Makeup during pregnancy affects fetal health?Isn’t hair dyeing?Pay attention to these points that the pregnant mother can still be beautiful

Pregnant women can use cosmetics under certain conditions, and the saying of "leading to fetal malformation or even abortion" is yet to be questioned.

Writing: Zhang Datai

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Last month, the State Council announced that the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics" will be implemented in January next year. As soon as the news, the majority of women agreed, which means that there will be another layer of guarantee on future cosmetics safety issues.

Love beauty is natural for women. Daily supplies such as cosmetics and skin care must be carefully selected. Now we have issued more stringent regulations. Obviously, we will be more worry -free in the future.

But even so, there is a group of people who are cautious and cautious about "cosmetics".That’s right, it is a group of pregnant mothers, and even rumors, "The use of cosmetics during pregnancy can cause fetal malformations." Are these true?

Many pregnant mothers want to be beautiful during pregnancy, but they are afraid that cosmetics such as lipstick and foundation will cause the fetus to be unfavorable, including myself. When I am a small koi, I dare to use some skin care products.My friend said to me that I dare not.

It wasn’t until today to write this popular science and read a lot of information, and I found that things are not simple.In fact, as long as the cosmetics are used reasonably during pregnancy, it will not cause fetal malformations or abortion.

After a detailed survey of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was announced at the end of 2011: the use of cosmetics such as lipstick and foundation normally will not harm human health, as well as pregnant women.

Just on the selection of products, the following 4 points need to be very paid attention to.Choose the product of a regular manufacturer. As for the three -proof products of "pregnant women" promoted by Weishang, you must stay away from; you must check the packaging before buying cosmetics.This thing is still harmful during pregnancy. It is not recommended to use it; the rich perfume with a strong taste is also given up. The sense of smell is sensitive during pregnancy, and the taste is too heavy and easy to induce discomfort.

It is also worth noting that Baoma, who is breastfeeding during postpartum, try not to make up. When you hold your child, you can easily eat the material of the cosmetics, which will even induce allergies and lead poisoning.

In addition to cosmetics, sorting hair is also the most commonly discussed on women who love beauty, especially for dyeing hair. Many pregnant mothers also have such doubts. Can they dye their hair after pregnancy?

Some people think that hair dye contains a large amount of chemicals, which will be harmful to the fetus; some people feel that hair dye is not so dangerous and will not affect the fetus at all.

As for my suggestion, it is not opposed, but it is not recommended.If you must hairdressing during pregnancy, you must pay attention to the following issues.It is best to go to hairdressing in the second trimester. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the sensitive period of fetal development. In contrast, it is more dangerous; hair dyeing must choose a regular and qualified product, choose a relatively professional barber shop; try to stay away from other in the barber shop during the hairdressing period.Pay attention to protect yourself; ensure that the scalp before the hair ensures that the scalp is intact, there is no damaged part, and you must clean your hair in time after dyeing your hair, especially the scalp; minimize the number of hair dyeing as much as possible during pregnancy. At the same timePay attention to air circulation; hairdressing products have a certain risk of allergies. After use, pay attention to observe your status and seek medical treatment in time.

In addition to cosmetics, skin care products are also a problem that many pregnant mothers care about. Let’s talk about skin care products.

Many pregnant mothers will find huge changes in their skin during pregnancy, starting with spots, acne, rough skin, etc., and the mood will become bad.

After thinking about it, the products of wrinkle removal, acne, and freckle removal cannot be used, and the mood is even more beautiful.

1) These skin changes are actually normal

Due to the unstable cause of hormone secretion during pregnancy, the skin condition is unstable. Therefore, dryness, sensitivity, acne and other conditions have followed, and even some pregnant mothers have always produced new stains.

But this is the normal situation of pregnancy. Every pregnant woman will experience it, and pregnant mothers do not need to be tangled or mood because of this.

2) Relax of the mentality, and the dead sheep can make up for it.

In fact, about the skin during pregnancy, the pregnant mother can prevent it in advance. Even if the preparations are not done well, remedy in the later period is too late.In other words, it is critical to do daily skin care during pregnancy, and skin care products can also be used during pregnancy.

Most of the skin care products of regular brands are fine during pregnancy. Pregnant women can use it, and it is not necessary to choose a "special" model for pregnant women.

Koi Mommy has something to say

If the pregnant mothers are still very nervous and afraid of skin care can cause damage, then you can consider using any products such as whitening, anti -wrinkle, and acne.Mainly.

Pregnant mothers also be assured that no one can deprive the pregnant mother’s power to become beautiful. As long as these months, you will change back to the little fairy!

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