Lu Yi started to love since marriage this summer 83: What should I do if I get pregnant unexpectedly?Of course it’s born

This article is known by the cat that your mind is original, and you must not be carried without permission. If you find it, you will be held accountable.It is not easy, thank you for understanding.

Since knowing the idea of this summer, Lu Yi has always been particularly careful in children.As he said this summer, he wanted to prepare well, and he had to give her enough time to prepare.

As a man, naturally he cannot hurt his wife.Therefore, Lu Yi still pays great attention to contraception.Of course, sometimes it is not guaranteed to be 100 %. For example, after Lu Yi came back for two days, the two were a little enthusiastic and accidentally …

After that, I had to take medicine this summer, but taking medicine hurt my body this summer.Lu Yi stopped her, "Wife, if you really want to be pregnant, you should not be so powerful in reason, it should be hundreds of times." Both of them were lucky, and it should not be so coincidental.

This summer was a little scared. On the other hand, Lu Yi seemed to be an indifferent state. His natural attitude made this summer calm this summer a lot.

It’s just that the calmness and calmness of the two people broke up after the aunt’s aunt this summer was postponed.

"Husband, my relatives have been postponed for a day," this summer said to Lu Yi.

Lu Yi pointed out that it came on the 27th last month.This summer’s aunt cycle has always been very timely, and this time it was postponed.

There was a thought in her mind this summer -she might be pregnant.This idea also appeared in Lu Yi’s mind.

"Wife, shouldn’t we buy a test strip to test it?" Lu Yi knew that there was a pregnancy test paper, but never bought it.

This summer is a bit avoided."That … Maybe I stole the ice cream a few days ago, and my relatives will be postponed. Otherwise, let’s wait, if it still doesn’t come in a few days, let’s test it."

Looking at the appearance of this summer, Lu Yi stopped saying anything.However, he has a hunch that this summer may be pregnant this summer, and their winning prize.

Relatives this summer have been postponed for a week, which has made this summer unable to sit still.After the class, she bought a pregnancy test paper in the pharmacy.The idea in her mind was lingering, and she might get pregnant.

Lu Yi looked at the bathroom with a pregnancy test paper this summer, and Lu Yi was a little torment outside the door.He has made psychological preparations for various situations.

Sitting on the toilet this summer and watching the test strips in the two bars in their hands.She won the prize, and this cognition was constantly being stunned in her mind.

"Wife? This summer?" Lu Yi waited a little impatient. He went in for almost ten minutes this summer. There was no movement at all. He was a little worried about her.

This summer was interrupted by Lu Yi’s voice back.She opened the door of the bathroom and gave Lu Yi in her hand."Husband, our two -person world is about to end."

"Well, it’s okay. What do you want to deal with him?"

This word of Lu Yi made this summer feel very uncomfortable."How can you use the word" disposal "!"

"What do you want to do?" Lu Yi asked this summer.

"Of course, it is born. You think this is a gift from God." This summer, I decided to leave this child.

"Okay, then I will arrange for a check. Take you to check it tomorrow morning." Lu Yi watched this summer pets. Although the child was not in the plan, as long as she was happy.

Author’s words: This time it will satisfy everyone’s wishes and let this summer be pregnant.However, the text of this series immediately draws.

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