twin "National Day Baby" born yesterday

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily Ji Dao Journalist Liu Xun Photography: Chutian Metropolis Daily Journalist Zou Bin Correspondent Wang Chen Wen Honglei

On October 1, many hospitals in Jiangcheng ushered in a wave of "National Day".These young people who were born in the same day as New China had a laugh in the ward.Some parents simply named the baby "Eleventh", which is both in response to the scenery and commemorative significance.

31 -year -old Zhou Hanlan is a nurse and has been married to her husband for many years. His son is 5 years old.The couple always wanted to have a daughter again, and finally the successful "making people" in February this year.The family did not expect that during the second birth check, the doctor told a pair of twins.Zhou Hanlan said happily: "We are surprised and happy, friends tease, the second child and three babies are in place."

Throughout pregnancy, Zhou Hanlan was careful and strictly controlled the diet in accordance with the doctor’s instructions."When the boss was too indulgent, the weight was soaring. When the baby was born, he weighed 7 pounds and 1 two. Now it is a fat pier." Zhou Hanlan said that this time it was twins, she became more and more unsatisfactory and strictly controlled weight.Under the guidance of the doctor, she only got 30 pounds of weighty throughout pregnancy.

Zhou Hanglan was all smooth during pregnancy. Considering the risk of twins, it was originally planned to have a cesarean section on October 4.Unexpectedly, the two little guys were actually "acute". At about 2 am on the 1st, Zhou Hanlan had abdominal pain in his sleep. When he woke up, he found that he had broken water. He quickly dial 120 to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Because she was only 36 weeks of pregnancy, it was a premature birth. The doctor on duty first gave her medicine to help the fetus to promote the maturity of the lungs. At the same time, Zhou Yan, deputy chief physician of the Third Vibls of the obstetrics, rushed to the hospital.

At 9:12 in the morning, with the loud cry, a female treasure of 4 pounds and 9 two was born in peace; 1 minute later, the twin sister followed closely, and her weight was exactly the same as her sister.After evaluation, both babies are healthy.

As soon as Zhou Hanlan returned to the ward, his 5 -year -old son called a video call, and couldn’t wait to watch the little sister.Zhou Hanlan said with emotion: "It feels like dreaming, originally wanted a daughter, the children’s doubles all made a ‘good’, adding two daughters on such a memorable day, this is‘ good and good ’.”

On the morning of the 1st, Jimu Journalists saw at the scene that the two little guys were in good condition.The couple gave the baby name: Star, Yueyue.Zhou Yan, deputy chief physician of the 3rd ward area of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that when he heard the strong cry of the newborn, the medical staff felt very happy. The most moved on this special festival, and the most moved.

The same joy also occurred at the Hubei Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital.At 3:53 am on the same day, the first "National Day baby" was born this year, and the nickname "Eleven".

The child’s mother Liu Jie said that the couple had lived in different places for a long time because of their work.Fortunately, after pregnancy, it was smooth and the production process was fast.The son weighed 6 and a half pounds when he was born, and his body was very standard. The couple decided to take the nickname "Eleven" to express their deep love for the motherland.

As of 12 noon on October 1, Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital ushered in 7 "National Day Babies", and 13 "National Day Babies" were born in Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital.


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