Liu Chan in my eyes is not so unbearable

Author: Zhao Xinfang

The readers who have seen the Romance of the Three Kingdoms all regarded Liu Chan, the master of Shu Han, who were famous, as a big alternative character.The face of enjoyment.

Why did Mr. Luo Guanzhong carry Abou as this way? This is not discussed in this article.This article focuses on the historically Adou, clever and wise, and good at being obscure. Although it is not as good as his father, Uncle Liu Huang and his uncle, he can be considered a character.

According to "The Three Kingdoms", Liu Bei is a life -threatening person. He was in his hometown in his hometown and married several wives before and after, but died early.After he started his soldiers, he married a woman named Gan in Peixian as a concubine, which was the Mrs. Gan called the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Mrs. Gan gave birth to a son Adou.Why did it be named Abou?It is said that when Mrs. Gan was pregnant with her child, she dreamed that the Beidou star went into his stomach from his mouth that night.This is a good sign, so take the name of the little name.

At that time, Liu Bei was very weak, and he was busy making the Quartet Haojie every day, and expanded his strength in order to win a place and rarely go home.Mrs. Gan’s mother is in Peixian, and Abou lives like an ordinary farmhouse.One day, Mrs. Gan took him out of the door to play. After a while, he told him to hold a tree to stand, enter the house to get things, and the child was gone when he came out.The neighbors analyzed the traffickers who were trafficked by traffickers.Mrs. Gan, who was frightened, sent someone to inform Liu Bei while launching her relatives and neighbors to look around without any message.

In a few years, it has reached the 16th year of Jian’an (212 years), and Liu Kuo, a man from the wind, avoided chaos to Hanzhong, and happened to be sold to his house.Liu Kuo talked about this doll’s life and learned that he was a serious child of others, so he accepted him as an adopted son, and he married his wife’s room for him.There is a general with a surname of Jian under Liu D moy. One day he came to Liu Kuo’s family to play with his friends.General Jian thinks it is strange. Why is it the same as Liu Huang’s words?After returning to the camp, Liu Bei told Liu Bei.Liu Bei hurriedly sent someone to verify and found that he was a child who was lost.Only then did he receive him to Yizhou as a prince.

Adou suffered a lot of hardships.For example, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there is a story involved in Abou.At that time, Liu Bei led the army to enter Sichuan, and Jingzhou government affairs were handled by Zhuge Liang.Wu Guojun, Sun Quan, wanted to occupy Jingzhou, but his sister Sun Shangxiang was in Jingzhou. He was worried that his sister would be deducted as a hostage.The only pro -bone and flesh took the hostage.With the assistance of Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun regained Adou.A child, life is unstable, so many people are competing for me, it must have suffered a lot of sins.

The authenticity of this story is difficult to verify, but it can be explained that Adou can grow up.

According to the "Three Kingdoms" records, when Abou was still the prince, Zhuge Liang praised him, saying that he was wise and clever.Jun Jun told Liu Bei.Liu Bei was very happy and said that Zhuge Liang praised Abou so much. What else can I worry about?

In 223, Liu Chan ascended the throne. He kept keeping in mind that his father Liu Bei taught him. You worked with Zhuge Liang and must respect him like his father!Therefore, he will make a decision after the opinions of Zhuge Liang, regardless of the matter.This is why Chen Shou criticized him in "The Three Kingdoms"!

Zhuge Liang is a loyal monarch. His wisdom superman, but his temper is also superman. To say a word of vernacular is "a gentleman’s words, the horse is difficult to chase", which is more arbitrary.When Zhuge Liang led his troops, he was worried that Abou would be lost, and he sent his confidant Dong Yun to supervise him.According to the average person’s temper, you have been making trouble for a long time, right?However, from the existing historical materials, I never saw the records of Abou and Zhuge Liang’s conflict, indicating that Adou knew the danger of losing the monarch and his ministers, and it was very capable.

From ascending the throne to the Weiwei, the emperor had been in the future for 43 years. Among them, Zhuge Liang had only 11 years. After 30 years, he worked on himself. It turned out that he was "affordable."According to historical materials, Adou was the longest time in the king of the Three Kingdoms period.There is no true talent, no strong diligence and politics, can this royal seat be so long, right?

When Zhuge Liang was the prime minister in the world, Abou had concentrated over power and lacked the disadvantages of restrictions, but he respected Zhuge Liang and did not show his dissatisfaction at all.After Zhuge Liang’s death, he immediately abolished the prime minister system, renamed the three positions of Shangshu, General and Da Sima to restrict each other, and separated military affairs.

Zhuge Liang’s northern expedition has made his national strength decline. Abdo must have a lot of views, but when Zhuge Liang was alive, he could not bear it. After Zhuge Liang’s death, Zhuge Liang changed his death and proposed a policy of rest.

In the forty -three years of the country, the Shu Han Kingdom was in the end of 263 AD.When Cao Weijun surrounded Chengdu that year, Adou understood that even if he vowed to resist, he could not restore the defeat. After the city was broken, the people must be slaughtered.In order to protect the lives and property of Zimin, he had to order to open the city gate to surrender, and he was charged by himself.Some people later believed that Abou’s action at this time was for the sake of life.

After surrender, Abou was named Anle, and lived in Luoyang in the north.In order to obtain Sima Zhao’s trust, he kept his light, and even seized everything that he could use to pretend to be stupid.

However, Sima Zhao, who was suspicious, did not really let go of his heart, and from time to time, he found the opportunity to test whether Adou had rebelliousness.It is said that one day Sima Zhao intends to hold a banquet to entertain the monarchs of the Shu Kingdom, so that the participants were eating and drinking and admiring Shu Di music.I won’t go into details in detail.

What needs to be specifically explained is that Adou’s phrase "Lessiosus" made himself carry his reputation.In the author’s governance, only such a performance can be done to protect the old ministers.True grid is hard -working.

[About the author] Zhao Xinfang, pen name Zhao Shi, a director of Chongqing Miscellaneous Literature Association and a director of the Writers Association of Chongqing Nanan District.

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