Magic fetal dream

Today I suddenly turned to what I wrote before, and I always felt that I used to live in a more sad state. It was a good choice for so many years. Maybe I continued to write it at that time.Sadness will destroy my life.At least now the bland life has the breath of fireworks, which makes me live even more, and nothing can involve my pain.

The dream I made yesterday was very clear when I woke up this morning, but I didn’t remember it after I got up. Anyway, this dream is related to our baby. It should be a good dream, otherwise I will remember the bad dream.

I had two baby dreams before giving birth to our baby.The first one is that I dream of having two children, one man and one girl, they are about two or three years old, playing with me, but I don’t remember the girl like that girl, I just remember the boy’sMy nose looks like me.I also talked about this dream with my colleagues who went to work at the time, and she told me, "Maybe you are pregnant!" It didn’t take long to have a second birth dream again. I didn’t know that I was pregnant at the time.Test the pregnancy test paper every day. Maybe it was just pregnant at that time, and the test strip could not be detected.

The second dream was that I was playing outside. When I met a few snakes, my heart was scared to death, and then fled desperately.Those snakes followed me perseverance, and there was only one snake behind me who ran away. I remember seeing whether it was white or blue, and then I encountered a well blocking my way out.The ground bite on my thumb, and a drop of blood flowed out, but at this time my heart was not afraid of the snake, and I felt it was cute.We also play together!

After my dreams woke up, my colleagues and I talked about my dream again. My colleague insisted that I was pregnant.Later, probably didn’t take a week. The pregnancy test strip I used every day began to have a mark. On the evening of my husband, we went directly to the hospital to do a blood test. The results of the next morning confirmed that I was pregnant.

What I always think is amazing that our baby’s nose. I have seen his nose exactly like me in my dream, and in real life, his nose is indeed the same as me.

Life is really a wonderful trip. You will never know what will happen in the next second. We can only see the four seasons of reincarnation and feel the changing changes.

Such a life is so good, I love me cherish!

Write at around 6 pm on July 7, 2020

(Xingyue has passed away, and the heavens and the earth still have years. I am Wu Yanmian, a person who records life with care, I like my articles and remember to like it, collect or pay attention, thank you!

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