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Two years ago, Li Yu was charged with "killing his wife and destroying his son".At the end of last year, the case was retired after the appeal.Surging news reporter He Yan Mu (14:34)

Twenty -three years after the incident, Li Yu, 53, was released from prison, but was still a "suspect."

On May 7, he returned from the "release of punishment" and found that the home of the year was once again affixed.The snow -white sealing paper reads: On April 24, the Zhongshan Public Security Branch, the Yangliu police station, and the two tails were covered with red chapters.On the rusty iron door, there were three or four broken holes in different sizes, revealing vicissitudes and ruins.

Li Yuqian said that his post -prison life was to clean up the endless situation.

As a college student in the 1990s, Li Yu entered the Shuicheng Iron and Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as Water Steel) after graduating from Li Yu.In just six or seven years, he got married and had children. From an ordinary employee, he was the director and secretary of the party branch of the cast iron workshop of the water -steel ironmaking plant. There were one or two hundred people below.

Until the evening of March 19, 2001, his wife Xie Chuming disappeared with the three -and -a -half -year -old son Niu Niu.

A photo of Li Yuqian and his wife and children.Surging news reporter Wei Jiaming remake

Two days later, Li Yuqian went to a nearby police station to report that Meng Ruihong -Li Yuqian’s lover may abduct his wife and children.After investigation, the public security investigation found that Li Yuqian’s home and Meng Ruihong’s temporary single dormitory had Xie Chuming’s blood stains; there were two Meng Ruihong’s blood fingerprints on the wall of the Li family; and several people witnessed the passage of Meng Ruihong’s "destruction of the corpse".

In October 2004, the Guizhou Provincial High Court ruled that after Li Yuqian "killed his wife and destroyed his son", Meng Ruihong threw the body into the ironmaking blast furnace and burned it.Li Yuqian committed intentional homicide and sentenced to his death; Meng Ruihong committed the crime and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Li Yu was not convinced, saying that he had not killed, and was framed by Meng Ruihong.

Over the years, with the help of his family and his father -in -law, he has always insisted on appealing.In September 2020, the Guizhou Provincial High Court revoked the first and second judgments of the first and second trials, and returned to the Liupan Water Intermediate People’s Court for retrial.Li Yuqian said that in prison, he thought about death countless times and accompanied his wife and son.He also thought about killing Meng Ruihong, and he was exhausted with her. It was his family and his parents that he did not give up his hope.

On November 23, 2022, the case of the case 21 years ago, Li Yuqian once again became a "defendant" and "suspect".One month later, he was released from prison for several mines.The case has not been sentenced so far.

In early May 2023, Li Yuqian contacted the relevant judicial departments and asked the family’s seizure.The other party told him that the case was still re -trial, and to the scene of the case of the case. After careful consideration, they seized his house and then unsealed after the case was closed.

Life after prison

After being released from prison ", Li Yuqian returned to the house of Water Steel twice.

At that time, the room had not been sealed. Li Yu pushed away the iron door. After a few steps, he squatted on the ground and cried.The house of less than 50 square meters, a wolf borrowed, covered the dust that has been covered for more than 20 years, and no matter the color of any items.

It seems that time is still here, only the clothes on the balcony are floating.

In 2016, Li Yuqian’s home.Surging news reporter Mingzhu

Li Yuqian said that the house was still the house of that year, but things were wrong.Earlier in the early years, someone had entered the room to steal it and turned the cabinet and drawers.In fact, except for the shabby furniture and old things, there is no valuable thing in the room.

After returning to calm, Li Yuqian used two pieces of potatoes as a base, lit two incense, and some paper money to sacrifice the dead wife and son.He looked at the paper money into ashes, packed the clothes on the balcony, turned out his wife’s diary, letter, and his son’s shoes from the drawer, and picked up the toys on the ground …, Collected one by one.

Li Yuqian was cleaning up his wife and children.

Li Yuqian and Xie Chuming’s marriage certificate, and son’s kindergarten student ID.Surging news reporter Mingzhu

In early May, Li Yuqian turned out these old things to introduce their former stories: the clothes that the wife likes to wear, the car and small shoes bought for their son … as if they were talking about what happened yesterday.

Li Yuqian said that when he finds a job, he is ready to save money to build a crown mound for his wife and children, and pick them up to "go home".

After he was released from prison, he lived in the home of Li Yugang City, and occasionally returned to his parents in Cuijiazhai, his parents, and his hometown.His father died of illness before he was in prison. In 2020, his mother with Alzheimer’s disease died.Nowadays, the weeds of the house’s house are getting deserted and deserted, but here Li Yuqian feels peaceful.

Li Yu returned to Bijie’s hometown.

During the prison, Li Yu dreamed of going home countless times, sometimes with his wife and son, sometimes with his mother … Once, he dreamed that he went home alone, surrounded by darkness, and reached out without seeing five fingers.He lost his direction.Suddenly, the second brother Li Yushan walked over the path by the mountain and held a candle in his hand, "suddenly illuminating some hope."

For many years, Li Yushan has insisted on appealing to his brother.

He firmly believes that his brother did not "kill his wife and destroy his son".Li Yushan said: "If he did it, he should die how many times he died!" After graduating from junior high school, Li Yushan began to help his family after graduating from junior high school, and then went out to work for his brother and sister to read.

Li Yushan, Li Yuqian’s brother.

Among the five sisters and brothers, Li Yu ranked third in front of him, and was the only child who went to college in the family.

Li Yushan commented on the third brother. From a young age, he was smart, had good academic performance, and had strong personality.In the autumn of 1994, Li Yuqian entered Water Steel after graduating from Guizhou University for Nationalities University.Due to his outstanding ability, in just a few years, he has achieved the director and secretary of the party branch of the Water Steel cast iron workshop and the party branch of the party branch from a "intern". He also married his girlfriend Xie Chuming.

And a tragedy caused by a man’s unfaithfulness destroyed it all.

love and hate

In the home where Xie Chiming had an accident, a wedding photo was hung. Xie Chiming in the photo was wearing a white wedding dress with a string of red necklaces on his neck. He snuggled in Li Yuqian’s arms, revealing happiness and confidence in the future.EssenceIn her short life, it may be the happiest moment when she was with Li Yu.

Li Yuqian and his wife Xie Chuming’s wedding photo.

The Xie family has five sisters, and Xie Chiming is the boss.In her mother Zhang Lin’s memory, her eldest daughter is thin and one meter five meters. She has been sensible since she was a child and does not let her parents worry about it.Until she was in the incident, she helped her home and took care of her brother and sister.

From 1986 to 1989, Xie Chuming and Li Yuqian were high school classmates of Bena National Middle School in Dajian County.But the two began to fall in love after they went to Guizhou University for Nationalities.Xie Chuming read the Chinese Department, Li Yuqian reads physics and smelting.The two often watched movies together and went out to play. Li Yu remembered that she was gentle and quiet, and would give herself for dinner.In 1992, Li Yuqian confessed to Xie Chuming, and the two identified their relationship.

Li Yuqian and his wife Xie Chuming’s old photos.

On the winter vacation that year, Li Yu first went to Xie Chuming’s house for the first time.

Xie Chuming’s father liked to pull erhu.Li Yuqian recalled that he saved more than a hundred dollars from living expenses, bought a handful of Erhu, and copied a copy of Erhu, and gave it to Xie Chuming’s father.

In the summer of 1994, Li Yuqian followed his girlfriend into Water Steel.Xie Chuming worked at the Water Steel and Hydropower Plant, while Li Yuqian entered the workshop of the Water Steel Ironmaking Plant.The two live in a single dormitory. From time to time, they need to go back to work. They cook together during a break and go out and chat.

Three years later, the two got married, and then gave birth to their son Niu Niu.

Li Yu remembered that he stayed at the hospital for one night. At three in the morning, the doctor called him into the ward and asked him to stand on his wife’s bed and encourage and comfort her.At 5:38 am on August 29, 1997, the son was born.Li Yuqian said that he always felt a little bit missing and quarreled with his wife from time to time.At that moment, he saw his son’s little body, soft and pink. He felt that his world was "established", and their little family was complete.

Photos of Li Yu’s son Niu Niu.

In early May, Li Yuqian told the surging journalist that he did not expect that he had the underground relationship with Meng Ruihong before his marriage, which later caused his family to destroy and the whole world collapsed.

In July 1994, after Li Yuqian entered the Water Steel Materials Workshop, he met Meng Ruihong, a female worker in the workshop.

At that time, the male and female workers of the single dormitory of the cast iron factory often gathered together to play cards, swim, or go out to play.Meng Ruihong and Li Yu have followed up to play, but the two did not have too much communication.

Meng Ruihong’s father was a retired employee of Water Steel. In 1992, she graduated from high school and entered Wushan Iron and Steel and worked as a cook in the cast iron factory cafeteria.In April 1994, he was transferred to the material and transport workshop as a belt worker.Li Yuqian said that he had no impression of Meng Ruihong before. He remembered that she was beautiful. She dared to say anything. She was different from Xie Chuming’s personality. At the time, there were a lot of boys who chased her.

One day at the end of 1995, Li Yu encountered Meng Ruihong on the way back to the dormitory.After saying hello, Li Yuqian invited the other party to go to his dormitory to play, and Meng Ruihong followed him upstairs.The two were together.

In early May 2023, Li Yuqian recalled the past that he made such a move because of vanity.He felt that from the beginning, neither he nor Meng Ruihong treated the relationship seriously, holding each other’s mentality of playing with each other.Meng Ruihong knew that he had a girlfriend. The two often contacted and met in private. No one in the factory knew that there was a sexual relationship between them.

Li Yuqian said that for more than a year they were together, Meng Ruihong had been pregnant twice.He asked Meng Ruihong if he wanted to get married, and Meng Ruihong refused.Meng said in the later confession that she had been given seven or eight times for Li Yu, but she didn’t want to marry Li Yuqian at the time.

On March 16, 1997, Li Yuqian and Xie Chiming married, and Meng Ruihong attended the banquet.

After marriage, Li Yuqian quarreled from time to time.In October 1998, Xie Chiming wrote on a divorce agreement: After the two of them got married, Li Yuqian often did not return late at night. She was unbearable … In the agreement, Xie Chuming saidGive herself, and said that Li Yuqian "has always claimed to be very capable", so "economic and property" asks the court to depend on the situation.Li Yuqian signed on it and agreed to divorce.But they did not divorce after the two.

More than a month later, Xie Chuming wrote another letter to persuade Li Yuqian to cherish the home and cherish their many years of feelings and young sons.She wrote: "You are still the person I love the most, and I will never change, but I am loved and loved. If I no longer love you, or your love is scattered, then I would rather choose to escape""

After more than two decades, looking at the letter and diary written by his wife, Li Yuqian said, "Hate himself so mixed."

Li Yu wrote his wife’s letter in front of him and wrote the word "The word breaks the intestines, hateing that he was so mixed with".(Note: Huaping is the name of Li Yuqian).

In May 2000, after knowing that Li Yuqian and Meng Ruihong, Xie Chiming was very angry and asked for divorce again.

Li Yuqian explained to his wife that he and Meng Ruihong were about before marriage.He didn’t want to divorce and asked his wife for forgiveness.

Unlike Li Yuqian’s statement, Meng Ruihong confessed that after she and Li Yuqian separated, she had a boyfriend, but she "didn’t love him."In the fall of 1998, Li Yuqian told Meng Ruihong that he divorced and wanted to marry her.The two were together again.In the first half of 2000, after learning that Li Yu had no divorce, she went to work in Li Yuqian to make trouble and disclosed the relationship between the two, but was cast aside by many people.

Li Yuqian recalled that Meng Ruihong entangled him at the time and asked him to divorce his wife and be with her. He refused.Since then, Meng has been looking for him many times, and the relationship between the two has deteriorated."She stabbed on my waist; she smashed the glass of our balcony with stones; she told me to rape her at the police station; even in front of the police, I didn’t know how to let my family die."

After many years, Li Yuqian reflected that he slapped Meng Ruihong at the time and scolded her "not worthy of raising shoes for his wife", and later refused to have any communication with her.He felt that his behavior was a little overwhelming, "forcing Meng Ruihong to the road."

According to the materials of the case, on December 4, 2000, Xie Chuming made a transcript at the Office of the Public Security Division of the Water and Steel, saying that one night at the end of September, Meng Ruihong took a boy to smash their glass with a stone.After 110, Meng Ruihong quarreled with Li Yu in person, and then the two women continued to conflict in language.

A few days later, Meng Ruihong called her to scold her with Xie Chuming, causing adverse effects in the unit, violating her reputation right, and sued Xie Chiming in Zhongshan District People’s Court of Liupanshui City.On January 19, 2001, the two sides paid to the court.

Li Yuqian said that he found that he was standing beside her, and his wife slowly forgive him again.But did not wait for the case to decide, more than two months later, both wives and sons were killed.

Long appeal

On March 19, 2001, on the night of the incident, Li Yu’s colleague Gong Dingjun brought his wife Zhou Hui to Li’s house.Li Yuqian said that after receiving a call from a friend, he and Gong Dingjun went outside to eat a pot. Zhou Hui stayed in his house to chat with Xie Chuming.

After many years, Zhou Hui still remembered that when she left Li Yuqian’s house, Xie Chiming took his son to wash his feet and prepare to go to bed.She glanced at the TV at 10:30 in the evening.

About half an hour later, Gong Dingjun went to Li family to pick up Zhou Hui home, while Li Yuqian went to the Da Guangming Hostel of Shuicheng Bus Station with his friends.At this point, Zhou Hui was actually going home.Gong Dingjun remembers that he knocked on Li Yu’s door at that time, and no one answered; he went downstairs to use a public phone to call his landline, and no one answered the phone.

At two or three in the morning the next day, Li Yu returned home.

He recalled that his wife and children were gone, thinking that his wife was embarrassed with him and took his son to a friend’s house.Because of drinking, he was exhausted and fell asleep.The next day, Xie Chuming did not go to work.He began to feel wrong. He called his parents and relatives and friends, looking for it, without fruit.

On the afternoon of March 21, Li Yu reported to the Brazilian Public Security Branch of Liupanshui City that his wife and son disappeared and suspected that Meng Ruihong abducted the mother and son.

Soon, Meng Ruihong admitted to "destruction of the corpse" and at the same time accused Li Yuqian "killing his wife and destroying his son."

Li Yuqian recalled that at noon on March 28, he was taken away by the Brazilian Public Security Bureau of Liupanshui City.The police told him that his wife and son were gone, and the murderer was himself.After hearing it, he collapsed and couldn’t speak.He said that he had been forced to confess to torture and forced him to admit to kill his wife and son.When he was sent to the detention center on April 4, people could not walk.

According to the materials of the case, Li Yu was detained in criminal on April 4.On April 28, Li and Meng were arrested.

The first trial of the Liupan Water Intermediate People’s Court was judged: On the evening of March 19, 2001, Li Yu went out and returned home at 3 am the next day.Death, because Xie’s struggle awakened the three -and -a -half -year -old son who was sleeping next to him, Li was afraid of crying to wake up his neighbors to make his crime reveal, and covered his son’s mouth nose with a pillow towel to death.In order to cover up the crime, Li Yuqian brought Meng Ruihong, and in the bedroom in the bedroom, Xie Chuming’s body’s limbs were solved into six major parts, and the body of his son was packed in the woven bag with his son’s body.At 9 pm on March 20th, Meng Ruihong first carried Xie Chuming’s torso and lower limbs to the Iron Mesch No. 2 blast furnace with square baskets, discarded it on the material belt, and then transferred to the blast furnace to burn.After returning to Li’s house, Meng transferred the remaining corpses and clothes to Room 304 in the iron -purified women’s single building three times, and then carried back the basket to the Ironmurgle No. 2 blast furnace.Li Yuqian committed intentional homicide, sentenced to death, and suspended for two years.Meng Ruihong committed a crime and sentenced to eight years in prison.

In October 2004, the Guizhou Provincial High Court maintained the above verdict.

Li Yu remembered so far that after hearing the original judgment of the Guizhou Provincial High Court of the High Court of Guizhou, he broke the glass of the trial room with a punch, and his hands and heads were all blood.He thought about death, and felt "a kind of despair, a kind of indescribable darkness", "you can’t imagine the kind of anger in your heart."

Soon, Li Yuqian was sent to Guiyang’s prison.

Xu Yu’s former defender and lawyer Xu Xin previously told Peng Mei News that the evidence of this case was only the conflicts of Li and Meng.In order, there is no evidence in this case to point to Li Yuqian. "

Police’s inspection report shows that on the evening of March 28, 2001, the technicians extracted two blood fingerprints on the wall by the door of Li Yu’s bedroom, which was identified as Meng Ruihong’s left hand in the left hand.In addition, Li Yuqian found blood stains in his home, and the test and identification of the intellectual certificate was left by Xie Chuming.

The blood left on the bedroom wall of Li Yuqian’s home.Surging News reporter Wei Jiaming Tu

In September 2020, Xia Shengrong, a defense lawyer of the first instance of Meng Ruihong, told the surging news reporter that when he met or opened, Meng Ruihong confessed his guilty behavior, so he also defended him in court.

For a while, Li Yuqian hated Meng Ruihong to grit his teeth.He remembered that before the trial of the first trial in 2001, he and Meng Ruihong sat side by side in a prison car. He flashed Meng Ruihong in his mind and thought of him, but he did not do so in the end.

When he first entered the prison, he lost his hair on a lot. It took two or three years, and his hair slowly returned.Li Yuqian said that during that time, he thought about death countless times, and felt that he should persist and find the truth.

Once, he saw a newspaper in the prison, talking about in the African grassland. After a female cheetah was killed by a gorilla, he saw a little orangutan who was born in his arms.The mother cheetah can’t speak.When a group of hounds next to him looked at him, the female cheetah did not take care of the prey, and quickly climbed the little orangutan in his mouth, and quickly climbed into the tree to protect it.Li Yuqian said that he cut the newspaper and wrote a sentence on it: "People are not as good as animals." Later, the prisoners transferred to Meng Ruihong, who was also in prison.

Li Yuqian said that in prison, he dreamed of his wife, son, and mother countless times. After waking up, he always felt signs, guilt, and hurt.He also dreamed of Meng Ruihong. In the dream, she was always looking for his own troubles, making him feel hate and scared.

Later, with the help of his father -in -law and family, Li Yuqian slowly saw hope. He asked someone to buy some paper, pen, and legal books.Magazine, etc.

In May 2016, the Guizhou Provincial High Court decided to retrial in the case.In September 2020, the Guizhou High Court violated the relevant procedures of the witness to testify in court in the first instance, the relevant procedures of the appraisal conclusion and re -appraisal, and the original trial determined that Li Yuqian’s intentional murderer’s criminal implementation had doubts and contradictions.The original first and second trial referee was revoked, and the Liupanshui Intermediate People’s Court was re -tried.Soon, Meng Ruihong’s charges changed from previous shelter to help the crime of helping to destroy evidence.

Until November 23, 2022, the case was re -tried to be trial in Liupan Shuihuixi Court in Guizhou Province.

After a lapse of 21 years, at the trial site, Li Yuqian met Meng Ruihong again. At this time, both were over half a year.Li Yuqian said that he had no hatred for Meng Ruihong, and only hoped to return the truth about the incident.During the trial, he applied for confrontation with Meng Ruihong and was rejected.

No one knows what Meng Ruihong thinks, what happened that year.

Seven years ago, when the surging news reporter interviewed the case for the first time, he contacted Meng Ruihong’s brother. The other party said that Meng Ruihong was released from prison in 2009 and soon went out to work. He did not get married in 2016.

"She is a very good person, and she has not been fighting when she is studying. She has been assigned to Water Steel after graduation and has not been in society." He said he did not believe that Meng Ruihong was killed, and he did not know the relationship between sister and Li Yuqian. "I haven’t heard her say. "

Family "Sinners"

On the second day of his release, Li Yuqian was taken by the second brother Li Yushan to worship his father -in -law who had died for six years to express guilt in front of his grave.After the peak of the epidemic, he went to his wife and brother’s house to visit his mother -in -law Zhang Lin, and confess and thank their family.

At the beginning of 2022, after Zhang Lin was sick, she almost couldn’t speak.Li Yuqian said that after seeing his mother -in -law, he kneeling in front of her all at once, crying … The old man in his eighth year was sitting on the wheelchair by the stove, holding his hand tightly, and the other hand one by oneTouching his head everywhere, he couldn’t speak any words.

Li Yu thought about it, and Xie Chiming’s parents had long regarded herself as half sons.He remembers that once before marriage, he went to Xie Chuming’s house to play. A high school classmate ran to chat with him. The two chatted at the door of Xie’s house for a while.Later, because he was cold, he got measles throughout his body.After Zhang Linhe knew, he pulled him to the street and went to the doctors she trusted the most.

In Zhang Lin’s heart, her daughter and son -in -law have always been very good.She remembers that when the grandson was born, she failed to take care of her daughter due to illness, and the son -in -law took care of her daughter properly.

After her daughter and grandson were killed, Zhang Lin wanted to figure out what happened.After receiving the letter from Li Yuqian in prison, she sneaked to see him regardless of her child’s opposition."Li Yu cried at the time, and I cried too. He said that he did not do it. I said you wrote about this matter in detail." In the spring of 2016, Zhang Lin said in an interview with surging news.

Li Yuqian’s mother -in -law Zhang Linhe.

In July 2001, after the first trial, Li Yu was sentenced to death and immediately executed.

Zhang Linhe said that she also suspected that Li Yu was before the trial of the first instance, and there was a contradiction in many parties. Meng Ruihong’s statement was also contradictory. She felt that Li Yuqian was not a murderer and could not let the real fierceness.

In the fall of 2001, Li Yuqian’s letter revealed the idea of being born light, and Zhang Linhe went to the detention center again.She said to Li Yuqian: "You kill the two of her mother, you have to die now; the two of her mother are not killed, you have to find out the murderer." Zhang Lin recalled, after speaking, Li Yu cried, she also cried, she also cried, and she also cried.Essence

She later went to prison to see Meng Ruihong, and said to her, "You kill her, and her mother will not let you go." Zhang Lin told the surging news reporter that after listening to it, Zhang Lin turned around and turned away.

His suspicion of "killing his wife and destroying his son", Li Yuqian said that it was a time he was unwilling to recall.

In November 2001, the Guizhou Provincial High Court was unclear with the facts of criminal and insufficient evidence.In December 2003, the Liupanshui City Intermediate People’s Court ruled that Li Yuqian was guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to death.In October 2004, the Guizhou Provincial High Court maintained this judgment.

Li Yuqian said that he always thought that the case would end in the detention center, and he did not expect that he would have been in prison for so many years.For a long time, he felt that he was "buried by the soil of time little by little."

For more than ten years, Zhang Linhe and her husband ran everywhere to submit appeal materials for the Liupanshui Court, Guizhou Provincial High Court, Procuratorate, and Political and Legal Committee.Zhang Linhe said that some staff members said to her after reading her appeal, "I have never seen the victim’s family members who filed the wrongdoing."

Li Yuqian’s father -in -law’s petitioners.

Zhang Lin later explained that she was not an injustice for her son -in -law, she wanted to find the real murderer and use the truth to comfort her dead daughter and grandson.After that, she went to prison to visit Li Yu several times before, and encouraged him to persist and find the true murderer.

In early May, Li Yuqian said that since his mother left, his mother -in -law was the only person in this world.Before his daughter died, Zhang Lin, in his fifties, had a bad body and had a slight cerebral infarction.After her daughter died, she often had headaches and insomnia.Xie Chuming’s father Xie Honglu borrowed wine every day to dispel sorrow, and then dyed liver cirrhosis.In December 2016, Xie Honglu died of liver cancer.Before his death, Zhang Lin hoped that his son -in -law would come back to see him for the last side, but Li Yu failed to apply for a certificate in time, and eventually did not participate in his father -in -law’s funeral.

After her husband died, Zhang Lin’s body was not as good as one day.

At the end of last year, when the case was retrial, Zhang Lin comprehensively commissioned his son to participate in the trial due to physical discomfort.Although she has always appealed to her son -in -law, she believes that the son -in -law is responsible for the death of her daughter and grandson, and she proposed that Li Yu had compensated 500,000 and Meng Ruihong compensated 1.5 million criminal compensation.Li Yuqian said that he hoped that the court would support his mother -in -law’s compensation for compensation.

After leaving prison, when Li Yu went to visit his mother -in -law for the second time, his brother and daughter -in -law asked him not to go again and told him: "Our family does not welcome you, and will never forgive you."

Li Yuqian said that he didn’t know how to make up for the pain brought to his mother -in -law’s family.

Two years after death, Li Yu’s sentence was reduced to life imprisonment.In 2009, he was reduced to 17 and a half years in prison, and then reduced again.Li Yuqian said that the mining must be "confessing the law". He has always been tangled about this.One of his prisoners, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2001, and was unwilling to cut off. Until he was released from prison, the other party was still imprisoned.

Li Yuqian said that the prison "opened the net" to him and eventually agreed to reduce the sentence.

On December 22, 2022, after several reductions, Li Yuqian was released from prison.


On May 7, Li Yu met Li Ping, a former neighbor Li Ping.

He lamented that time was passing away, but he still stayed in the memory more than 20 years ago.At that time, his wife Xie Chuming did housework at home. He took his son Niu Niu to ride and play football downstairs. Sometimes Li Ping’s son would also play with him.

Li Yu remembered that the day before the incident, it was the weekend. He took the cattle and Li Ping’s son to fly a kite on the top of the mountain."When we reached the top of the mountain, the two children ate snacks, chased small, and played crazy …"

Today, Li Ping’s son is married and is already the father of two children."If Niu Niu had no accident, it should be twenty -six years old." Li Ping sighed that he was in his fifties, his hair was pale, and he had lived with retirement.

Li Yuqian reunited with his old colleagues and old friends.

Li Yu, who had just returned to the society, was looking for work again, hoping that life would step into the right track as soon as possible.

He rarely showed the remorse and pain in his heart.After being released from prison, he lived in the house of his brother Li Yugang most of his time.Get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. After breakfast, go to the roof to exercise stretching, running, etc.This is where the mother likes to stay most in Bijie.Li Yuqian recalled that when he was in prison, his mother called from time to time to persuade him not to have resentment and live well after coming out.

Now, his mother has died, and he can only miss it in his heart.

During the day, Li Yuqian read a book at home, walked on the street, or went to driving to practice a car. His second brother Li Yushan helped him pay the cost of learning. He hoped that he could learn some basic skills.Li Yuqian said that the second brother and brother still took him to see friends, relatives, or participated in some entertainment, hoping that he could understand and integrate into the society as soon as possible.

For Li Yu, everything is unfamiliar now, and he has almost lost contact with his former friends and classmates."Your original life, the original world, that circle, no longer exists." Li Yuqian said, he stood on the road, looked at the roads of all directions, and wondered where it led to.

Even so, Li Yuqian set a goal for herself: live a good life, completely turning the case, and completely turned over.

Li Yushan said that after the case was changed, the third brother had a cut with the past to start a new life.But Li Yuqian felt that the truth of this matter was part of his life.

What makes him confused is his own legal identity.

In September 2020, Li Yu went to the prison many times after the first and second trials of the Guizhou Provincial High Court of Guizhou Province.He is very puzzled. Now that the previous judgment and ruling have been revoked, the basis for the execution of the punishment is no longer existed. Why is he still in prison?Is he a criminal or a suspect?

Later, after communicating with the court, the prison told him that he was not a criminal, he should be a suspect, a defendant.

Li Yu asked in front of him, since he was no longer a criminal, why was he still in prison?Until December 22, 2022, before he was released from prison, he was still asking the prison to be "released."

For 21 years in prison, he has now changed back to the "suspect."Li Yuqian said that he insisted on appealing for 20 years, not only hoping to be innocent, but also to find out the truth of his wife and children, so that their unjust souls could be restless.

On May 28, Li Yuqian flew from Bijie to Beijing and opened a person’s north drift life.He found a job in Beijing and lived in a room with three or four people. He ate buns, buns, and instant noodles every day. He only spent more than 200 yuan in half a month.But to support himself, no longer becomes a burden on his family, making him feel practical.

He is still waiting for the judgment.

Li Yuqian lives in Beijing and go to the vegetable market to buy food.

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