Magotenopine not only repair nerves, but may also be effective for these 5 diseases. It is recommended to understand as soon as possible

Migraphine is an endogenous coenzyme B12, which participates in a carbon unit cycle and plays an important role in the reactions of the transformer -based reactions of the same type of cysteine.

It is found in animal trials that cobaltine is more likely to enter neuronal cells than cyanide.It also participated in the synthesis of brain cells and spinal neuronal pyrine nucleoside, promoting the use of folic acid and metabolism of nucleic acids, and in terms of nucleic acid and protein synthesis, the effect was better.

1. After brain nerve injury, patients with dizziness and headache will cause frequent symptoms such as dizziness.Hearing decline, blurred vision, disappearance of smell, etc. will also cause serious impact on daily work and life.

2. Smellicus nerve injury is usually manifested as a sieve fracture or lobe brain liability.For example, the cerebrospinal fluid leakage, cerebrospinal fluid cavity and external cranial are connected, and the olfactory function is partially or completely lost.

3. An nerve injury, if the surrounding motor nerves are damaged, exercise will not be free, and motor disorders will occur.Even if you can’t exercise, the muscle tension will disappear and paralysis.

4. Tempeering complications, patients usually experience severe muscle pain and dysfunction of plant nerve function.For example, a little severe or unclear muscle pain, accompanied by panic, sweating, poor appetite, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation.

5. The lumbar spine is unstable, and the lumbar spine is often caused by the damage to the lumbar disc herniation. Some patients will continue to exist after undergoing surgery.A certain shadow is generated.

Migglery is an endogenous vitamin B12.Vitamin B1 and B6 are essential vitamins for the human body.It has nutritional nerve function, which promotes the metabolism of nucleic acids, protein and lipids in the body.

It can also improve cells with tendon sheath, sympathetic repair and damage, and increase the speed of conduction.It is a coenzyme as a synthetase of methionine, which can reduce the high -lygaminemia, and effectively convert high -其 cysteine into methionine.

Migglemine can promote the regeneration and formation of the myelin in the human body, prevent the bearing degeneration, and at the same time promote the transportation of nutrients in the bearing and the regeneration of the bearing.

In general, methamphetamine can repair damaged nerve tissues. Tamorphamine has oral and venous preparations, and is selected as needed.

1. Lumbar spinal pain

With age, the elderly will inevitably have some joint diseases, and the lumbar disc herniation is a common joint disease.The nerves at the lumbar spine can cause strong pain. Joint pain caused by nerves can be taken for treatment.

Pay attention to rehabilitation exercises during the time of taking methamphetamine. Do not lay too thick mattresses on the bed. The hard bedboard is more conducive to the recovery of the lumbar spine.

2. Sciatica

Depending on the cause of the disease, sciatica is mainly divided into two categories, the first type is primitive, and the second type is secondary.Protonous sciatica is sciatica, which is mainly related to infection in the body.

Secondary sciatica pain is usually caused by factors such as lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis.At present, the treatment of the disease is mainly in bed rest, and non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drug gods (metamimine) are used.

3. For giant red blood cell anemia

Giant red blood cell anemia is mainly manifested in the body’s fatigue, pale face, dizziness and other problems. Most of them are caused by lack of folic acid in the body or lack of vitamin B12.

As a coenzyme -type vitamin B12, methamphetamine can promote the mature divisions of the red blood and blood cells and the production of red blood cells to improve anemia.

4. Schiper neuralgia

The induction of the symptoms of shingles is closely related to the symptoms of chickenpox caused by the invasion of the exogenous virus. With the side effects of the continuous decreased immune capacity of the body, the superficial tissue of the skin will also appear in the skin.

Within 1 to 2 days after the onset, the surface of the skin surface will be very painful, which indirectly leads to damage to the fiber of the nerve tissue.Proper use of methamphetamine can reduce the pain of neurotransmitters and improve the excitement of neurons.

5. Relieve the macular lesions of the eyes

The retina has neuropathy. Patients with diabetes are likely to continue to develop trends. In the course of the rise of blood sugar, it is very easy to harm the nervous effects of capillaries, resulting in neuropathy around the eye, and blood cannot be supplied immediately.

It is very easy to cause obvious macular macular lesions, and it will even cause problems such as neuroscular aging and neuritis.At that time, taking methamphetamine can alleviate the lesions of the eyes.

1. People with allergies are prohibited from taking

Pitosamine tablets are a drug that treats peripheral neuropathy. This drug belongs to an endogenous coenzyme B12, which not only promotes the axial transportation function and axis regeneration.

It can also inhibit nerve degeneration caused by drugs and improve nerve fiber excitement.For those who have a history of allergies for methamphetamine tablets, the medicine is prohibited.

2. Maggroine tablets should be used under the guidance of a doctor

Before taking the medicine, you should read the instructions carefully to understand the adverse reactions and taboos of the drug. Patients who need to use other drugs should explain the medication situation with the doctor to avoid the risk of combined medication.

3. Pregnant women should not take

In the early stages of fetal development, drugs are very harmful to the formation of fetal organs.Therefore, if it is not necessary during pregnancy, it is recommended not to take medicine.

Although it does not show the teratogenic effect in animal experiments, so far, the safety of pregnant women is not clear, and it is recommended not to use it.

4. People with gastrointestinal discomfort are not suitable

If gastrointestinal dysfunction is usually used, gastrointestinal function problems, such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.For patients with mild gastrointestinal problems, you can take a small amount first. If there is no problem, you can take it according to normal.

Thyteamine tablets can usually be eaten before meals or after meals. Tamoxyline tablets have a nutritional nerve effect after taking it, but when taking it, it is necessary to cooperate with vitamin B drugs, which will be better.

1. Taking it before meals: Usually, if there is no serious gastrointestinal disease or digestive tract reaction, the drug absorption effect is good before meals, and it will produce better results.

2. Taking it after meals: If gastrointestinal reactions occur before taking methamphetamine before meals, you can adjust the medication time to reduce the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract after meals.Essence

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