Love to ask the little wedding family who is pregnant with a lover, what do you think about women?

Expert: Xie Jichun

Derailed women are often available,

But women who are pregnant with lover and children are not often available.

Do you still want to take the attitude of the children’s drama,

Treat children?


“小 小”

I have a "illegitimate child" for "infertility". What should I do next?

We have been married for more than 3 years and have no children. It is my problem with diagnosis, and the relationship between husband and wife is becoming increasingly indifferent.Last year, a 6 -year -old man walked into my world. Because there were no security measures, I was pregnant without any defense.I am happy and scared, I don’t know what to do?Should I leave this child?

Senior psychological counselor Xie Jichun

Marriage Emotion | Teenagers Growth

Many infertility problems are largely heart -related, and obviously your situation belongs to this category.Now, there are roughly several choices in front of you:

1. The most ideal and most consistent human approach is to marry the man in the later man and raise children together.However, this is not what you can achieve unilaterally, depending on the other party’s thoughts.

2. Communicate with your current husband to see his response and the degree of acceptance to the child.

3. If both men cannot accept their children, but you love children, then you have to get the courage to divorce and raise your child independently.

4. If you want to continue your marriage, but your husband does not accept the child, so he has to have a miscarriage.

No matter which is a difficult choice, even if the first more ideal situation, you have to experience divorce and remarry.I can’t make a decision for you, but I can tell you what to do when facing these difficult choices. The answer is to follow the direction.You ask yourself: I have a little bit of feelings for children and the two men, so as to weigh it.


“小 小”

During the divorce, my husband stipulated that I had a "third party", and even entangled with me. What should I do?

I asked my husband to divorce and plan to go out of the house.However, my husband stipulated that I had a third party and snatched my mobile phone, but did not find any information about the "third party", so he went to our unit to make trouble, and threatened to destroy my capacity.what do I do?

There are two possibilities for your husband’s excessive reaction: one is out of emotion.He still loves you, but does not know what to use to stay; the second is the anger that was abandoned.Because you first proposed a divorce, he naturally became the object of abandonment.He didn’t believe it, and even wanted to deny such reality, because abandoned means that he was not good and could not be compared with others, which caused his self -confidence and self -esteem to lose weight. He was angrily venting revenge like an injured animal.

The outbreak of your husband’s emotions is inevitable, but it will generally calm down slowly over time.You should try to be calm, low -key, and not responding at this time.The more you debate, the more excited he will be.Don’t stimulate him, hurt him, and blame him.You are not suitable, you still respect him.When you convey goodwill, respect, and understanding, he may calm down and restore rationality, so as to respect your choice.

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