Lin Yichen finally became pregnant!46 -year -old Lin Zhiling has not been pregnant so far.

Recently, according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Yichen, a 38 -year -old actress this year, has been pregnant for 8 months, and the due date is October this year.

There are also the media who photographed Lin Yichen’s husband, Lin Yu, who flew back from abroad and returned home to accompany Lin Yichen to produce. It can be seen that the couple attach great importance to the baby’s birth.

Lin Yichen and Lin Yuchao have been married for 6 years. The couple have always been very loving, and they are very much looking forward to the crystallization of love at an early date, but there is no good news to come out, and the road to asking for the son is also bumpy.After Lin Yichen’s marriage, he was in a state of running with her husband in the United States and Taiwan. Last year, he began to be influenced by the global epidemic. The time interval between the two places between the two places was even more difficult, so the road of asking for the son became more difficult.Now Lin Yuchao hurried home to accompany his wife, I believe that this pair of parents have prepared to enter a new stage of life.

According to Taiwan media, Lin Yichen tried to try test tube in a hospital in Taiwan last year, but the results were not announced.However, it is reported that at the beginning of the year, Lin Yichen and his family learned that they had been cautious after they were pregnant, so the news was not revealed until the delivery period.

Not only that, she has been asking for a child for many years, and she has also exposed herself. She also said frankly: "I have tried all the trials, and I have tried it all with scientific basis."

Relatives and friends around him also revealed that Lin Yichen has been trying to try hard to get pregnant. After a lot of hard work, he must have finally got his wish this time. The expectant mother Lin Yichen must be very happy.

Many netizens and fans, when they heard the good news, they also sent blessings to Lin Yichen.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, there are more than one female star who is in the entertainment industry. There are not only one Lin Yichen, but also many actresses have made a lot of effort to successfully ask for their children, such as Lin Zhiling and Zhao Xiaoqiao.

Lin Zhiling, 46 -year -old "Taiwan First Beauty", has been actively creating people since she was married to Japanese husband Kurosawa Liangping. Lin Zhiling has been preparing for pregnancy many times.It attaches great importance to the incident of pregnancy.

Because it is 40+ years old, Sister Zhiling has tried many prescriptions for pregnancy, but so far she has not been successful. In the interview, she said that she wanted a pair of twins and could set up a complete family of 4.It can be seen that Lin Zhiling himself is very thirsty.

However, in a recent brand event, Lin Zhiling, who has not appeared for a long time, is abnormal. Although she looks good and her limbs are still slender, Lin Zhiling covers her belly with a pillow during the whole event.: Is Sister Zhiling successful this time?

And in the painting session of the event, she even painted a little baby. Some netizens thought that this was a hint. It should be that she was pregnant with her baby, but some netizens thought that Lin Zhiling was too eager to make people to make people.Successful, this just expresses an inner expectation.

Another 41 -year -old Taiwanese actress Zhao Xiaoqiao is also a middle -aged actress.

Zhao Xiaoqiao was a member and captain of the former Taiwanese women’s group "Seven Flowers". Her representative role was Fan Yunxi, the female No. 2 of the classic of the Taiwanese idol drama "Prince Become a Frog".The "Golden Girl II" is called.

In 2017, Zhao Xiaoqiao married Liu Liangzuo, who was 12 -year -old, and then had been actively creating people.

It is reported that in order to succeed in pregnancy, Zhao Xiaoqiao also tried any way. After taking more than 100 needles, he had not said that he had failed in two test tubes, and finally succeeded in the third test tube.But unfortunately, in February this year, Zhao Xiaoqiao posted a post on a social platform and told everyone that the baby was still gone, saying that "the fetus stopping could not find any reason." In the words, she revealed her sadness and reluctance.Many friends in the circle came to comfort, and also hoped that Zhao Xiaoqiao could raise his body as soon as possible, and then he could get another baby.

The development competition in the entertainment industry is very fierce. Many female stars are only married and have children in middle age, and women’s golden fertility periods are not long. ThereforeTake care of your body, get your wish as soon as possible, and can harvest the crystallization of love.

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