Lucky mother "get pregnant" and see the different reactions to the mothers. Netizens: Is it born?

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It is said that her daughter is the treasure in the palm of her parents. Unlike her son, her parents have been willing to take care of her daughter’s most urgent care, for fear that she will suffer a little bit.But what kind of response will parents react if the carefully cared daughter is "unmarried"?

Xiaomei is 25 years old this year, and when her parents worry about her marriage, Xiaomei is not anxious at all.Once, Xiaomei was vomiting again and again all day because of eating unclean seafood.Looking at her mother’s eyes from worrying to doubt, Xiaomei realized: Mom is a misunderstanding.

The naughty Xiaomei did not explain, but lied to her mother: "Mom, I’m pregnant …" I did not expect that my mother’s expression was bright, and her emotions became very excited.Is it? Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to find an object before? Finally started? "

Looking at my mother’s reaction, Xiao Mei couldn’t laugh and laughed, which was completely different from what she was conceived.So quickly pulled the mother who was getting farther and farther back, and repeatedly stated that she was lied to her. Without pregnancy, her mother stopped.

Xiaoxing’s girlfriend was not married shortly before. It is said that the girlfriend told her family that she was scolded with dog blood.The girl killed the child.

The man’s family can accept the daughter -in -law, after all, his grandson in his arms.But listening to the family’s grandson is not done.So the two became more and more fierce.

In the end, my girlfriend insisted on marrying her boyfriend and did not want to kill the child.The child in the stomach was big every day, so the two had a bad face to get a wedding, but the girlfriend’s father was not present.

Seeing such a result, Xiaoxing thought, if he was not married before he was pregnant, would his mother and mother be this kind of disgust?

So Xiaoxing, who had not returned home for a long time, sent a text message to her mother in another city: "Mom, I’m pregnant."

Mom first questioned the authenticity of the news: "Real or false?"

Xiaoxing: "Well, it’s true!"

The reply from Xiaoxing, who was waiting for her mother, was: "Is the child and his father handsome", "Is he good to you", "Take it back to the mother."

Seeing that my mother was so calm, I still considered the child’s face value. Xiaoxing didn’t believe it: "Are you sure you are not angry?"

The reasons given by my mother are very convincing: "You are not young, you should marry someone, and take it back to see it."

Xiaoxing’s mother is so cute.

Tingting also played a similar joke with her parents, but when her mother heard her pregnancy, she disagreed. She also said that she wanted to borrow money, please change excuses, don’t waste feelings.

The netizen "Uncle Cui" shared: When the mother knew that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she immediately called two colleagues with good relationships to go out to buy things.I bought it in half an hour. Poultry, pork, eggs, fish, and fruits were moved back by one by one, and let myself sleep with my daughter -in -law.

Netizens "Autumn’s Maple" said: In the first year of marriage, I was pregnant with an unsuccessful, and it was not the second one until the fourth year.When she heard that she was pregnant, her mother did not let her do anything. She also prepared a lot of dried fruits to supplement her daughter to supplement her nutrition, and she usually made it alone for cooking.

Netizens "loveless" said: His parents have passed away since childhood, and she brought her one hand for her to go to school.When she told her pregnancy after she got married, her response was calm, but she hung up the phone just after "oh".

As a result, what made people unexpected was that I ran to her house in the evening, just to make her parents fragrant, and the grandmother cried excitedly at the time.

No matter how big we grow, it is always just a child for our parents.When you think you experience the wind and rain alone, your parents have always escorted it behind you.

Especially when we grow up, our parents are getting older, and the first wrinkles and the first rays of white hair have begun to appear. Therefore, for parents who raise the grace, we must love them well, accompany them, and let them have a happy one.old age!

A joke, no matter what the mother’s response is, the reflection of the care of the children, maybe they won’t say anything good, but the heart of the child is the same.

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