Limuric acid may be ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, but don’t care!

"Standing and not back pain!" Who said?How can I have a back pain for a long time?Not to mention pregnant women!Some netizens have asked online, is it normal to the back of the early pregnancy?What is going on with backache in the early stages of pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have this problem.Backachery in the early stages of pregnancy is just a normal pregnancy reaction for some people, or it may be caused by tiredness or standing for a long time.However, lumbaric acid may also be ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy!If it is an ectopic pregnancy, the physical damage to pregnant women is quite great!Therefore, you must be vigilant in the early stages of pregnancy, you must not care!

Back acidity in the early stages of pregnancy is just a normal pregnancy reaction for some people.The low back of the back of the pregnancy may be an ectopic pregnancy

Backache and low back pain are one of the early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, if you feel backache, abdominal pain, irregular bleeding, bleeding is mostly dripped, dark brown, less amount, and not exceeding the symptoms of menstrual flow, then you will not exceed the symptoms of menstrual flow.Can’t be careless, this may also be ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy will cause endometrial peeling due to damage to the embryo, or vaginal bleeding caused by vaginal bleeding through the uterine cavity, or the pregnant woman will feel abdominal pain and backache.This situation cannot be careless. The harm of ectopic pregnancy is very harmful. When the fallopian tube rupture causes major bleeding in the pelvic cavity, it can easily lead to fainting and shock, and even endangers the life of pregnant women. The consequences are serious!Once back pain and back pain occur, you should go to the hospital to consult a doctor or do a B -ultrasound in time to determine whether ectopic pregnancy.

1. Normal pregnancy reaction

If there is only lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, there is no symptoms of vaginal bleeding, which is caused by fertilized eggs into the endometrium of the uterine.As the fertilized egg grows up, the uterus is stimulated, and sometimes contractions occur, and at this time, hormone levels have also changed, so this is the back pain caused by the uterus being stimulated by pregnancy.It may also be accompanied by slight abdominal pain, which is a normal pregnancy reaction without worrying.The closer the full moon, the more prone to the neck, back and waist soreness in pregnant women

2. The changes in the physical posture of pregnant women are caused

In the early stages of pregnancy, the joint ligament was relaxed due to the impact of hormones, the uterus increased, and the pelvic tissue and nerves were compressed. Due to the increase in the abdomen, the body’s center of gravity gradually moved forward, forcing pregnant women to move backwards accordingly to maintain their body balance.The neck was slightly flexed to make up for and maintain the head upright.As a result, the normal flexion of the spine increased, which caused the spine to bump the front of the spine, which caused the local muscle to pull and the symptoms of low back pain in the early stages of pregnancy. As a result, the closer to the month, the more prone to the pregnant woman can occur in the neck, back, and lumbar pain.

3. Physical causes or fatigue of pregnant women

Many pregnant women are easy to sleepy in the early stages of pregnancy. If the pregnant woman’s constitution is not good enough, it is likely to cause back pain.Some pregnant women are pregnant but still insist on continuing to work in their posts. Excessive tiredness, long -standing, sedentary, bending, standing posture, and poor sitting position may cause back pain.

1. Pay attention to rest

After pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus, the body of the pregnant woman changes sharply. Many pregnant women will be drowsiness, and it is easy to feel tired. Pay more attention to rest when there is backache to avoid overwork.

Pay attention to rest during pregnancy and exercise properly

2. Appropriate exercise

Pay attention to the rest and exercise appropriately. You cannot lie down or sit on all day long. The proper exercise is quite good for the birth of the pregnant woman in the future.As the fetus grows slowly, the weight of pregnant women will gradually increase, and the situation of lumbar acid will only be more and more. The most suitable exercise for pregnant women is walking slowly.

When walking, you should choose a flat place, choose a non -smooth road to prevent falling, and pay attention to the right amount, not overworked.Appropriate exercise can relax the whole body of pregnant women, which can relieve back pain and back pain, and this sport can always stick to delivery.

3. Use flat shoes instead of high heels

You can’t wear high heels after pregnancy, you should wear soft and comfortable flat shoes.Although women wearing high heels are beautiful, the waist stands up when wearing high heels. The spine is also in a state of tension. It is easy to have backache, and it is in danger of falling.Therefore, high -heeled shoes after pregnancy temporarily quit.

4. Pregnant women sleeping position

Back pain in the early stages of pregnancy, adjusting the correct sleeping position can also be relieved slightly.When the left side is lying, a pillow is sandwiched between the legs, and there is also a pillow under the stomach.When lying flat, the head and neck remain straight, the lower jaw is slightly internal, and a small pillow is placed below the knee. In this way, the waist muscles can be relaxed and the back pain can be relieved.But the height of the pillow should be appropriate, and you can adjust it with your own feelings.

5, waist massage

Even if you have back pain during pregnancy, you can generally not be able to perform physiotherapy, acupuncture in the waist, or plaster, which may have an impact on the fetus.However, simple massage can have a soothing effect on the waist acid. The specific method is to put both hands on the middle of the lumbar spine after rubbing both hands, and then rub it 30-50 times from top to bottom to make the local heat feel. This can reduce the waist of the waist.Donestion.Or use both hands to fists, roll and massage around the back waist, from bottom to bottom, from top to bottom, repeatedly do it.The head can be tilted forward and leaning, which can relax the waist and back muscles and reduce the soreness caused by the waist and back muscle spasm.This work can help the prospective father to do it, but you must grasp the strength.

6. Control weight

Many pregnant women think that pregnancy should be overeating. After pregnancy, the appetite is wide open, and the weight grows rapidly, which will cause excessive accumulation of abdominal fat. When pregnant women walk, the posture will change and cause lumbaric acid., Prevents overweight.

7. Pay attention to small details in life

Do not do the action of increasing the burden on the waist, such as lift heavy objects, weights, sneeze loudly, and do not bend over and squat suddenly.It is best not to take a long posture during pregnancy. You should often change your position to avoid tight lumbar muscles and aggravate lumbar muscle strain.Pregnant women should avoid staying in a humid environment, not to be cold, and avoid too hot or sweating.

In addition, if you have a serious back pain, you should go to the hospital for a check!

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