Lotus seed

Lotus seeds, also known as Lotus, are the traditional precious fruits in my country, which are sold well at home and abroad.It is a lotus of He Lian, known as Lian Shi in ancient times, also known as Shui Datsuki.After cooking, the meat is crispy, delicious and delicious, and it is good for the body and mind.As early as Sui and Tang Dynasty, there were many businessmen who operated lotus seeds, Bai Lian, Xianglian, and Hulian. They were all expensive to north and south, and some were also tribute.At that time, Japanese monks who came to China also regarded lotus seeds as treasures and repeatedly carried back to China.Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, it is also known as the four major products in dried fruit with longan, walnuts, and red dates.

[Simpage of processing] The lotus puff after the lotus flowers has 20-30 small holes, and each hole is a piece of lotus, that is, shell lotus, or lotus valley.From mid -July, it is mature. When the lotus is blue brown and the lotus shell becomes reddish brown, it is the most suitable harvest period.Early, the quality is tender, and it is called "tender", which is not genuine; when it is too late, it is scattered in the water.

After the lotus puff is collected, dig out the shell lotus, and it can be dried after five to seven days.The sun is very dry, and a layer of powder like white frost appears on the shell surface.In the case of rain, it can be dried or fired.Shell lotus is durable.

The traditional method of shelling is to split the dried shell lotus with a knife and abandon the shell to take the meat, which is the lotus seed.The shell should prevent blade from injury and lotus seeds, affecting the quality.Generally, the output rate is around 63%, the variety is different, and there are high and low.

The lotus seeds cut in the new shell lotus are called "new" in the industry, the lotus meat is white, and the core is green;

[Origin and variety] Lotus seeds harvested before the beginning of the autumn festival, called Xia Lian, the language "Fu Lian", large particles and full shapes; harvesting after the autumn, called Qiu Lian, thin grains and thin meat.It is planted in the water and ponds, called Jialian, also known as Tian Lian. The lotus meat is strong.

In recent years, most of the main producing areas of lotus seeds are distributed in Hunan and Hubei; followed by Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places.

[Specifications] Lotus seed specifications, there are no unified standards across the country, and sometimes a slight change in a province and city.For reference for the main sales area.

Xianglian: Pink color, thin and obvious patterns, fat and round grains, dry identity.No mildew, dandruff, stiffness, tenderness.Allowing a heavy knife injury 4%, a light sword injury 10%, and 2%of the crushing, must not exceed.

White lotus: color jade white, skin is slightly wrinkled, granular fat is round, and the identity is dry.No knife injury, mildew, powder dandruff, stiffness, tenderness.No more than 2%.

Tongxin lotus: white color, no skin and core, and dryness.No knife injury, mildew, stiffness, tender seeds, powder dandruff, and pair of pairs not exceed 4%.

Red lotus: red -brown, long grains, delicate leather, dry identity.No mildew, stiffness, and powder dandruff.Allowing 2%of tender seeds, 3%of the shattering, 5%injury injury, and a light knife injury 10%, it must not exceed.

Shell lotus: dry identity, grain, flesh and foot.No small grains, tip, empty shell, mold.The meat output rate is about 65%.(Shell lotus usually does not make commodity shipping. Sometimes, the place of origin is not as good as shelling. After negotiating with the sales party, it is transferred to the shell to the store)

Industry habits: Light knife injury refers to less than one -sixth from the original grains. Those who exceed them are heavy knife injuries, and more than a quarter of them are broken.

[Inspection] Inspection of lotus seeds must first identify the variety, the main point of sensory inspection is as follows:

1. New goods and Chen goods: new goods lotus seeds are white, the lotus core is green and tender, and a layer of white film is covered with a layer of white film, such as cage tulle, dripping on the lotus seeds, deeper skin, and can be restored after drying;The cargo lotus seeds are yellowish, the lotus core is dark green, the membrane clothes are dry, the water droplets drip on the lotus seeds, the skin color becomes darker, and the original color cannot be restored after drying.New goods lotus seeds are easy to cook crispy, soft and glutinous when eating.

2. Dry humidity: The normal moisture content of lotus seeds is 10%.Moderate dry and wet mouth bite crispy, the identity is tide, the bite band is tough, and leaves tooth marks.

3. Style and flesh quality: The granules are full, strong, and thin. There are natural color of this variety, no knife injury, stiff granules, insects, and debris.Such as thin granules, thick skin, darkening skin, and heavy knife injuries. Those with dandruff are quality.

4. Self -swelling and taste: Good lotus seeds have high swelling rate (the industry is called good foot or bloating), the cooking is easy to crispy, the taste is delicate and delicate;

[Sales and Food Methods] Lotus seeds are traditional export products. Domestic cities are frequently sold in four seasons, and Mid -Autumn Festival and Spring Festival are even stronger.Some cities have sweet shops mainly supplying lotus seed soup. They pay attention to cooking skills, give full play to the characteristics of lotus seeds, are beautiful and beautiful, and are very popular with consumers.The honeypot factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou are made into sugar lotus hearts. They are easy to eat and sell well in Southeast Asia and Japan.It is made into a lotus roe for the stuffing of high -grade pastries.

The method of peeling the lotus heart is usually soaked in boiling water for about half an hour.If the number is large, you can put the soaked lotus seeds in the bamboo tao, put it in a boiling water with 6%of the stone alkali, and stir it with a bamboo silk broom to rub each other to rub each other to peel.And put water and drift the taste of alkali.Wash the lotus core, stew or steam until it is crispy, but not rotten, add sugar to eat.Such as high -quality lotus seeds, put it in the warm bottle, pour boiling water, and after 30 minutes, it will be soft and delicious.The amber lotus heart cooked by the hotel, the bowl of Xianglian, etc. are all names on high -end feasts.


November 14, 2021

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