Like to eat raw crabs?Learn about this parasitic disease

A 17 -year -old girl, a senior high school student, started coughing and chest pain two months ago. It was not good to buy medicine and eat medicine by themselves.So I went to the hospital to see a doctor. I checked that there were several nodules in the right lung. The doctor considered it caused by infection. After anti -infection, the girl felt that the chest pain had improved.

A few days later, the girl went to the hospital because of her left finger and pain. The doctor did not associate this performance with the previous lung nodule.There are some signs of pus due to swelling places, giving them open drainage, and anti -infection treatment.

On the other hand, the patient’s cough is good and bad, and it has not improved.After more than a month, the patient went to another hospital for a chest CT examination. It was found that there was a small empty hole in addition to the left lungs, and there was a small amount of effusion in the chest cavity.

Doctors may be tuberculosis. The related examinations that have been tuberculosis are all negative, and antibacterial therapy has no effect.

Because the girl’s blood routine examination has a very high indicator, that is, eosinophilic granulocytes, considering the possibility of parasitic disease, and a set of serum parasitic antibodies, feces to find parasitic eggs, etc.There is no evidence of parasitic infection.

After trying to use insect repellent, the symptoms of girls are significantly relieved, and the number of eosinophils in the blood gradually decreases.

Because the exact basis of diagnosis was not found, the doctor did bronchoscopy and lung puncture while treating the girl. There was no special pathological examination, and no parasites were found.

At this time, a patient’s chest wall appeared another small mass, which was even more suspected of being infected with parasites.

If you carefully sort out some of the performance of the girl, you will find that her lesion seems to be "walking". First, the right lung nodule, then the left lung, and then the right finger and chest wall -it is in line with some parasites "walking" "walking".specialty.

Therefore, the doctor sent the specimen of the lung puncture to the molecular biology laboratory of a university to do genetic testing. Soon after, the laboratory sent a test report: Find and colonize insects!

This is a parasite with suction cups, named after the two sets of male and female germ organ.The most common pair of colonial suction worms is pulmonary worm.Infection is mainly infected by eating unsustering shrimp and crabs or eating foods polluted.

After infection and colonial insects, in addition to the problem of the lungs, you can also occur outside the lungs, swollen swelling, abscesses, and occupying damage. The most commonly affected organs are lung, brain, and liver.

The main symptoms of colonial insect diseases are repeated cough, chest pain, hemoptysis, and dyspnea. They are similar to the performance of tuberculosis, easy to dislocate, or merge with tuberculosis and it is more difficult to diagnose.Epilepsy, speech, paralysis, and vision disorder may occur in the brain.The skin can be manifested as urticaria, painless subcutaneous swelling, swimming or moving, and tender nodules can also occur. The subcutaneous nodules are most common in the lower abdomen wall, groin area, and proximal lower limbs.

If this parasitic infection is suspected, the microscopy of sputum and feces is the main method of diagnosis. It is found that the large and covered with eggs can be diagnosed. Sometimes insect eggs can be found in chest water and ascites.When insect eggs are difficult to find, they need to be checked multiple times.At the same time, it can help diagnosis in combination with blood testing antibodies or advanced genetic testing.

The main treatment method of colonizing insect disease is to use pirathonone anti -parasites for treatment.Generally, 2 to 3 days is a course of treatment. Some patients have a complicated condition and may need multiple courses until the symptoms disappear and the examination will return to normal.Extreme individuals with skin lesions or brain cysts may need surgical treatment.

Many people in the coastal areas like to eat raw shrimp and crabs, such as drunk crabs, drunk shrimp, these "food" have been "disinfected" in the minds of locals, thinking that they can use some seasonings such as wine and vinegar to killParasites or bacteria.As everyone knows, these spices may only "kill" the flavor of fishy smell. If there are parasites or pockets, they ca n’t kill, or they can not kill even if they can kill part of them.

Therefore, when we eat raw food, we must still be cautious. It is best to eat the formal passage and food inspection permit. Don’t dare to eat everything for "appetite".For our health, we should use more safer cooking methods.The best prevention method for this disease is to eat raw or half -life crab or shrimp from the epidemic area.

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