Luoyang’s millennium ancient spring found rare shrimp. The villagers said that when drinking can have twins, what principle?

Recently, in the water system in Du Kangquan, a thousand -year -old spring ancient spring in Luoyang, Henan, a very rare shrimp was found.

What is shrimp?That is, from the moment the two shrimp are born, they embrace each other and belong to a symbiotic relationship. If they separate them, then the two shrimp will die soon.

In addition, according to the introduction of local villagers, if the shrimp is placed in other water systems, they can’t survive even if they are not separated. It can be seen from this that the emergence of shrimp is related to Du Kangquan’s water system.

Of course, this is not the most surprising. At that time, after many ducks had drank the water in Dukangquan’s water system, they would also have double yellow duck eggs, and in the local villages, many people were born in the village.twin.

It seems that all the roots of everything are related to this millennium ancient spring. Speaking of which, in my country, there are really many places. Is it really so amazing that the ancient spring water that claims to have "drink twins" is really so amazing?From a scientific perspective, does it have a certain scientific basis?

In Mojiang, Yunnan, this small county town turned out to be a high place for twins. According to the locals, there is a well where you can have twins after drinking.In addition to drinking water there, there are many foreigners who come to drink the water in this well, and they will take it away when they walk.

At the same time, in Tengchong, Yunnan, after drinking such a bite, he can give birth to twins. According to legend, it has a history of more than 300 years.

It is said that there was a large family at that time. I was distressed because my daughter -in -law had not giving birth for many years, but I did not expect that after drinking the water in this well, I became pregnant and gave birth to a pair of twins."Being a child", and after drinking, there are many dragons and phoenixes in their lives.

In addition, in Miyang, Hunan, there is also such a well. In the village where this well is located, 24 pairs have been given to twins. The locals believe that they can give birth to twins.related.

There are still many similar situations. Although the world is so strange, it can be born when you drink it, but you still feel too outrageous. Is there any scientific basis?

First look at Luoyang’s millennium ancient spring, and after the detection and analysis of spring water through the relevant local departments, the results show that the water quality here contains higher trace elements and natural minerals.Therefore, there will be so many twins in the local area.

In the process of the water quality testing of "Huainijing", researchers have also discovered similar situations. However, the researchers also said that although the water in these wells, after drinking, it is indeed aIt is better to adjust the effect, but it does not mean that after drinking, it will definitely give birth to twins.

If everyone can have twins when they drink, and they go thousands of miles, then the final ending is likely to disappoint, because whether the twins can be born are actually related to genetic factors.

For example, if there are relatives who have twins in the family and a relative of blood relationship, then it means that in family genes, it is easier to pregnant with twin genes.It is more likely to give birth to twins.

If it does not have genetic factors itself, the probability of giving birth to twins is extremely low, and even if you drink the so -called "twin water", in fact, the chance is still about one -in -tens of thousands. ThereforeToo blind.

In addition, there are some spring water, or well water, which claims to get infertility after drinking, which is actually exaggerated, because those infected by themselves cannot have birth, because there are certain problems in the body, proper supplements are appropriately supplemented.Some trace elements and the like can indeed have the effect of conditioning the body, but if you say that you can get pregnant with water, this is not very reliable.


With the progress and development of the times, there are already many folk remedies, which have been proven to be wrong. However, there are still people who want to try to try because of "emergency illness".Essence

Here, I also suggest that if you are pregnant with pregnancy or twins, travel to the so -called millennium ancient spring, or "Huainijing" and other places.Naturally, you still have to solve the problem from a scientific perspective. Do n’t do n’t regret it for life because of drinking water, but not pregnant or did not give birth to twins.

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