Low progesterone, high DD body

He was married in October 2020, was pregnant in August 2021, and the baby was born in May 2022.I did n’t have special pregnancy for a long time, and I only finished the second crown vaccine in the first two months before pregnancy. At that time, I was still a little worried. It was originally planned to wait until the vaccine was three months before pregnancy.It’s time.Of course, I am happy when I am pregnant, especially her husband. He is very excited. I hope to have a baby, but I have always been preparing for the year after marriage.Live a two -person world.

There was a biochemical in February 2021.I still remember that we were still in a different place at that time. I was in Shanghai and my husband was in Hangzhou.The holiday has been postponed for 7 days. I bought a pregnancy test stick by myself. The test was not obvious. The second bar was very light and light.Then I told my mother happily. My mother was worried before. She was happy now and sent me a 520 red envelope to ask me to buy it for myself.Then my husband came to Shanghai on the weekend, and we went to Shanghai First Maternal and Baby Health Hospital.We have no experience. We just want to check whether they are pregnant. We should not choose to go to a large hospital. There are a lot of people. After waiting for a long time, we took blood and tested urine.It will take the next day to make results, wait quietly for the result!But before the result, I bleed like a holiday, and it felt like I came.The value of the results checked later was pregnant again.In the end, the doctor’s conclusion was biochemical. What are the causes of the doctor also said that this is not sure, there are many reasons, but the doctor told me not to worry, and it was okay for a biochemical.Empty joy, fortunately, I haven’t told her mother -in -law yet.Mom is still quiet in joy, how can I explain to her?She didn’t want to tell her that she was biochemical, so she was even more worried.I had to tell her that I was wrong. I did n’t get pregnant. I did n’t worry about going to the hospital to draw a blood. At least she would not worry.

I left in April 2021. I came from Shanghai to Hangzhou. This is not necessary to take care of my husband when I am pregnant. I just want to change my job.I have been developing software before. I do n’t know how many classes have been added.I just took a break for a month, and I joined the job in May. It was a test post, which was much easier than before.In September, I found that I was pregnant. I felt that I had no recruitment this time. I felt that there were no symptoms. It should not be pregnant. Then I went to the hospital to check it. It was really pregnant, but the fear was like before.After more than a month of pregnancy, I have been bleeding, reddish -brown, not many. My husband and I are scared to die. After the examination, the doctor said that progesterone was a bit low, so I had to beat progesterone.It is a bit painful, and the most important thing is troublesome.Sometimes when I walk, I bleed more. I was really frightened, so I had to stay in bed as much as possible.After about 42 days, the pregnancy began. I didn’t want to eat anything. I vomited it after eating. It lost more than 10 pounds in more than a month.So I had to take leave, I took two months leave, and I didn’t want to eat at home every day.If you want to go out and walk, you have no strength, and you will bleed.

In order to check the queuing, we started to a private hospital, but the hospital felt that there was no one, and I was in this situation, so we planned to change the hospital to see.Then I went to Hangzhou Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and it was also a private hospital. The environment was okay.I told the doctor that I had been bleeding, and I checked, saying that I had a high diodes, the coagulation function was not good, and the protein S decreased, so it has been bleeding.Then the doctor told me to fight heparin, the kind of injection from the belly, and I was scared to hear this.I told the doctor that I just found that I went to the hospital to check the D dizate when I was pregnant. At that time, the value was normal. Why is it so high now?The doctor does not seem to give a particularly authoritative explanation.(To be continued)

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